Monday, April 7

Disintegration (Is The Best Album Ever).

McGovern's. Within stumbling distance from CDP Headquarters.

For the last few nights, I've been able to sleep with the windows open.

After five straight months of snow (over 100 inches worth; a Madison record), I cannot fully explain to you how good that feels. The beginning of April brings Spring, warm rain, moonlit walks and other assorted dashes of emo symbolism that represent a collective rebirth here in the midwest.

The end of April will also bring new responsibilities and freedoms for yours truly. I remember that there used to be a commercial on television here that advertised homes, and they always showed a young couple dancing barefoot in the living room of their first house. It might be the rain (or the whiskey) talking, but I'm totally going to do that the first chance I get.

It's been a rough Winter, but we're all still alive and gracious.

Move to Madison and have a drink with me.

Glad to hear you clear of the doldrums.
Are there good jobs to be found in Madison? Reasonably priced houses? A decent music scene and lots of fun things to do with one's free time? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then...maybe. I think Wisconsin would be a harder move to sell to my husband than Pennsylvania, though.

And for you April means Spring is here. For me, it means that another unbearable, sweltering Summer is knocking on my door. We went to the beach last week and got sun burns and the temperatures have been in the 80s (when it hasn't been raining).
it snowed in London yesterday ... and today we're supposed to get sleet :( Not fair. Although Friday was beautiful, in the 60s. Also on Friday, I saw Blood Brothers! It was really good, and the narrator was creepy.
BLU - Thanks.

MAUS - Madison has everything you want in culture, climate and class. It's always considered one of the 'best places to live' each year. It's like a smaller Austin, Portland or Boston, from what I can surmise.

A great place to vacation if you already live in a tourist destination. Hey, that should be our slogan.
CAITLIN - Yeah, the weather in London is nothing if it isn't frustrating.

That's really neat that you saw Blood Brothers; I remember enjoying it quite a bit. For a second, I thought you were referring to the recently-broken up hardcore band of the same name.
MAUS - Madison totally rocks. Sure, we have our problems (most recently including the closure of several of our smaller-to-mid-sized music venues, which sucks), but there's a ton of good stuff to do here. Plus, two lakes! Cheese curds! Tons of music! Festivals! One of the most politically engaged communities I've ever been in! It's sweet. :)

CDP - I already live in Madison. When do we get to have drinks?

Oh hey, shameless plug: come see me play both a man and a woman in "Compleat Female Stage Beauty" at the Bartell Theatre, opening this Friday and running for 3 weeks. Even with only ten lines, I'm totally amazing.
EMILY - We also seem to be having a random murder problem, too. I'm sort of hoping that one takes care of itself.

Our drink is long overdue. I need to set up some sort of meet-up, and pronto. In a few weeks, I'm going to be pretty much booked up until June.

I admire your willingness to take on challenging roles. The last theatre production I was in happened in the 6th grade.

I wore knickers; it was terrible.
Damn you Caitlin, I was going to say that!

Is Blood Brothers the one where *SPOILER ALERT* at the end, there's the suprising gun-shot, and they keep singing about Maryln Monroe? Because if so, that makes 3 CDPeons who have seen it.
Emily had me at cheese curds!

And how about that BSG, huh? Fraking amazing, I say. I have a picture of Jamie Bamber in a skimpy towel in my post from this weekend. The show has been slacking on the beefcake lately, but the storylines have made up for it.

And I also posted a picture of "America's #1 Rated Beach (2005 & 2008)", where I spent part of my day last Friday working on my inevitable skin cancer and ingesting sand (it was windy).
CARROT - That gunshot scared the whazz right out of me. Is it required viewing while in England?

MAUS - Fresh and squeaky or warm and breaded, we have cheese curds in season all year-round. Some people run into a gas station and grab a bag of chips for the road. Wisconsinites grab a bag of curds, and we're better for it.
yes, they sing about Marilyn Monroe about 57 times. The gunshot also scared me, and everyone else in the audience. People started laughing at how much they jumped and then remembered that what was happening was really dramatic, so stopped laughing right away.
Also, the narrator reminded me somewhat of Dwight from the Office (specifically the episode where he pretends to be Jim).
I miss cheese curds.
MAUS - No joke. Though lacking in beefcake, they've more than made up for it through sheer awesomeness. And now, instead of a year, we've only to wait one week for the next installment. Huzzah!

CDP - After this week, I'll have my Sunday through Wednesday evenings free. Just sayin'.

Also, murders = suck. What the hell is up with the police never releasing the sketches, or y'know, any pertinent details?
CAITLIN - I think that Marilyn Monroe song had three movements or something. I was in the front row, and when the gunshot went off, it was really my first introduction to the sheer power of live theater. I was moved, man.

EMILY - I hope that it's not because the police weren't ready for something like this and have no idea what to do.

Sunday through Wednesday evenings free, eh? I'd better bug Jesse about doing another podcast (ie: excuse to drink).
When you have a serial killer on the loose, you have to get your ducks in a row before you let the public in on the hysteria.
CDP- Completely off of the subject, but the challenge has been put up.
I'd prefer a serial killer over 3 different, motive-less killings. Easier to catch and easier to understand.

JT - I'm on it.
"Hey, I really like that photograph you took. It's somber and reflective, yet nostalgic and hopeful. Good show!"
Don't do this.

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