Wednesday, June 11

No More Smiles.

No More Smiles.

Today is the deadline to sign up for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #3! I'll be closing the signup at 10pm Central Time this evening, so get in now if you want to participate. Names will be drawn on Friday, along with the announcement of the mailing deadline. If you still want in, let me know in the comments section or via e-mail ( Get to it.

2. The Discovery Channel premiered When We Left Earth last Sunday, which is a six-part series chronicling the 50 year history of the NASA program. They have restored over 150 hours of never-before-seen footage from the NASA Archives, and the HD broadcast has been absolutely breathtaking. They have interviews with pretty much every living astronaut from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs (including the seldom-interviewed Neil Armstrong), and the tension and uncertainty of the Space Race and unfathomable dangers is really put on display. This is all being done by a similar crack team that assembled the one-of-a-kind Planet Earth series, and I strongly recommend that you catch up on When We Left Earth over the next couple weeks. Tremendous stuff; the best thing on television so far this Summer.

3. I'm having a garage sale at CDP Headquarters this weekend, so feel free to stop by and say hello if you're interested in buying clothing that I no longer find relevant. If you're planning on being in the area, shoot me an e-mail (, and maybe I'll let you know where I live. Otherwise, just drive to Sun Prairie and follow the ballooned signs. I'll be the guy standing in his garage, drinking a screwdriver and carefully folding a Screeching Weasel t-shirt on a card table.

4. As you can tell, I'm still pretty busy with things that have nothing to do with the CDP or my upcoming re-emergence into book writing. Judging by my obsessively-scheduled Summer, I should be able to focus a lot of time on writing by the end of June. I want to devote the months of July and August solely to writing my next book, with various fiddling, monkeying and tweaking for the remainder of the year. This seems like a fairly attainable goal, provided nothing happens in the next few weeks that shoots my free time square in the nutbag.

5. As I was walking to the office this morning, I saw a small dog taking a dump next to a fire hydrant. It was at that moment that I realized just how helpless and pathetic dogs look when they're pooping. Then it struck me that, for the most part, people look the exact same way. There are very few moments where we are more vulnerable for a surprise attack than when we are attempting to defecate. That's why I always lock the door.

6. I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself, but the almighty Smoking Popes will be hitting a handful of small club dates to celebrate their reuniting of rock awesomeness (for all the youngsters out there; no Smoking Popes = No Bayside). I will be seeing them at the High Noon Saloon in Madison on June 22, and I expect you to be there if you have any intention of putting on your best plaid and partying like it's 1993. Tickets are only $10!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Hump Day.

Since Mr. Boy was not planning on participating in the mix tape trade, I considered it. But it's now closed. Which is probably good, since the post office makes me want to go on a statewide stabbing spree.
Signup closes tonight at 10pm Central, so there's still time to consider it. The Post Office can be a real deal-breaker though, so we can still be friends if it's a no-go this time around.
When We Left Earth sounds like an amazing show. I'll have to remember to record it.

I was all into space exploration as a kid - I still am, actually. It's astounding what we as humans did when it came to getting men in space and on the moon. I read about the Phoenix lander mission and I'm just amazed. I really hope our government will put more funding into space exploration.
You're absolutely going to love this miniseries, Karen. They really nail it when it came to the tension and rather hasty procedures NASA came up with to win the space race. In Part 1 last week, they had footage of the first Space Walk, and it was one of the more terrifying and emotional things I've seen on television since Sayid broke that guy's neck with his legs. TiVo it up!

Those original astronauts were mavericks. Cocky, refined and professional daredevils who were capable of flying anything (seriously; they made Neil Armstrong fly all sorts of wacky devices that should have resulted in his death 10 times over). I was a fan before this series started, but it's really supported the fact that these guys are the World's biggest rock stars.
Space Travel = Thread Killer.

If you're not excited about the Smoking Popes, however, you're beyond help.
Hah, the Popes are coming to town? I think I just might have to go see them. And I can't promise that I won't show up wearing a flannel shirt, combat boots and many chains.

Sadly, though, I will not be able to come and rifle through your cast-offs this weekend. Instead, I'll be wildly making short films down in Louisville--and presumably being forced to pronounce it "loh-vul."
I'll wear my flannel, too; it'll be awesome. Hope to see you there.

