Tuesday, June 17

Gently Applying Sunscreen To My Fingertips.

Summer begins this week. Enjoy it.

a) Thanks to my Ken: By Request Only post finally going viral, I recieved the highest one-day traffic total in CDP history yesterday. Over 11,000 unique visitors showed up, smashing the previous record of 8,000 from last December. To put this into perspective, I had 11,000 visitors in all of May 2008. For those of you that are new to the page, stick around. You're safe here. You're home now.

b) Just a friendly reminder that the deadline for mailing out your mixes for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3 is next Monday June 23. I myself will be stretching this one to the limit, as I still have to narrow down about 30 tracks. According to Benjamin from Killer Sandbox Productions, his mix will consist of 60 minutes of his own personal covers of classic songs. For the person who chose Benjamin as the recipiant of his mix, now may be a good time to remind you that there are no refunds.

c) My schedule for the remainder of the week is fairly straight-forward. Clean out the garage and take the rest of the unsold rummage sale crap to Goodwill for a hefty tax write-off. Finish my Mix-Tape and use what little rummage money I earned to go towards the massive speeding ticket I got two weeks ago.

Word of warning. When caught going 50 in a 25, chances are more than likely that the officer will not take too kindly to the excuse of "I was hungry." Furthermore, if you own a radar detector, it doesn't work when it's sitting in the glove compartment.

d) If all goes according to plan, next week on the CDP will consist entirely of the CDP's Top 30 Atari Games Of All-Time countdown. Don't miss your chance to heartily voice your elitism and explain why your tastes in nostalgia are far superior to my own.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot.

Thanks, Arthur.

I'll be here holing this joystick until you post those 30 Atari games.
Why do I insist on putting myself through this? :)

Ever since I did my Top 15 NES Games countdown, I've been meaning to do one for every console I owned.

Or PWN3D, if you will.
The only Atari game I really remember playing was the E.T. game. And I'm on the older end of the CDP reader spectrum, I think, so it seems strange to me that I can't really think of too many others. Then again, I'm not sure we even ever owned an Atari system when I was a kid.
I can assure you that E.T. will not be on the list. If you don't know the full story behind that game, I suggest you head over to Wikipedia and have your day made.

For a long time, I wanted to do a NES/Atari/Genesis countdown, but I never had the time to make it work that way I wanted it to. I still don't have the time, but I'm sick of waiting.
I'll be here holing this joystick until you post those 30 Atari games.

Is that some kind of innuendo?
Holding a joystick is one thing, but holing it? You're a sick, sick man, Mr. Betheboy.

Beh heh heh.
You know, now that I think about it, I'm surprised I haven't heard more stories of people accidentally falling atop Atari 2600 controllers and subsequently requiring an Emergency Room visit. If you think about how kids play video games, you'd think that one of them would have had an unfortunate insertion at some point.

If it had happened to me, you would have known by now.
Do most kids play video games pantsless?
Not entirely, but some kids wear shorts or underpants made out of paper.
My brother used to constantly break out Atari joysticks, as he would get so pissed off at the game that he'd throw them into the wall. Jerk.

Anyway, my favorite Atari games were Pitfall!, Combat, and Dig Dug.
Now that I know you have that old Atari in your closet we need to have an old school video game tourney at your place some weekend.
Indeed we do. Before the Summer is over, I seriously want to throw a Retrocade Grand Prix, consisting of many old-skool video game events and a fair share of drinking. Few will be invited, only one will win.

Sure beats a barbecue.
Well, there is accidentally falling on a joystick, and "accidentally falling on a joystick." That is like saying "I was laying on my floor with no underwear on and my cat accidentally started licking me." Yeah, I have read a lot of "Savage Love" columns that deal with that issue. It is not from my personal experience. I never fall on things accidentally. It is all purposeful.
I've never had it happen to me, accidentally or 'accidentally.' Also, I would have been an unhappy camper if I suddenly came to the realization that I was using a controller that had been a part of such an unfortunate act.

You're right, though. If it had happened to someone at some point, it would have been discussed at length in a Savage Love column by now. I'm also assuming Dan would have dismissed the letter as a fake.

Cats have sandpapery tongues. Be careful out there, kids.
Instead of an Atari, we have an Odyssey2.

Instead of a Nintendo, we had a Commodore 64. For the kiddies here, that means it had 64KB of memory so it was nothing like the Nintendo64.

I'm not bitter -- having a C64 was better in the long run for me. The Odyssey2 is still at my parents and it still theoretically works. If you could hook it up to a modern TV.

So I'll just enjoy this as someone else's nostalgia.
I'm a Odyssey and C64 fan, but I never personally owned them, so doing a countdown would be asking for trouble.

I had trouble hooking the 2600 up to a modern TV for awhile, but I found some cool adapters that allow for RC goodness.
For the record I found my 2600 controllers to be nearly indestructible. Plus they were compatible with the C64.
WILL -- the Ode2 joysticks would wear out and get "stuck" so you ended up moving them back and forth.

