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CDP Mix-Tape Trade 3 Wrap Party (Part 2).

Mix-Tape Trade Wrap Party.

Finally, after two weeks of sifting, listening, drinking, typing and deciphering handwritten track listings, I've managed to make it through all of the Mix-Tapes that were so generously sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3. Thank you very much; I appreciate it.

I wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight the mixes that were sent to me, as a small way of saying thank you. Therefore, for the remainder of the week, I'll be doing just that. Please enjoy.

Mix #6 - "Killer Sandbox Covers" - by Benjamin.

The Skinny: Another slice of the Killer Sandbox pie, chock-full of bands that descended from the, er...Descendents Family Tree (ALL, Pollen, The Pavers, Drag The River, etc.); most of them doing covers of other bands from the Descendents Family Tree. If Fort Collins, Colorado were suddenly blown off of the map for some reason, I'm certain that Benjamin would never have a reason to purchase a new album ever again.

The Highlights: Saves The Day's pitch-perfect cover of The Descendents 'Cheer;' made more amazing when you figure they were about 15 years old when they did it, ALL's version of Kenny Rogers' 'Ruby,' and the Bad Astronaut cover of the Smoking Popes 'Megan,' which is one of the most perfect rock songs ever written, in my opinion.

By The Way
: There is an awesome version of 'Jessie's Girl' included in this mix, covered by the amazingly talented (and therefore broken up) Pollen. However, now that I have a real-life friend and acquaintance named Jesse, I find it extremely uncomfortable to listen to it. Is that weird? Either way, I've always thought the guitar on that track was killer.

Additional Notes
: Benjamin was kind enough to include a second disc, containing the original versions of every song on his Mix. This was unexpected and a nice touch for the collector nerd in me. I especially got a kick out of hearing the original, French version of 'Seasons in the Sun.'

Mix #7 - "Covers From Caveman: Vol. 1" - by Caveman.

The Skinny: Some classic covers that became more famous than the originals, a few new takes on truly iconic groups and only a couple ironic moments make for a very well-rounded CD, considering that there are only 11 tracks on it.

The Highlights
: The Polyphonic Spree's version of David Bowie's 'Five Years' and the brilliance of Jimi Hendrix on 'All Along The Watchtower.'

By The Way
: I had no idea that the Beatles covered 'Twist And Shout.' Guess I'm an idiot.

Additional Notes
: Caveman has promised me that 'Volume 2' will arrive to CDP Headquarters any day now. As a way to tide me and the Missus over, he sent along a box of Mike-N-Ikes, which the Missus heartily consumed without sharing.

Mix #8 - "Covers You Know By Heart" - by Mike Hoss.

The Skinny: Mike likes good, solid music, written by good, solid songwriters, and it always shows in his mixes. There isn't a loser in the bunch, here; these are covers of influential songs by bands that are even more influential.

The Highlights
: Josie Cotton's saccharine-infused cover of 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker,' featuring a children's choir and handclaps galore, Ben Folds Five managing to make 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head' even more beautiful, and Teenage Fanclub doing what they do best on 'Mr. Tambourine Man.'

By The Way
: This mix is a whopping 19 tracks that last a shade over 80 minutes; that's a spicy meatball. Also, he mistakenly wrote that Weezer covered 'Uptown Girl,' when it was, in fact, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes. This saddened me, because I thought I was about to hear an extremely obscure Weezer cover of a Billy Joel song.

Additional Notes
: Hoss tells me that he had thought of the 'Cover Mix' idea before I even presented it as the theme for Mix Trade #3, and was pretty much finished with it instantly. I believe him, but I hope that he also comes up with a decent idea for Mix Trade #4, because I'm tapped*.

(*I already have an idea for Mix Trade #4; no e-mails, please.)

Mix #9 - "Don't Worry, Matt - I Got You Covered!" - by Reese.

The Skinny: Mix-Tape Exchange rookie Reese hit the ground running, showcasing a wide array of genres, bands and covers. Risks were taken, respectable status was achieved and the crowd went wild. The beats were driven and it was loaded with soul and overall positive vibes.

The Highlights
: Not one, but two tracks by The English Beat! Reese likes second-wave ska! I love this girl! Also, a dreamy cover of the Smiths' 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before' by Mark Ronson and a Def Leppard cover of Blondie's 'Hanging On The Telephone,' which marks the first Def Leppard song I've ever enjoyed.

By The Way
: Her mix was titled as such, because Matt was the original recipient of her mix. That, or she thinks that my name is Matt. It's all good.