When in Kentucky, don't forget to visit the Creationist Museum.
Hmm, the museum is a good hour-and-a-half away from where I'll be staying, but it is miiiighty tempting. Maybe we can make a geurrilla film about it--sneak in and start making out with their Adam and Eve mannequins or something.

I'd be afraid to go, even if just to mock it. I get the feeling the day would end with my bloated corpse floating down the Cumberland River.
Yah, what's with the whole "Loo-vull" thing? I almost don't even like to see them make it to the NCAA tournament b/c I hate hearing their name said..
127 comments on the last post, but only 10 on this one. I guess CDP should only talk about Mix Tapes. :)
HOSS - The big secret behind massive comment sprees is giving everyone the venue to share things about themselves. When I write stuff about myself, readers do more quiet listening than anything (the traffic remains the same). Because the Trade is a group thing, everyone wants to share their opinions and progress, and that's cool.

But personally, fluctuations like this give me an anxiety complex, regardless of whether I know the reason why or not.

I'll be spending the bulk of the day drawing the Mix-Tape Trade names, preparing tomorrow's post and sending out 26 e-mails. Geez, I thought this Trade was going to be quick and easy, but it turned out to be pretty huge and awesome.
Yeah, traffic remains the same -- that's a good thing.

With a mix-tape, it's good that the traffic remains the same, but the song shouldn't.


Mix Tapes are among the pinnacle of involvement. It's not just making a quick comment and going. It's hours of time putting tracks together, listening, and etc. It's a great time, and I'm glad your doing and so are at least 25 others.

I agree. The reason I started the Trade was because I knew that I was passionate about this sort of thing, and that the Mix-Tape is a personal art form that involves a ton of your own personality for creation. I figured that others would be interested, too, and as it turns out, most participants are way more hardcore than I am.
I was reading the bit about the defecating dog and I laughed out loud. I would like to add that I am currently sitting in a grad class that is full of people still working diligently on their computer projects. When I started laughing, people of course began to look at me. They were less than surprised when they found out I was laughing at something poop related. Poop seems to follow me. And I do not meant that literally, though that might be amusing.
You're not kidding. I just read your most recent poop-related story on your blog, and I lul'd a bit myself.

And by 'lul'd', I mean 'poop'd.'

Enjoy your Summer off, by the way. Unless you're teaching Summer classes or something, in which case, I apologize.
Best of luck with the garage sale. Did you advertise in the paper?
The Missus has kind of been spearheading the thing, so I'm pretty sure we didn't advertise. In fact, I think my announcement today was the first that we've even talked about it outside of our house.

Oh ye of little faith.
Make sure you put it on Craigslist. We generally get good response from that for our garage sales and other stuff we sell. And, heck, it's free!
The Missus is generally a PR machine, so I'm sure she's got something up her sleeve.

At least I hope so. All I know is that I'll be blowing up balloons and hanging up signs.
Way ahead of you guys :)
I was just asking, because with our ad, we had people show up Friday night asking if they could "preview" items, and wound up making about $70 that way.

It was kind of a pain in the ass, though.
Wow, you could have sold tickets, JT.

I guess the Missus has a handle ont things. If people are banging on our door tomorrow afternoon, I'll know she did her job.
Ah yes, "early birds." I hope we don't get them. They're usually the elderly with nothing better to do :)
Just to be sure, I'll be getting up at 2:30am on Saturday morning to set up the garden hose.

"Offa my lawn, ya' old bastards!"
Oh man, good luck with the garage sale. Sometimes they really do draw the crazy folks out from the woodworks.

Back in the day, my family had one sale a year, and us kids always looked forward to it because it meant 1) making money selling toys we hadn't paid for in the first place (even if it was only fifty cents), and 2) making money by selling concessions. We each had a specific racket, too: my brother sold popcorn, my sister sold sno-cones (she had an awesome Snoppy sno-cone maker), and I sold Kool-aid.

You can see which one of us got the rawer end of that stick.
Also, I'm officially declaring this week in Wisconsin to be WEATHER APOCALYPSE!

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