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CDP's Top 11 Albums Of 2008 (So Far).

If you need any proof that 2008 has been a fairly mediocre year for album releases, look no further than my own list of top albums so far this year. This is the best stuff I've heard in 2008, and I doubt that 8 or 9 of these would have even been considered in my Top 20 for the last few years. Here's hoping that the remaining five months of the year will bring the thunder. Enjoy.

11. Hold On Now, Youngster... - Los Campesinos!

10. Partie Traumatic - Black Kids

9. Brain Thrust Mastery - We Are Scientists

8. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

7. Weezer - Weezer

6. Stop, Drop And Roll!!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs

5. Saturdays = Youth - M83

4. GNV FLA - Less Than Jake

3. Adventure Boy - Scott Reynolds

2. Feed The Animals - Girl Talk

1. Stay Down - Smoking Popes

Sound off in the comments section, create your own list and enjoy your day.

I have a lot to think about.

I just iTunes'd the album "Fight with Tools" by Flobots. It's sort of like Cake meets Rage Against the Machine. It's a good listen.
You had me at 'Cake meets Rage.' I'll check it out.
We Are Scientists = :)

Vampire Weekend = :(

And if you haven't heard anything by Flobots, go watch the video for their song 'Handlebars' on YouTube.
MAUS - Agreed. We Are Scientists rolls into Madison in two weeks, and unlike Vampire Weekend, I'll be buying tickets for sure. They were great on Letterman a few nights ago.

I hadn't heard anything by Flobots, so I checked them out. While I can't say that their entire catalog will find a place in my rotation, 'Handlebars' is certainly worthy of hit single status. A nice surprise, for sure.
I don't even think I've bought any CD's this year. That's how bad it's been.
Right, I'm buying mostly singles and older albums off of iTunes. I should stop doing album lists and focus more on individual tracks.
Smoking Popes - Stay Down (live):
No CD purchases for me so far either, although I only average 2 or 3 a year usually. I've almost bought the new Death Cab For Cutie CD half a dozen times. And I owe myself 'Riot' by Paramore. I am broker than a mo' fo', though, so...
With iTunes and the previously-mentioned lull in decent music, I probably spend about $20 a month on music in some capacity (not including shows). That makes me very happy, because I like to eat solid food and pay bills.
My favorite band ever released a record yesterday. It's available pretty much nowhere except online and Indianapolis, but it's on iTunes.

Daytrotter EP - Margot & the Nuclear So and So's.

It's like a live sessions-type deal. Buy it.
'Bookworm' and 'Broadripple Is Burning' are good tracks; did they play 'Bookworm' at the Madison show?

And we have to wait until October for Animal? Not pleased.

I know that Margot gets compared to the Shins and the Decemberists, but it's obvious (to me, at least) that they really take influence from Tim Kasher and his Cursive/The Good Life projects.

Also, Kasher could probably drink them under a table, if you can believe it. A good place to start is Album Of The Year (Good Life) or The Ugly Organ (Cursive). Both are tremendous in their own rights.
Tim Kasher is a blowhole.
A drunken romantic blowhole that writes amazing chamber pop music.
I should point out that if Axl releases "Chinese Democracy" this year, I am contractually obliged to buy it.
No way it comes out this year. I've maintained this opinion since 1992.

Green Day and Metallica both have long-awaited new albums coming out this year...wait, what year is this again?
This list is 70% awful music and Vampire Weekend is the worst band to have a hit record since EMF.

When music lets you down like this, go backwards. Find some gem from the past that you missed out on the first time. New shit is still shit. Anytime you want music that you won't be embarrassed to have at a yard sale in six months I'm your man.
CDP - Bob Dylan is going on tour this year for American Eagle. I know no one who shops at AE and has enough taste to listen to Dylan. If they had taste, they wouldn't shop at AE.

We have to wait forever for Animal to come out. But we get "Not Animal" also this year, making three albums in one year. I can deal with that.

