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CDP Mix-Tape Trade 3 Wrap Party (Part 3).

Mix-Tape Trade 3 Wrap Party.

Finally, after two weeks of sifting, listening, drinking, typing and deciphering handwritten track listings, I've managed to make it through all of the Mix-Tapes that were so generously sent to me for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Exchange #3. Thank you very much; I appreciate it.

I wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight the mixes that were sent to me, as a small way of saying thank you. Therefore, for the next couple days, I'll be doing just that. If you want to start from the beginning, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 right here. Please enjoy.

Mix #11 - “Cover Me In Covers” - by Fiona.

The Skinny: Top-to-bottom awesome. From modern punk, to glam, to metal, to acoustic, to showtunes, to bands that don't even really exist, Fiona's mix never ceased to surprise while constantly bringing the goods. Great job.

The Highlights
: A beautiful cover of Yo La Tengo's 'My Little Corner Of The World' that respectfully sounds like it was recorded about 80 years ago, Joey Ramone belting out 'What A Wonderful World;' a track that I like to play whenever I feel like killing myself, a token (and extremely sexy) take on The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven,' Scissor Sisters tearing up Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb,' and the Spinal Tap-goes Folk trio known as The Folksmen pulling out the banjo for 'Start Me Up.'

By The Way
: Speaking of A Mighty Wind, before I began shooting my 2004 mockmentary titled 72 Hours, I showed the film to my cast for inspiration. It didn't help, and the project was permanently shelved weeks later. I'll sell the rights for a flat fee of $60,000. E-mail me.

Additional Notes
: Much like Heather's mix (see below), the layout and packaging was top-notch. She sent me a handwritten postcard from her San Francisco homestead, a photograph and a nicely laid-out jewel case. And for the record, I never tire of receiving photos of cute CDP fans. JT, I'm looking in your general direction...

Mix #12 - “Covers” - by Heather.

The Skinny: Another eclectic mix, another batch of complete winners from Heather. Every time I do a Mix-Tape Trade, I'm always amazed at how similar my musical tastes are to others, and yet, I'm always completely blown away by the new things that they introduce to. I love doing this for that reason alone.

The Highlights
: The classic 10,000 Maniacs cover of 'Because The Night' by Patti Smith, an absolutely out-of-nowhere cover of 'Chick Habit' by April March that pogo'd my socks off (I secretly love that kind of music; Pizzicato Five is pretty much the soundtrack to CDP Headquarters), the Save Ferris ska cover of 'Come On Eileen' that I considered the Greatest Cover Song I'd Ever Heard from 1997 to 2001, the make out-tastic Nada Surf take on OMD's 'If You Leave,' and the Dashboard Confessional sing-along goodness of 'Screaming Infidelities' by Joanna Pacitti.

By The Way
: Man, that Bangles cover of 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' really is badass.

Additional Notes
: Without question, Heather sent me the most beautifully laid-out Mix Tape for the second time in a row. Complete with a lovely, handwritten postcard, an incredible track listing booklet and even a photograph or two, I was stunned and moist-panted when I opened up the package. She actually has inspired me to be more proactive about mailing things back to fans that are so creative in their packages. I need to go stock up on postcards and glitter immediately.

Mix #13 - “Under The Covers” - by Emily Mills.

The Skinny
: Funny, sexy, nerdy, deep, intellectual and talented. These qualities not only describe a certain Miss Emily Mills, but they also perfectly describe her humbling Mix-Tape.

The Highlights
: A rousing opener by the Ditty Bops, Tori Amos taking on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' and for the first time, allowing me to enjoy the song, Jose Gonzales' haunting The Knife cover of 'Heartbeats,' Minor Threat tearing through 'Steppin' Stone,' and Emily's old middle school band punking up the Sherry Lewis sing-along, 'The Song That Never Ends.' Her middle school band sounded better than my high school band, which upsets me to the point of drinking.

By The Way
: Women are super-complicated and I will never fully understand them for as long as I walk this Earth. Emily's mix reminded me of that indisputable fact.

