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CDP Mix-Tape Trade 3 Wrap Party (Part 1).

Mix-Tape Trade Wrap Party.

Finally, after two weeks of sifting, listening, drinking, typing and deciphering handwritten track listings, I've managed to make it through all of the Mix-Tapes that were so generously sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3. Thank you very much; I appreciate it.

I wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight the mixes that were sent to me, as a small way of saying thank you. Therefore, for the remainder of the week, I'll be doing just that. Please enjoy.

Mix #1 - “Covers” - by Domsar.

The Skinny: Heavy on acoustic, live and bootleg performances of mostly modern classics, the mood ebbs and flows with covers both heartfelt and tongue-in-cheek. I don’t know how Domsar manages to throw such a ‘Milwaukee feel’ into all of his mixes, let alone a collection of covers, but he’s done it again.

The Highlights: Goldspot’s version of Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On,’ My Brightest Diamond belting out Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good,’ the Carleton Singing Knights a cappella rendering of Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago,’ and the William Shatner/Joe Jackson take on the amazing Pulp track, ‘Common People.’

By The Way: I should also mention The Corrs live performance of R.E.M.’s ‘Everybody Hurts,’ but the track itself is so monumentally beautiful that it’s damn-near considered cheating to cover it. It's like David Archuleta singing 'Imagine' during the American Idol finale; borderline unfair on all levels.

Additional Notes: There were two Richard Cheese tracks on this mix; an artist that showed up more often than even Me First & The Gimme Gimmes as far as ‘mandatory ironic cover songs’ went. Domsar is a really nice guy; I'll see to it that we see a Brewers game together by the end of the season.

Mix #2 - “Lizzle To Ma Cizzles” - by Carrot Duff.

The Skinny: A broad mix of big songs covered by mostly big bands.

The Highlights: A reggae cover of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ by Easy Star All-Stars, the timeless ‘Man Who Sold The World’ performance by Nirvana, and a beautiful acoustic version of ‘Hey Ya!’ by Obadiah Parker.

By The Way: There was a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover on this mix, but I skipped it with extreme prejudice, due to fact that Stevie Ray Vaughan is AIDS to my ears. Also, Johnny Cash’s cover of ‘One’ is a combination on par with Peanut Butter and Jelly in terms of absolute devestating perfection.

Additional Notes: Carrot Duff included a handwritten note, essentially mocking the fact that he has Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal as his house, and I do not. Duff, I will be checking the CDP PO Box daily in anticipation.

Mix #3 - “The Covers Project” - by FeverBlue.

The Skinny: A very eclectic sampling of genres, bands and styles across the board; plenty of classics intertwined with groups I’ve never heard of before, somehow culminating in an above-average mood and theme.

The Highlights: Petra Haden’s wide-eyed and adorable version of ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,’ the Smashing Pumpkins’ well-known version of ‘Landslide,’ a back-to-back pairing of the Talking Heads and Siouxie & The Banshees, and the dreamy closing number of ‘I Melt With You’ by Nouvelle Vague.

By The Way: FeverBlue included the Bangles’ cover of ‘Hazy Shade of Winter,’ which absolutely made my day. I’ve always been an unapologetic fan of this track; that guitar lick with the pounding snare is freaking badass. Why it hasn't yet shown up in a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game is beyond me.

Additional Notes: FeverBlue accompanied his mix with a handwritten postcard, and I appreciated that. It took me a half hour to decipher what he had written, but the sentiment was just the same.

Mix #4 - “Sherry’s Cover Mix” - by Sherry.

The Skinny: A heaping helping of 90’s alternative bands covering classic influences from all over the radar.

The Highlights: The Muffs’ popular version of Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids In America,’ Leslie Feist tackling the Bee Gee’s ‘Inside and Out’ in spectacular fashion, and Letters to Cleo sexing up the Cheap Trick standard, ‘I Want You To Want Me.’ This album featured more female artists than I’ve willingly listened to in months.

By The Way: Much like my bashing of Stevie Ray Vaughan, I’ll continue to gain no friends by mentioning that Janis Joplin means absolutely nothing to me, nor does her ‘Me & Bobby McGee’ cover. I honestly think that she was horrendously overrated and probably smelled like crap.