Also, Peter O'Toole, Ted Kennedy and Linsday Lohan couldn't out-drink Richard Edwards.

EPHLAND - I have problems with any white rappers who aren't Eminem, so I've done my best to avoid listening to Flobots.
A drunken romantic blowhole that writes amazing chamber pop music.

Nah, just a blowhole.

Vampire Weekend is the worst band to have a hit record since EMF.

They're not great, but I doubt they're the worst. I'd rather listen to them than Fall Out Boy any day. (is that how you spell that? Fall Out Boy? Or is it Fallout boy? Blegh.)
WILL - I always go backwards in times like this, and it's usually when I find the precious gems that I've previously overlooked.

Not that you'd care, but I've been recently listening to Sunny Day Real Estate, a band that I just didn't have the patience for when I was 12, and ignored until about a week ago (I bought their live album a few years ago, but more or less shelved it instantly).

Diary deserved all of that 'instant classic' acclaim they received back in the day, and I found a beautiful new (old) band to get me through the current lull. Also, they're a good band to cry to, with your face wedged under a pillow in your darkened bedroom, wondering aloud why nobody wants to screw you.

CARGIRL - I dunno. If Richard Edwards and Tim Kasher got into a drinking contest, I think the Earth would be void of alcohol before one of them submitted.

If I recall the show correctly, I drank just as much as Richard did during his time up on stage. He probably started his night about 8 years before I did, however.

Dylan teaming up with American Eagle is bewildering to me. Would it be really mean and out of line for me to kind of-sort of wish that he just dies before he completely mumbles and drools all over his legacy?

Carlin did it. So should Bob.
Vampire Weekend could be a lot worse.

("...yeah, they could be Arcade Fire! Guffawguffawguffaw.")

Really though, they were just one of the many bands hype-machined into stardom that didn't deserve it. They could make it as a decent indie band, but at a global audience level, they're just getting ripped to shreads.
Cargirl -That's a very insightful comment there.

CDP - You're wrong I do care. Have you gotten wise to Mission of Burma yet. Check out Signals Calls and Marches from 1981 (I think) then see how they still held up in 2007 with Obliterati.
I'm familiar with the band; nothing crazy, but I'm aware of their post-punk work. I'll give them a more serious glance.
I didn't think it was possible for someone to dislike Vampire Weekend as much as - if not more than - I do.

I am guilty of purchasing a Fall Out Boy CD a couple of years ago...I probably listened to it a grand total of two times before consigning it to the section of my collection that I like to call "albums I should not have paid money for".

And I just want to say that I freaking love Peter O'Toole. I was so overjoyed during his (brief) time on screen in Stardust.
Bill Hader's impression of Peter O'Toole is brilliant.

I think that Fall Out Boy deserved their pop acclaim based on the strength of their singles. 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down,' 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles (A Little More Touch Me),' 'Dance, Dance' and even 'Thanks For The Memories' are all solid radio tunes, albiet far from something I'd consider to be anything more than just that. They are what they are, I wish I could write songs that are as catchy, and I wish them no particular ill will. Like you said; you just toss the album aside and move on.

Something Corporate, on the other hand, was probably the most frustrating album purchase of my life. Just the blandest, stalest, most unnecessary poop I've ever heard. Musical gruel; no substance at all, good or bad.

That was the day I realized that a terrible band is doing far more things correctly than a band you have no opinion towards.
MAUS - Vampire Weakend makes me hurl. I don't understand why people like them. I bought their CD and it was decent the first time I heard it, but their songs soured quickly.

I have every Fall Out Boy album and at least one ticket stub. It is mandatory to listen to their music in the 'burbs. I've learned/been forced to appreciate it.

CDP - I am with you on the Dylan thing. Remember that commecial he did a few years ago for (I think) Victoria's Secret? Yuck.

