Thursday, March 6

Max Headroom, Captain Midnight & Vrillon.

Today's theme is 'Broadcast Signal Intrusion.' Up top, you'll see the infamous 'Max Headroom Incident.'

Here's 'Captain Midnight,' one of my personal favorites.

And finally, here's the bizarre 'Vrillon Transmission' from 1977.

Enjoy, big things arrive tomorrow.

Max Headroom was so ahead of its time it still doesn't make any sense.

But that wasn't THE Max Headroom, was it? Some kind of proto-Headroom? Just some joker with a rubber mask, I suppose.

Jeez, with all the television stations hijacked, next thing you know it'll be all They Live around here.
Of course, these are the only incidents that actually worked, and they were in the 70's and 80's. With digital and satellite technology today, it's almost impossible to do it nowadays. Those Max Headroom pranksters just had a small amount of equipment that they aimed at the WGN satellite and powered it out.
Man...can you imagine how freaked out the poeple who heard teh Vrillon clip must have been?
Without question. It still freaks me out a bit. I don't care if it was a hoax, there would have been panic in the streets were it to happen today and in America.

The Max Headroom thing, too. It was a pretty juvenile thing to do (especially considering how intelligent you have to be to pull something like that off), but man, had I been watching Doctor Who in the middle of the night when that thing took over, I would have crapped myself twice.

Captain Midnight was just awesome. Disgruntled employees never cease to amaze me. Of course, he got caught because he wouldn't stop talking about it, but the other two instances have yet to be found out.
And so continues Hathery's 'Week of Annoyance and Silence.'
Hey, things are looking up! I'm feeling a little better, the sun is out and Lost is on tonight. A new day is dawning, baby.

Besides, these YouTube clips are great!
Yeah, well, I got a Ped-Egg, I am clogging tonight, and I have a hedgehog. Things are WAY up for me, baby.
The rebellious, youthful and vibrant punk of a woman that I started dating in 1999 has clearly aged 70 years before my very eyes.

Has she taken up knitting?
I'd love to, but I have no one to teach me.
And so goes my life.
What's wrong with learning new skills?
Not a darn thing. Although you have to admit that these are 'new' skills in the same way that cobbling and blacksmithing is.
Who ties the ties in the house?
Yeah...but who wears them?


Wait...that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Poop on you! I'm going home!
I would wear them if it was socially acceptable to do so, and not ruined by Annie Lennox and Avril Lavigne. I look adorable in a tie. ( See Mediocre at Best show photographs for further information on this subject. )
That was an early 90's fashion thing that I quite enjoyed; women wearing men's suits, ties, suspenders and stuff. It should come back in an unironic way. Watch any old SNICK shows from 1993, and every female character is rocking that uniform.

When I was sick at home yesterday, I watched The Crush on Universal HD for like, the billionth time in my life, and one of the main female characters wore a white, tucked, men's collar shirt with black suspenders and black dress pants for most of the film. It totally worked.
Annie Lennox and Avril Lavigne have balanced out the natural evolution of female empowerment. Annie brought things forward, and Avril just pushed them right back.
Annie Lennox grosses me out. I think she and David Bowie might secretly be the same person.
Oooh, I thought of another 90's trend for women that I like.

Stupid hats.
I thought David Bowie won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress a few weeks ago, personally.
I look cute in stupid hats, too!
I wear ties, I wear suspenders, and I don't give a damn, I like them.

And frankly, that's all that should matter. :)

Also, Hathery, I'm beginning to seriously doubt your taste. First you dis on Katee Sackhoff--fine, OK, whatever. But now Annie Lennox and David Bowie? What in the Sam Hill is wrong with you, woman?
HATHERY - Indeed you do! You in a stocking cap is a wonderful sight.

EMILY - See, that's what I'm talking about. It just works for some people. It's not fair for you, though, because I think just about anything would work for you and the Missus in some capacity.

It's becoming more and more clear that the Missus has hopelessly fallen out of touch. Unhip. Old. A common clogging cobbler.
I like when people are easily identifiable as their intended gender. Except occassional efeminite boys who look really cute...that is acceptable. And girls with short hair that still are identifiable as definitely female, like myself.

I don't like having to guess.
Yeah, well, I tie your ties and sew on your buttons. Start doing it yourself from now on, biotch.
Yeah, I love where this is headed.

I must mention that I was viewing some 2005-era photos of me with long, black emo hair, and I have to say that I've never looked less attractive in my life. It was disgusting and unnatural; like stuffing a pizza into a toaster. It embarrasses me to know that there of photgraphs of myself like that on the intertoobz.