Additional Notes: Sherry listens to a lot of chick music and John Mayer. I still don’t know what to make of this.

Mix #5 - “Untitled” - by John Jenkel.

The Skinny: A pop-punk heavy mix, loaded with a lot of fun, tongue-in-cheek and up-tempo classic cover goodness. Perfect for a drunken summer deck party.

The Highlights: An inspired (and hilarious) cover of ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Dave Grohl for the Late Show with Craig Kilbourne, and various other 80’s send-ups by the likes of Pennywise, the Ataris, Gob and Good Riddance.

By The Way: This mix contained yet another cover of ‘I Melt With You,’ officially making it one of the most-covered songs I’ve ever heard. I mind this none, however, as it is a great song.

Additional Notes: I made a last-minute exception to let John into the trade, after his brother pleaded with me for about an hour to include him. He wasn't supposed to know that.

Thanks much for reading; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.


Whoah, Whoah, Whoah!

‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ by the Ramones?

That's a Tom Waits song, it's on 1992's Bone Machine an absolute classic of an album.
Sorry, the Ramones version was the only version that I was familiar with; I changed the text in the review.

I've had an aversion to Tom Waits for quite some time, mainly because I went to college with a retarded kid named Reid that absolutely worshipped him. Every day it was:

"Tom Waits can lift a house! Tom Waits is Superman!"

We say that around the house all the time.
I know feel less cool about including the Pumpkins' "Landslide" on my mix, but at least I did not have "I'll Melt With You." :)

And since I sent out my cd, I thought of a dozen more covers I should have included. Damn me and my small brain matter!
By the by, don't let other people's hero worship keep you from listening to a particular musician. Tom Waits is pretty rad.
I had the Dave Grohl "Tiny Dancer" on my mix, too.

Funny guy...

Grohl, not Kilbourne, of course.
I should start a list of great musicians that have been thoroughly ruined for me by their incessant and overbearing fans.

Know that I'm not talking about anyone on this page, mind you, just those people that chatter constantly about stuff until you're certain that you'll never care about that particular thing again.

It's mostly singer/songwriter-y types like Bob Dylan, but I've also had films and TV shows ruined for me (see Star Wars, Napoleon Dynamite and BSG).

I couldn't possibly experience these things on any sort of fair level, because all I'll hear for the duration is the voice of the annoying fanboy in my ear, mewing something like "I told you it was awesome!" At this point, I have every intention of never viewing these certain things, merely out of spite.
Dave Grohl can lift a house. Dave Grohl is Superman.

I'm of the opinion that he will be a two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, due to both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.
Basically, once you've heard all of the annoying catchphrases from Napoleon Dynamite a million times you've pretty much seen the movie (I thought there was only one even remotely funny scene in the whole movie - it involved a cow). I'd recommend Welcome to the Dollhouse waaay before the movie about Voting for Pedro.
What happens is that, through constant quoting and general ballyhoo, you've essentially seen the movie/heard the album through the eyes/ears of the fanboy, not your own. There's no going back from that.

Perfect example. No less than five minutes after There Will Be Blood premiered, I couldn't walk ten feet without some dumbass giving me that 'I drink your milkshake' crap. Thanks for that; I guess I won't be seeing it now that you've destroyed an integral part for me.
Nice reviews - I'll be curious to read what you thought of my mix, especially since I didn't include any covers of "I'll Melt With You." I feel kinda proud of that, now.

It really is too bad you've been ruined for BSG by annoying fanboys, it really is a lovely show. Ah well, I can't get upset at someone for not watching more TV.

Also, what would happen if Tom Waits had a duel with Chuck Norris? I think the world might explode.
EMILY - Looking forward to digging into your Mix. I'm up to about 2-3 CDs a day; I think you'll be in the Friday group.

I know that BSG is good; hell, I know that everything recommended to me is probably good. I just have a huge problem with people telling me what to like. As someone that used to review albums for a living and runs a pop culture-themed site, this sounds a bit hypocritical.

