Monday, May 5

Lost Monday - Lost Tuesday Edition.

Lost Tuesday.

Lost Monday will arrive tomorrow. I've spent the bulk of the weekend moving into my new place, painting alcoves and trying my hand at various other things I've never done before, nor am I particularly good at. This will result in some decent stories I can share with you in the near future, but as far as having a few hours this previous weekend to hammer out another awesome Lost Monday, it just wasn't the case.

I can tell you that so far, the moving process has been going well. Me and the Missus have moved four times in the last six years, so we've become somewhat of a well-oiled machine on the matter. Sure, we're hemorrhaging money and throwing our backs out with every vanload of unnecessary purchases, but that is to be expected. Besides, it will all be worth it in a few weeks.

Until then, I can offer nothing more than to start the conversation in the comments section, and hope that you enjoy your day. I have boxes to lift.

Congrats on moving in!
I suppose I can wait another day for Lostness ...
I can't.

To Lostpedia, Batman!
The UK kids get an early jump due to the time difference, I see. Why I didn't notice this earlier is rather embarrassing.

I'm going to knock out Lost Tuesday at some point today. The episode was too good not to get made fun of at least a little bit.
Yah, moving sucks. But we got our CD collection moved over yesterday (no easy task), and today we'll take on either the books or DVD's (again not an easy task.) Why must we COLLECT?!?
Hathery: It's ironic that you have moved 4 times in 6 years and are still thinking that.

Lest you think I'm judging -- we moved three years ago and we still have boxes that have been untouched since we put them in the basement. I feel your pain.

I spent almost all Saturday working on my lawn. While some of you may feel sorry for me, I actually thought it was quite liberating. Okay, few things are less fun then mowing, but there is nothing like mindless physical labor that relaxes the mind.
If I have a say in the matter, we'll be throwing a lot of stuff away in the closets and basement. If I haven't worn it or looked at it in the last two years, it's trash. Or at the very least, it becomes someone elses' trash.

As I was moving stuff in, I saw everyone on my street doing their yardwork and other various outdoor chores. I truly live in The Burbs now, which is sort of a dream come true.
Hathery: You better start keeping a close eye on TheCDP, or he'll start sneaking out at night to dig wholes in neighbors' lawns.
He was already offering me sugar substitute yesterday, so his transition has already begun...
It's the combination of the move and this particular time of year; I can't help it. I think that The Burbs will be the first movie I watch after the move.
Not if I get to the DVD player first...
There Go The Goddamn Brownies.

I pretty much say this every time I drop something, and I hope that you will, too.
Congratulations on moving into the new place. When can we visit?
Sometime this Summer, I presume. You're free to rifle through my record collection and mock at will, and then we can all get drunk on wine and dare our wives to kiss.

This is a typical weekend at my house, mind you. Oh, we can probably race the MINIs, too.
The problem with that plan is that they will dare us back.
I'm prepared to make that sacrifice, Will.
Me too.
I can't decide which coupling I'd rather see more.

Congrats on moving in to the new digs! Keep us posted on the house warming/trashing party, eh?
Indeed I will. I'm totally holding a Tetris tournament at my house this Summer.
If by "Tetris tournament" you mean "Beer POng ROund Robin Tournament," I'm in.

Congrats on the house and moving, it's a party that never stops!
Remember: lift with your knees.
Oh, I am so there...mainly because I don't want to be here.

*Tetris God*
In the car on the way to the Dodgers game tonight:

Will: Did you have a chance to read the CDP?

Me: I've been too busy with the new blog. What's up?

Will: You and Hathery are supposed to make out.

Me: What else is new?

Will: But the CDP and I are supposed to make out too.

Me: Sweet!

Congrats on the new digs!
JT - Thanks much. I bet you're the Tiger Woods of Beer Pong. You have your own energy drink and everything.

MAUS - Aw, screw it; I've got health insurance. My back doesn't have a prayer.

CAVEMAN - I'm even working on getting a trophy that's shaped like a Tetris piece. I can't move in soon enough.

SLACKMISTRESS - Thanks! This four-way smoochfest will be the perfect way to break the new place in with style and flair. Also, I don't think I'll ever reach an age where talks of this nature will seem immature to me, and for that, I'm truly grateful.

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