Friday, May 23

You're A Money Bin, Baby, And I'm Scrooge McDuck.

Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 3.

More information to follow shortly. The theme and sign-up info will arrive on June 6. Be ready.

Next week will be entirely devoted to the Lost season finale, as we wind down Season 4 and prepare for the final Lost Monday...ever.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your extended weekend. The CDP will return on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Lost Monday: Season 4 Caption Edition (Part 1).
Wednesday - Lost Monday: Season 4 Caption Edition (Part 2).


Por que?
Because the upcoming hipster rummage sale is sure to leave CDP headquarters is such bad shape, Ryan won't be able to post EVER AGAIN.

I can see it now: covered in bandanas, fixed gear bikes, Nudie jeans and ironic t-shirts, CDP HQ crumbles under the weight, leaving only a gently smoking pile of day-glo colored rubble behind.
Wow seems like we just had a mixtape trade. I never got a mix from the last one (ahem, whoever was supposed to send me mine) but I still believe in the trade. I'm down.
EMILY- I was picturing it more like Hatch Explosion a la Season 2 of LOST.

The sky over the whole world turns purple and electronics around the world fail, giving Republicans another reason to hate Madison.

You're in the Mix-Tape Trade, by the way; you has no choice.

EMILY - Where ya' been, Mills? I was getting worried about you.

For a hipster rummage sale, I sure have a lot of plaid. It's more of a hipster sale with a grunge flair.

DOMSAR - You're in! I still can't believe that there are people who take the time to sign up and still go deadbeat on people. I take pride in knowing that it only happened like, twice last time, but I'm bummed it happened to you.
And that was why I opted out of the second trade. I didn't want to be a disappointment twice in a row.
If you go deadbeat twice in a row, I'm forced to track you down and...dude, you seriously don't wanna know.

Unless you do. But you probably don't.
It's actually be 4 or 5 months since the last trade, right?

Deadbeat mixtraders are shameful. *shakes head*
Yup. The last trade was for Valentine's day, and this one won't actually go down until the middle of June. I only want to do this about 3 times a year so nobody gets burned out (me, in particular).
I'm in! I should warn you, though, no matter what the theme, I'm just burning someone a copy of Journey's Greatest Hits.
Man, I hope I draw your name.
Ryan's been quitting Lost Monday for three years now.

I better be seeing you this time, next year.

My Blink-based mix will be in the mail shortly.
...still waiting on Kenny's mix...
Moe's right; I've threatened Lost Friday/Monday retirement three times now. I'm like the Mick Foley of pop culture essays.

You can be a Blink 182 fan, no problem, but just tell me that you're a Cheshire Cat and Buddha fan. 'Carousel, M&M's' and 'Wasting Time' are probably my favorite Blink songs of all-time.
can I get in on this Mixness?
We really shouldn't talk about Blink until you've given their last album a chance. Seriously.

However, Carosuel and M&M's are both favorites, much like cherry and grape.
Yay! Another mix tape!

Since I don't watch Lost (I know, heresy), I've missed the CDP.. sniff.

Now that my mix tape virginity has been taken, I'm much more confident this time around. Can't wait! :)
Swoonie, Moe,'re in!

Wow, I've had this post up for just a few hours now, and we already have 12 people signed up. Awesome.

MOE - I like 'I Miss You.' We have it on a Singstar game, and I just tear that thing up.

KATE - I came up with approximately 15 different ways to respond to your comment, each one filthier than the last. For everyone's sake, I'm leaving it be.
Funny this is that "I Miss You" is the most "pop" song on the album. I'll burn you a copy so that it can rest on the CDPshelves for years to come...

I popped Katie's Mixed-Tape cherry.
I will be more than happy to accept a burned copy of that album, Moe. Thanks much. You can send it along with a copy of your mix. :)

I'm still not going to comment on Kate's comment, even though I really, really want to.
Thanks for being so gentle y'all.

I, too, am stuck between a "too-far?" or "not-far-enough?" comment dilemma...

So just opting out. For now.

But still yay for another mix exchange!
Katie - You opened yourself up pretty large with a comment like that.

Dare I say, with a hole that big, you can't go far enough?

I said it.
...and though your name is Kate, I will continue to call you Katie for reasons unknown.
I'm in because it will probably the only thing keeping me sane this summer.
Wow Moe. That was pretty good.

Anything I had in the, ahem, pipeline would have been quite anti-climatic comparatively.

Oh, and Katie makes me feel like a kindergardener with pigtails. Gross.
CAVEMAN - You're in!

KATE - I'm trying to break this cycle of instinctively talking about sex every time a woman says anything even remotely related to sex.

It's been long and hard, but I hope you can ride it out with me.
MOE- You 4 realz didn't get Kenny's mix?? She totally mailed it. She almost got fired from her JOB mailing it!!! she's gonna be devastated when she finds out you didn't get it...
It's been long and hard, but I hope you can ride it out with me.

Yeah, that was totally Ryan for the win right there.

Well played.
Thank you; thank you all.
CDP - Clearly you don't read every single one of your comments super closely, because I mentioned my (now over) trip to California before. I even asked for a blog babysitter while I was away. Ah well, hopefully the worst I'll find are a few empty bottles of wine coolers and no teen pregnancies when I check in....

...speaking of, they totally made me and my fella get gay married when we crossed into California. It's the law now, and it was sweet. And then I saw three naked-and-wearing-only-a-cock-ring dudes walking down the Castro late Saturday night.

One of those things is absolutely true.
Oh and, I'm totally in for the mix tape trade.
Damn. You're right, I totally forgot about your vacation. I tried my best to keep the hooligans out of your blog, but one of them broke a Zima bottle over my head, and I just woke up a few minutes ago.

Dem' gays are gunna be takin' over now; thinkin' they're upstandin' citizens just cuz' they can git married. Lulz.

You're in for the Trade! Rad.

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