Wednesday, March 19

It's Business Time.

I'll have a new post up tomorrow.

But is Business Time.

I love this. I just posted the actual video, since you reminded me of it. Because it is awesome.
It's awesome because it's so depressingly true. There's nothing on TV. Conditions are perfect.

My two other FOTC favorites:

If You're Into It

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros
I have to add the Great Bowie Arch to the list of awesome FOTC sketches:

Ziggy Stardust Era Bowie
Ashes Era Bowie
Labyrinth Era Bowie
Emily just made my day. YAAAAAY Emily!

(Labyrinth era Bowie is my *favorite*)
Holy crap, I was singing this with my husband at lunch just an hour ago. Spooky. And HILARIOUS.

Aw, yeah...

With me you only need two minutes because I'm so INTENSE!
Hilarious. I'm also going to become one of the millions of guys who sings this to his wife, too.

I don't have HBO, so I'm catching up on all of this through YouTube and whatnot. It's been a good week.

"Yeah, they call me the Hiphopopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless..."
I'm massivly bummed out. I just spent half an hour trying to get my speakers to work, yet they still refuse to obey me. The computer even says they're plugged in.

Tech sucks.
Get a mac. That fixes everything.

Cheer up! An autographed copy of 65 Poor Life Decisions is on the way!
There was a point this fall where I watched the David Bowie episode every day for like two weeks. Sometimes more than once in a day. Good times.
They play this on Radio Milwaukee a lot. I laugh every time.
I was amazed by how many hits their work has received on YouTube (anywhere from 3-7 million hits). I also just found out that they won a Grammy for best comedy album in 2005, I believe.

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