I forgot that the Atari joysticks worked in the C64! But there were a lot of later games for the C64 the required more than one joystick button.

Ah, the days of pixelated sprites. I do miss them.
The Atari 2600 controllers could survive a nuclear blast. Next to the original NES controllers, they could take a serious beating.

My band played a show many years back, and we had a 'dance contest' where the winner would receive one of my Atari 2600 controllers. The winner was a drunk punk that smashed it to pieces against the floor of the ballroom. It must have taken him five minutes.
That was sad when he broke that controller.

Ben has/had a 3DO. That rules.
That guy was a prick anyway. I have plenty more Atari 2600 controllers, and that guy's probably still a jerk.

3DO was pretty neat at the time. Then Playstation showed up and catapulted it out of town.
HOSS-I also had a Commodore. We play Centipede and some Rat game where we had to eat a bunch cheese. It was like pacman, except with vermin.

CDP-You and my husband should talk. I bet he would have a few insights for your top 30. Perhaps I will have a birthday day party, and you and the missus can come over. You and he and discuss Atari while the missus and I make fun of what nerds you are. Or while I make fun of what nerds you are and reread Harry Potter for the 100th time.
Actually, you could play Atari. I think he also has a rather extensive collection. You could compare to see whose is bigger. I mean Atari collection.
I'm sure his Atari collection rivals mine. At the age of 14, I gave away all of my games during an anxiety attack that resulted in me thinking I needed to become a monk and shun all vanity items.

Once I realized that was idiotic, I had to buy everything back as an adult. I pretty much got rid of everything and had to start over; that's why I'm such a nerd about stuff now.
Make sure you put "Fast Food" on your Top 30 List.
I tried to play some Atari games online during my grad class, but the site is blocked. Damn school district internet security! At least I can still do online jigsaw puzzles.

I was never much for Atari. We had a second hand NES. I remember we sat in Dale's garage until we conquered Legend of Zelda. (Actually, I did do much playing. I just hung out on the inflatable couch. Until it popped. I should have known that would happen with my friends.)

I also remember playing Mortal Kombat and Earthworm Jim. I think it was during one of those gaming sessions that someone tried to light Dale's hair on fire. Good times around the old NES.
I was there for most of that stuff, actually. Inflatable furniture had a shelf-life of 18 seconds in that garage.

HATHERY - I'm going to force you to play that game someday, until you have no choice but to admit that it's awful.
That couch actually lasted a surprisingly long time. I think it randomly popped for no apparent reason and people crawled into and pretended they were inside a giant condom. I probably have photos of that somewhere.
And by long time, I mean maybe two weeks. That group was a destructive force.
We were like Motley Crue with talent.
We were like Motley Crue with talent.

And less STDs.
Well, that was true for some us, but not necessarily all. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, say no more.
Caveman's Atari game list: 1-30 Dig-Dug...

I love Dig-Dug
Oh and I got Mario Kart Wii yesterday. Good luck trying to find me for the next couple days...
Beh-heh-heh. I've been squeaky clean from the very beginning.

Dig-Dig rules, and yeah, Mariokart Wii is absolutely amazing. Enjoy it.
Dig Dug is sweet. My brother and I used to play the arcade version at the Finn. My parents used to go the bar to drink coffee in the mornings, and they would give us quarters to get out of their hair.

As a matter-of-fact, they used to drink coffee in the mornings at the Finn with Hathery's grandparents. I just remembered that. It is a small, wierd, Jerry Springer world. Wait no...it was just Winneconne.

Oh yeah, and I did not mean to insinuate that anyone who posts on CDP has a venereal disease. Sorry if it came across that way. Mine cleared up years ago, so it's as though I never had it. (I am totally kidding. For the record, I never had an STD. I just like to pretend things. I have a vivid and sick imagination.)
I remember that the Fin also had a Crystal Castles machine in the 80's. That was good stuff, right there. (Both Dig-Dig and Crystal Castles make the Top 30 countdown, by the way.)

Ointments are a Godsend.
First of all, I can't believe I was spelling Fin wrong. I was thinking of a student's last name.

Ointments are a Godsend: That works on so many levels, especially considering the STD comments. Tee hee.
"Pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot."

"Thanks, Arthur."
As a matter-of-fact, they used to drink coffee in the mornings at the Finn with Hathery's grandparent,

Really? I didn't know that. If you didn't know, my grandma K just passed away recently, so both of my grandparents on the K. side are deceased now :(
Bummer! I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Sad face.
I have been reading some back logs during my grad class and other free time (I know they are technically archives, but I occasionally enjoy writing "Logs"), and I came across the "1989 Evaluation". I laughed my effing ass off. If I had been your teacher, I probably would have been stifling laughs left and right while watching your wacky antics. As long as you don't take away from my own being the center of attention...
Hilbelink - C64 game you are speaking of is Pack Rat, and it was the epitome of rad.

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