Additional Notes
: Reese is sending me and the Missus a couple of The Dark Knight theatrical posters, the mere thought of which is dampening my pants as I type this.

Mix #10 - "Mixalicious" - by Hilbelink.

The Skinny: A lot of fun, a lot of ska, a lot of late 90's punk bands covering late 80's new wave bands. Right up my alley.

The Highlights
: An absolutely stellar cover of 'Enjoy The Silence' by Failure, Reel Big Fish making 'Hungry Like The Wolf' hilarious, and a Save Ferris version of 'Come On Eileen' that is unapologetically one of my favorite covers of all-time. Sonic Youth's cover of 'Sexual Healing' was pretty rad, too.

By The Way
: Depeche Mode and Duran Duran covers account for 8 of the disc's 21 tracks. I also personally own 16 of the 21 tracks, thus making it impossible for me to accurately review said mix.

Additional Notes
: "Do you have the new Depeche Mode album?" "Yeah...but it sucks!"

Thanks much for reading; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.


Are you going to review my mix? Because I was kind enough to leave it in iTunes :)

You got Mike and Ikes when Caveman bought the book, so those M&I's were all mine. MINE!
Of course it is right up your alley, because I am pretty sure I heard about all of those bands through you back in the day when we would all go to Father Carr's to play pool and then to Taco Bell because there was no other place open except Perkins and none of us had any money.

REESE-Yay English Beat! I though of several songs from the Specials and similar bands that I should have included on my cd after I sent it out.

By the by, I love those Duran x 2 and DM covers. I do not even technically own the originals. I had to include them because they always get stuck in my head, and I want them to get stuck in your heads, too.
HILBELINK - I still listen to that RBF cover of 'Hungry Like The Wolf' from time to time. Scott can belt out a song.

I was thinking about all the times I bought Ben dinner when I was in high school, and by my rough estimation, I think he owes me a million dollars.

HATHERY - I think I may need to extend these reviews into Monday, as there have been a few late arrivals. I'll definitely review your mix.
I'm very intrigued by the "Jessie's Girl" cover.

Hoping a sample is on iTunes ...
Man, Pollen was a great band full of really nice guys. They were one of those bands that got run through the major label wringer and spat out broke and drained.
The CDP - your name isn't Matt? Huh. ;p Posters are coming...

Thanks for being kind on my first foray into the world of Mixed Tape Exchange ~ glad you enjoyed it!

HILBELINK - Hell yeah YAY English Beat! My 2nd favorite band of all time :)
I remember when you gave Dale a taco in exchange for riding shotgun so you could play with the stereo.
< seething jealousy > Dark Knight posters?!< / jealousy...still seething >

So why the Def Leppard hating? Don't tell me you never enjoyed a drunken "Pour Some Sugar On Me"...or enjoyed watching a girl enjoy it? I think your pants are on fire.

And I'm already excited about the mention of a mix tape 4 idea. I need to get out more, I think. gave Dale a taco in exchange for riding shotgun so you could play with the stereo.

Maybe it's just me, but this sentence comes off sounding extremely dirty.
REESE - Of course, now I need to ask what your #1 favorite band of all-time is.

HILBELINK - I cannot stand not being in control of the radio. It's one of only a few things I'm 100% unreasonably selfish about. Listening to someone elses' music is a fate worse than death to me.

KATE - I remember my cousin excitedly introducing me to 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' when it hit the airwaves in the 80's, but I've never been a Def Leppard fan. They just seemed so glossy and insincere, like pretty much every other band at the time.

"What has 9 arms and sucks?"

Yeah, Mix-Trade #4 will arrive in the Fall. Rawk.

EMILY - If you skim over it, it most certainly does.
But isn't it the insincerity that made them awesome? In a Spinal Tap sort of way?

Sheesh, next you'll be telling me you never wanted to stroke Sebastian Bach's pretty, pretty hair.
Amazingly enough, I was just never into glam and hair metal. I really liked the early Metallica stuff (which kept me protected from the horrors of glam), and from there I went to Appetite For Destruction and pretty much straight into early 90's gangsta rap. Then Nirvana hit and it was all over from there.
Oingo Boingo. Favorite band of all time. I miss them.
I guess that's a pretty good mix. I was never a big Guns N Roses fan, but the rest is quite understandable. I'll even admit to some of the gangsta rap.