Because of that, I officially apologize to anything that I might have ruined for any readers through constant promotion by myself. This includes but is not limited to the following: Arcade Fire, Lost, Pulp Fiction, MST3K and 65 Poor Life Decisions.
...I officially apologize to anything that I might have ruined for any readers through constant promotion by myself.

Like Hathery?

Hathery can lift a house. Hathery is Wonder Woman.
I cannot even count the number of episodes of MST3K I suffered through because of you. I think you also forced me to watch Pulp Fiction. None of those things could live up to the hype. Jerk.

Just kidding. I actually enjoyed viewing those things.

And I hope you are not refering to me when it comes to Star Wars. I think I have proclaimed my love for the original trilogy, but I have never intentionally tried to cram it down anyone's throat. (I know you said you are not talking about anyone here, but that leaves me even more paranoid. I have major paranoia issues. In fact, I am pretty sure the government is spying on me through the fire alarm flashy light thing right now.)I apologize if I seemed overly pushy.
I will never, ever watch Pulp Fiction because of Ryan's incessant blabbing on the subject. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I will never watch a single Tarantino film...but only because the guy talks like he's got a serious case of the 'tards.
...I officially apologize to anything that I might have ruined for any readers through constant promotion by myself.

Like Hathery?


I don't need putting over...I'm 100% naturally awesome.
While I'm of the opinion that MST3K and Pulp Fiction are flawless pieces of art in their own right (MST3K has the overwhelming advantage, however), I still apologize for the forcing-you-to-watch business, even if you did turn out to enjoy them.

Also, if you had shoved Star Wars down my throat half as much as Vinnie and Ben did, you would have been hacked to pieces years ago. I don't recall you ever being pushy, due to the fact that I ended up never having to watch the original trilogy.

Still don't care, either. Not one bit.
I'm not a Tarantino fan, by the way. I'm a Pulp Fiction fan.

I'm a Christopher Nolan fan, though.
Christopher Nolan is good people.
He hasn't directed a bad movie yet, and his success with Memento, Begins and the soon-to-be classic The Dark Knight, he really is one of the best working directors on the planet right now. He's batting 1.000, for Christ's sake.
It's nice to know my mix wasn't a complete failure. I do seem to be one of the only people I know who likes Stevie Ray, but I couldn't help chucking it on there for the hell of it. It makes me so warm inside.

I could do with discovering a bit more 'less-main stream' music, so if anyone could hit me up with any recommendations it would be much appreciated.

I've heard that The Beatles are pretty awesome.

Seriously, it all depends on what you're into right now.
Wow ~ picking up all kinds o'good new music - thanks! Totally digging Obadiah Parker Hey Ya

E-Rich sent me a damn good mix!
I said I would look up her name, so I did... Heather N. She sent me my awesome covers mix with crazy artistic liner notes and a postcard from Cali. Thanks Heather!

And thanks Ryan for reviewing mine. You highlighted some of my favorites. I wonder what a "Milwaukee feel" is... since that's the only feel I know, really. How is it different than a Madison feeling mix? To pimp my mix some more, everyone can listen to most of it here. So when are we hittin up that ball game? Or at least a bar somewhere?
REESE - Terrific!

DOMSAR - While I haven't dug into Heather's mix too much yet, I can say without question that she wins the 'Best Presentation' Award for the second time in a row. For the last mix, she sent me this amazing scrapbook, and now a booklet/postcard combo; it was really beautiful and worthy of mentioning.

I also got photographs from Heather and Fiona. I blushed a little; they're super cute.

Dom, your mixes usually consist of live bootlegs from scantly-attended concerts in smoky bars on shady sides of a booze-soaked town. That feels like Milwaukee to me, and it's a compliment. When I listen to your mixes, I feel there. Sure, it helps that I know you live there, but nonetheless. The mood is unmistakable.

I'm working out a good time to come down for a Brewers game late this summer, and I'm going to score you a ticket. I'll let you know once I know more. No doubt; it's happening.
Hey, I'm glad the mix got some kind words from you. Very cool. I had fun making it, and in spite of the minor lazy bit, I rather enjoy listening to it. True liner notes are here:

And sorry about the handwriting!

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