Additional Notes
: I'm a big fan of Emily's handwriting. A lot of people seem to admire my descriptive-yet-robotic style, but Ms. Mills might have me beat in this category. Kudos.

Mix #14 - “One Hour Under The Covers” - by Cargirl.

The Skinny: I always look forward to Cargirl's mix-tapes. She always does a good job of turning me onto what 'the kids' are listening to, as well as mining the influences that inspired the bands in the first place. This one is no different, with superstars and unknowns rubbing elbows while covering timeless tracks. Damn, this Mix Trade was a good idea, wasn't it?

The Highlights
: The Juno'y Sonic Youth cover of the Carpenters 'Superstar,' Quietdrive's take on 'Time After Time' that I actually put on my own mix, Jonathan Coulton's 'Baby Got Back' cover that reminds me that Mr. Coulton is a genius ('Shop Vac' is my favorite), and a string quartet cover of Arcade Fire's 'Rebellion' that would have put me in tears were I not such an emotionally sound person. Screw it; it made me all misty. Oh, and T.V. Carpio's cover of 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' that once again makes the argument that the Beatles tune could very well be the greatest pop song of all-time.

By The Way
: I didn't realize that Cargirl was such a big Ataris fan. Not only did I used to be in a cover band that could play about a dozen of their songs ('San Dimas' was my favorite to destroy on the drum kit), but I remember seeing them at a concert in Green Bay that was attended by no more than twenty people. It was a darn good time.

Additional Notes
: The track listing for Cargirl's mix was written longhand on stationary from the Washington D.C. Hilton, where she happened to be staying at the time. I found that intriguing for whatever reason. I like the way pens feel on hotel stationary; I sometimes jot things down for no reason when I stay there.

Mix #15 - “Cover Song Mix-Tape” - by E-Rich.

The Skinny: Singer/songwriters taking on timeless standards and solid pop hits; this mix brings all killer and no filler.

The Highlights
: Ram Jam's cover of 'Black Betty' that I've always enjoyed more than I've led people to believe, Cake's amazing version of 'I Will Survive' (one of my personal favorite covers), Damien Rice's haunting acoustic cover of Radiohead's 'Creep,' Ray LaMontagne's take on Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy,' and the Lemonheads bringing the house down with 'Mrs. Robinson.'

By The Way
: The Rufus Wainwright cover of 'Hallelujah' is on par with Jeff Buckley's, hands down.

Additional Notes
: Blank jewel case, straight to-the-point track list, great musical tastes, no screwing around. I like the way that E-Rich does business; he has nothing to prove.

Thanks for reading; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

TOMORROW: The CDP Mix-Tape Trade 3 Wrap Party comes to a close, as I review my own mix, along with mixes by the Missus, Kate and a six-disc behemoth by Smedley.

LATER: The very first photo tour of the All-New CDP World Headquarters!

Your reviews have reminded me of how much I need to expand of my listening. It has truly been an eye opening experience.

As of late, my listening has been somewhat limited to: Queen, The Darkness, Pulp, The Living End, Five Iron Frenzy, and Morrissey. These are all well and good, but they are at the top of my list simply because they are within arm's length. I need to get out more.
There's no way that the Darkness has more than one album. Either that, or there is no God.

I remember seeing Death Cab For Cutie at the Rave in Milwaukee, and The Darkness was playing upstairs at the same time. Ben Gibbard stopped the show about halfway through and went, "Shhhh....hear that? That's the Darkness!"

He then challenged them to a guitar solo-off, and proceeded to play his most metal-sounding lick. "Just because we're Indie Rock doesn't mean we can't shred!"

They actually had two ablums. Then Justin went into rehab for coke. After he left rehab, he quit the band and became the British Whale. The Darkness became Stone Gods.

I love The Darkness, and I will defend my love of them. Their songs are epic, much like early Queen's pre-80's albums.

And, they play a mean keytar.
Man, that Bangles cover of 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' really is badass.

It's one of the better Beatle's covers, but I feel that most of the Beatle's songs should be left as-is unless you are going to do a bang-up job and add something.