I had cassette tapes with songs stolen from the radio. Sigh, what a lost art. Ooh Ooh - is that mix tape number 4's challenge?!
REESE - Wow, you just made a good friend in Hilbelink, for sure.

KATE - I have about 100 tapes in my basement chock-full of late 80's and early 90's pop radio. I'm really glad I did that as a kid, even though I'll probably never listen to that stuff ever again. It is a lost art; the spirit of the Mix-Tape Trade owes a lot to that.

I cannot stand Guns N Roses anymore, for the record. I've often said that they are one of the most overrated rock bands in history.

The theme for Mix-Trade #4 shall remain under wraps until October, sadly.
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I started listening to Oingo Boingo in college. However, the only album I ever actually owned was on cassette, and I think I lost it in a car crash. I am super cheap, and I check the cds out from the library once in a while.

I will reveal at this point that my all time favorite band is Queen. I even find guilty pleasure in their cheesy pop songs from the mid to late 80's. There is always something of theirs to fit my mood.
@hilbelink: Me too. Minus the Bicycle Song. "Don't Stop Me Now" is my karaoke song of choice.

Freddie Mercury could lift a house. Freddie Mercury was Superman.
Reid has made his way into the pop-culture lexicon. Way to go, Reid.
Find me a person who doesn't at least like Queen, or one of their songs, and I will show you a person with no soul.
I remain completely neutral on Queen. I do enjoy me a good Bohemian Rhapsody every now and then, though.
HATHERY - I've been avoiding 'Reid-isms' on the CDP for a long time now, and it's good to see that there's a home on here for the insane ramblings of a mentally-challenged, Tom Waits-worshipping lunatic.

KATE - I hope that our paths cross in such a way that we can karaoke that song together. Bring whiskey.

EMILY - I think it's a testament to an artist if they create a body of work large enough to contain both masterpieces and utter shite. Queen is one of those bands, and I respect them to no end.
I agree with the love for Queen - 'Under Pressure' with Bowie can bring me out of any kind of funk or foul mood. I have a friend who is so obsessed with the band that a couple of years ago she flew to NYC to stay with an internet-only acquaintance - and paid ridiculous amounts of money that she didn't have (as a full-time college student) - just for the chance to say she got to see Queen live in concert. To me, that is devotion.
No Freddie Mercury, no Queen. I'm sure that Paul Rodgers is a nice guy and a talented vocalist, but come on. It's like if Paul and Ringo got back together and called themselves the Beatles.
@CDP: Agreed. And Tony Vincent in the "We Will Rock You" musical was a great singer - but it didn't work 'cause he just wasn't Freddie.

P.S. That show sucked ASS.
I really liked the early Metallica stuff...

You don't know how much respect I just gained for you. Kirk Hammett is a big influcence on my guitar playing. Even though he's fairly crap now. I'm still looking foward to Death Magnetic though.

Did you appreciate my Apocolyptica track on the mix-tape? They seem to be a love/hate thing, but I think they're bloody birlliant myself.
I got lucky with Metallica. I had an older cousin that was listening to them right when they started gaining ground, and we also had a great college radio station that would play metal stuff on Saturday nights.

I can't say that I'm still a big fan, but yeah, I hear that Death Magnetic is going to be like, the biggest album ever made.
Oh, and I can't recall that particular track from memory, so I'll check it out again when I get home.
I got lucky with Metallica. I had an older cousin that was listening to them right when they started gaining ground,

I'm pretty sure by that point they were already relatively huge. When they started "gaining ground", we were just working on being born.
You know, gaining ground on a national level. I do, however, remember listening to them when I was five years old. I know this because it's on a cassette that I made in 1987.
The Spree's cover of 'Five Years' has been played at least 3 times a day at
"The Cave" since its discovery.. It is really well done.
You know Caveman's real name is Matt, right?
You know Caveman's real name is Matt, right?

I knew that! I knew that!
I sent the mix-tape copy to theCDP without changing the title...
You know, gaining ground on a national level. I do, however, remember listening to them when I was five years old. I know this because it's on a cassette that I made in 1987.

Wow, Scott must have been a really cool 6 year old...
He was 7, and it totally happened.

On one of our tapes, we did this fake commercial for an upcoming heavy metal festival, and we were singing Metallica songs. It's hilarious.
Sorry -- my internet has been limited of late.

Ironically, I only added "Uptown Girl" because CDP is such a Weezer fan. Sorry to disappoint. but that's what the MP3 said when I downloaded oh so long ago.

I'm glad you liked it -- I hope Sherry feels the same.

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