Monday, April 21

Lead My Skeptic Sight.

A Blur.

Lost Monday arrives on April 28.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your week.

Great post, nice work.
I'd love to see the picture, but I'm behind the Firewall of Doom and it thinks that anything from Photobucket is porn.

But I'll link to what maybe the best music podcast out right now. Of course, I think I maybe the last person to know about it.

All Songs Considered. And all hail NPR.
Also, American Gladiators returns on May 12!

And, not that I'm no longer an employee at the Village Idiot (last night was my last shift,) I can actually go up there and watch it.

If only I could remember what we put in the Gladiator shot...
Shortest. Post. ...Ever?

And Blogger is being a total biatch today, so this may be my only comment.
Thanks for not giving me something to be able to print out and read in the crapper at work.

That looks like your last know photograph.
That picture looks like it should be on posters pasted all around a futuristic, post-apocalyptic style city with the word OBEY, or phrases like "Work will set you free" under it.

Are you planing anything we should know?
Hush Caveman. He can't know we're on to him.


Ahhhh, theCDP. How nice to see you. Been up to much recently? You know, stuff like the day job, posting blogs, planningworlddomination, going to interesting gigs...

Not really? Ok then...
We're buying a freakin' CONDO, man! Give the lad a break! :)
I am also behind a firewall. I think the government blocks anything with the words 'communist' and 'poop' So there goes half of CDP content.

Still crossing my fingers on the closing of your condo. Home ownership is AWESOME. Installed three new exterior lights yesterday to discourage certain 'elements' in the neighborhood. Lovin' it!

I have to hold myself together...I have to stop hyperventilating...why? you may ask.

Because tonight, I may actually meet Ryan (and the Missus) in person. I'm not sure if my delicate heart can handle it.
I wonder if it'll be like when cargirl met TheCDP for the first time.

Good times.
So much better than a Rick Roll!

I hope everyone's week has been - and continues to be - better than mine.
MAUS - Hope your week improves.

Me? I've just reached what is likely destined to become the high-point of my life.

I met Ryan in the real world.

And didn't faint.
I met Emily in the real world! I almost fainted. She was so lovely. And such a trivia buff.
Trivia buff, definitely. Super knowledgeable about Lost? Apparently not. I think I answered maybe one or two of the questions on any given round, with my stalwart teammates doing the lion's share of the work.

It's probably because I was distracted by the total, shining wit and charm emanating from the table next to me. Ryan and the Missus in the same place at one time? Surely a recipe for a rip in the space-time continuum of awesomeness.

Also, it's true: Ryan smells like posies and daffodils.
...and Hathery smells like Old Spice. I think they might have gotten confused when dressing that morning.
What's the point of wearing a scent for the other sex to enjoy? Wear a scent that YOU like, darn it!
Wanna know why the CDP is the greatest husbo in the world?? He surprised me with tickets to see MATT POND PA, biotches!!! Woohoo!!!
And.....Matt Pond PA is canceled. It was a good run while it lasted. I'm pretty sure it was b/c I called everyone biotches. I'm sorry for that.

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