It works for a lot of guys. Didn't work for me.
CDP - Eh, we all go through awkward phases. Cripes, I'd hate for any middle-to-early-high-school photos of me to leak.

I'm incredibly thankful to finally be comfortable in my own skin now.

HATHERY - We shall have to agree to disagree, then. :)

Also, "common clogging cobbler" is rather difficult to say aloud. It was actually kind of hard to read without having my brain skip.
I enjoy illiteration. Makes me all moist in my muddled middle.
What the hell is going on?
Nothing I'm aware of. Unless you're referring to the fact I had to re-post the clips, as Blogger deleted my original text. You didn't miss much anyway, just an introduction to Broadcast Signal Intrusion.
Blogger is bloated with buffoonery.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Bloated like a big, bulbous, blue balloon of berzerk, bumbling buffoonery.

This comment has been removed by the author.
I have some-what long hair just to distract from my gigantic head...
Long hair on guys is ay-okay.
"Johnny Unitas. Now there's a haircut you can set your watch to!"
Grampa Simpson?

Breacking news:
Will betheboy waking up with severe abdominal pain is taken to the hospital by Slackmistress. After a series of tests a diagnosis was reached and an energncy appendectomy has been scheaduled for today.
Ouchy! Appendix pain is major hurty.
It was indeed Grandpa Simpson.

Damn, all my best to Will and Nina right now; I'll be sure to e-mail them and let them know that we're thinking about him over at the CDP.


I already have my tickets. Holy crap, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. The Weakerthans are on a seriously short list of bands I still want and need to see live, and to catch them at a place as intimate as High Noon will

This just made my day.

Anyone that CAN make it to this show, SHOULD. Without question, one of my favorite bands ever.
I'll be clogging.
As I was walking thourgh Target, buying a crockpot, I thought to myself

"When did Sir Booze-a-lot become a soccer mom? I haven't really been out drinking until all hours in weeks, and I'm making a pork loin in a crock pot. Damn it all."
HATHERY - That...hurts. Any other Weakerthans fans in the Madison area that want to go with me?

JT - Those are the kinds of thoughts I have, too. "Why am I browsing the Auto Parts section of Wal-Mart for absolutely no reason? Shouldn't I be in the toys aisle?"
I used to be a big Propagandhi fan, so I have listened to and enjoyed the Weakerthans, though I couldn't rightfully call myself an awesomely huge fan. Still, I'd totally go if I didn't have rehearsal that night.

Sigh; the lament of theatre people everywhere.
EMILY - Yeah, I was sort of speaking directly to you when I threw this question out there.

Alas, I'll just have to give my ticket to a non-fan for the sake of company. I cannot bear to go to a concert alone again.

Someday, I'll write up a couple of CDP screenplays that we can film...someday.
I would love to see the Weakerthans, but I'm a ways away and enjoying the 70 degree weather.
Fair enough. I had no idea they were stopping in Madison, nor did I even know they were on tour, so when I opened up the Onion AV Club section and saw the announcement, I spat chocolate milk all over the Savage Love column.
What time is the show? I return from clogging at 7:45, as you very well know.
Hathery, would you say your clogging style looks like this or more like this?
HATHERY - The show starts at 9pm! All is right in the world again!

EMILY - I love your YouTube viewing habits.
Our style is somewhere in between. Mine, however, is more like a drunken cow stumbling around, as I'm a humble beginner and can barely do anything yet. :(
The correct term is 'newborn giraffe,' I believe.
Even that would be too graceful.
...I would like to see a drunken cow!
The Weakerthans are on tour?

Awww...the closest they'll be to me is Orlando in April. Bah!

I see They Might Be Giants next week, so that'll have to serve as consolation.
Hathery, I could totally teach you to knit. I am a damn good knitter if I do say so myself.

Speaking of hats in the 90's: I have a ridiculous hat on in my 6th grade picture. It was pretty awesome.

The boyfriend and I will be at The Weakerthans show. We will also be attending the Vampire Weekend show in April.
I just missed out on TMBG in Madison. I heard they were wonderful as always.

Julia, I will see you there. Have you seen the Weakerthans yet? I'm supremely excited for this; they really are one of about 3 bands I still want to see in concert.

Vampire Weekend will be the musical guest on SNL this weekend.
I just want to remind everyone that I won't be watching LOST until Friday evening, due to it being pre-empted by the Wisconsin state High School basketball tournament.

Buncha crap.

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