I loved Hathery's mix. As she said, her cover mix and mine are very similar.
Nothing to prove, as well as no artistic ability what so ever.
HOSS - I could have sworn that 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' was a Simon & Garfunkel song.

That being said, I've been sent a couple of really decent Beatles covers, and yeah, there's no point unless you really plan to bring the goods. And of course, there are just some songs that should never be covered for any reason ('In The Aeroplane Over The Sea' instantly comes to mind).

HILBELINK - I've got to try this cocaine that all the kids are talking about. Seems like a helluva drug.
E-RICH - You could beat me in a drawing contest, I can assure you. Heck, you could poop on a canvas and still take home the blue ribbon.

Solid mix, by the way. Enjoyed it.
Thanks, glad you liked it.

You'll be getting my stick figure version of the last supper as the cover art for the next mix. That, or the aforementioned canvas.
That's perfect, because the theme of the next Mix-Tape Trade is songs about poop.
Ohhh - you wouldn't tell *me* what the theme was last week. I see how it is.

Cool that people are including art with the mixes - something I didn't think of, nor could really pull off (my 8th grade art teacher told me I was artistically retarded; true story). Maybe you could throw some pics up?
Yeah, I put photos of the mixes last time around; maybe I'll include a few shots of the best pieces for tomorrow's review.

That ain't the theme of the next trade, even though it might as well be. :)
CDP -- Doh! You're right. Hazy Shade of Winter is Simon and Garfunkel. And I had a friend in college who was huge into P&G and he tried to beat this fact into my head. But the song is very-Beatle-esque, IMHO

See how bad I am at matching song to artist? :)
To this day, I'm convinced that Eddie Money does 'Burning For You,' and not Blue Oyster Cult.
Her middle school band sounded better than my high school band, which upsets me to the point of drinking.

While I have no desire to drive you to drink with anything I do, I can't say the above statement wasn't flattering.

Glad you dug the mix. I realize my collection still skews heavily toward the ladies, but they're talented ladies, so I figure it's all good.
CDP -- Doh! You're right. Hazy Shade of Winter is Simon and Garfunkel. And I had a friend in college who was huge into P&G and he tried to beat this fact into my head. But the song is very-Beatle-esque, IMHO

While I'm not sure who P&G are, the "Lite Hits" station was on the TV at the dentist this morning and it did indeed inform me that Hazy Shade of Winter was a Simon & Garfunkel song while giving Bangles fun-facts. Who knew the dentist could get worse? But then there it was...Bangles fun-facts.
HATHERY - Suzanna Hoffs still looks mighty good for her age, although I don't know if she can sing anymore. Glad to hear that the rest of the appointment went well.

EMILY - You sounded good. My drumming in Middle School was scant at best, but I knew how to play almost everything off of Dookie.

I don't mind female-heavy collections at all, I just honestly don't listen to too many. It's not for any specific reason; perhaps the lyrics don't connect to me or something (and why should they?).
Because you're a big ol' girlie man?
That's it. The next time I see you, we're gonna wrestle.
My cunning plan is coming together!
I'm gonna make you tap out!
Are you ready to rumble?
My money's on Emily.
Mine too. I'm takin' a dive!
If the next theme is poo, I will personally crochet a happy poo for the lucky receipient of my mix
Or I'll just make poo anyway.
Really, all I ever do in a fight is prance around with my fists up like an old timey boxer, hopping and leaping and generally making an ass of myself. If that sort of thing wears you down, though, I could totally beat yer ass!

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to start a write-in campaign for the slackmistress, but they apparently don't take unsolicited nominations. Boo!
That's how Ryan fights too--it would be a good match.
EMILY - Old-timey pugilists rule!

By the way, I clicked on that link at work, which means that I'm pretty much fired ten times over. I hope you don't mind when I have to move into your place next month. :)

Either way, I admire your dedication and drive; I've personally been leading a grassroots campaign throughout the Midwest for months now. Also, Playboy is officially out of ideas.

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