Monday, May 26

Weezer - 'Pork & Beans.'

Hell yeah, Weezer is back, bitches!

The above clip is the first single from their new album ('THE RED ALBUM' - OUT TOMORROW!), titled 'Pork & Beans.' The song itself is a return to form, chorus-wise, with quirky lyrics, no solos and an insanely catchy verse melody.

Taking a cue from the new millenium Viral Video trend, Weezer once again plants itself dead-center in the bullseye of Pop Culture, producing one of the most epic music videos I've seen in years. Sure, this will be horribly outdated in a matter of a year or two, but for now, it's jaw-droppingly hilarious, brilliant and precisely indicative of the overall theme of the song. I can't believe that they managed to get all of these viral wierdos in the same room together.

Absolutely awesome.

Weezer's 'Blue Album' was the first compact disk I ever purchased. Since then, Rivers and co. have stuck beside me through thick and thin, and I have done the same for them. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

Tomorrow - Lost Season 4 Caption Edition (Part 1.)

Simply awesome.
Typically, I'd dislike something like this, but it went full circle and became awesome. Furthermore, it's a halfway decent Weezer single.
Only Weezer, and perhaps Willie Nelso, could make this concept not suck.

Also possibly The Heights.
The Eepy Birds (coke and mentos guys) are from Maine.

And that concludes "The Maine's contribution to society minute". Tune in next time when we discuss which cast member of Gray's Anatomy was born in the same hostiptal as me.
I misspelled hospital...
Wow, that was in fact pretty epic. It makes me happy, in a strange sort of way, that all those DIY weirdos are getting a bit more time in the sun. Thanks Weezer, for giving it to them.

Also, what's up with River's new Chester the Molester look?
I couldn't tell you. I've attempted to model his appearance for a decade now, but I'm afraid I cannot follow him into this uncharted territory of mustaches. I'll stick to the Green Album-era Rivers for a little while longer.
Good choice.

...unless you want your neighborhood association to start listing your whereabouts online and showing up on your lawn with pitchforks and torches.
They already look at me with enough distain.

Is it 'distain,' or 'disdain?' I can never remember.
I think you're looking for "disdain." Unless you're inventing a word that means something like "to undo or insult a stain."
All the hipsters are into that molester look these days. It is NOT attractive. It is quite gross.
Clearly "irony" has led the hipsters over the cliff into "pathetic."
"All your Pork & Beans are now belong to us". That is just classic.

15 years ago "Undone" aka "The Sweater Song" was the hot song in college. I'm glad Weezer is still around and doing things they want to do.

Thanks for sharing . . .

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