I love how Richard Edwards hasn't been sober for at least 100 years but he is still genious. I also love how you and I are the only people her who know who R.E. is. That night that he played in Madison, he was probably a bit high as well. Reports say that he is a heavy user of the grass, but i'm not convinced. It would, however, explain 'Paper Kitten Nightmare'.
Fall Out Boy makes me want to die. I really dislike them that much. That guy's voice cuts to my very core, and makes me want to hurl with injustice.

(See also: Alkaline Trio, A New Found Glory, etc.)
CARGIRL - Exactly. Vampire Weekend was good exactly two times.

And yeah, I don't mind Fall Out Boy on a surface level. The Missus thinks that Patrick's voice sounds like a dental drill, but I used to be a huge fan of Jamie from The Stereo, and he sounds exactly like the dude. The Stereo's Three Hundred is an early Fueled By Ramen classic.

The mere theory that Bob Dylan is sleeping with supermodels further supports my atheist agenda.

Without question, Richard was high that night. Nobody laughs like that when they're drunk. To be fair though, the Jack & Cokes they were serving up were absolutely delicious.
It is official- I am totally not up on what the kids, or anybody really, are listening to these days. I am currently listening the the JC Superstar Original Broadway Cast Recording while I wait for my blueberry muffins to finish baking. I have said it before, and I will probably said it again...I am in a music rut.
also love how you and I are the only people her who know who R.E. is

Who, Roy Edwards? Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins player? Uncle to Don Edwards, star goalie for the Buffalo Sabres? Um, yeah...don't think you two are the only one who knows who that is.
HATHERY - Matt from Alkaline Trio, Patrick from Fall Out Boy and Jordan from New Found Glory sound nothing like one another!

I still know what you mean, though.
HATHERY - Pretty proud of that joke, aren't you?

I thought it was only necessary.

I know those guys don't sound alike...that was just a list of bands that make me want to die.
HATHERY - You can't deny that Nothing Gold Can Stay is a fairly decent album.

Everything else is fair game.
Yes, I can and will deny it. I'm denying it right now. DENIED!
HATHERY - I'm glad we didn't get blowded up with the explosives today. Why must people attempt to bomb our precious city?
CDP/HATHERY - The bombing thing literally hapens at least one time a year an my high school, probably twice a week at the college campus in Rockford on my way to Madison, and every day at the Obama HQ in Hyde Park, Chicago.
HATHERY - McCain has to go negative this early; it's the only way that he's going to have a chance at the Office.

CARGIRL - Please don't get blown up.
Bombings go in and out of vogue in Madison. They were popular a few years ago, now they'll be popular again for a while. Unfortunately, they always target the parking garage I park in every day, or the area immediately around it.
I think these bombers just hate Mini Coopers.
For shame!
I agree with all the comments about Vampire Weekend. Was good for the first listen; don't think I've listened to it all the way through since.

I think Weezer hit their creative peak with Pinkerton, although I do enjoy the green album immensely. Everything after that sounds the same to me.

I think I've only bought 3 albums that have come out in 2008 this year. One was Vampire Weekend. The other two I really enjoy. Sleepercar's West Texas and The Hold Steady's Stay Positive.

Stay Positive might remain my favorite album of '08. I really enjoy the stories that Craig Finn tells.
Right on, Pinkerton will never be touched. In fact, I think we all keep cutting Weezer slack for Pinkerton alone. I also was one of the few that thought the Green Album had some truly good stuff on it.

I completely forgot about the new Hold Steady. I'll pick it up this weekend while I'm in Minneapolis.

Thanks for dropping by, mab; don't be a stranger!
That Vampire Weekend disc is one of my faves too.
Pinkerton is a blowhole.
I'm starting to think that you're a blowhole.
Oh CDP, I wish I could come to your defense regarding Vampire Weekend, but alas, I also think they are OVERRATED. Seriously, I know they want to be ska, so they should just go an be ska. They are 90s modern rock all over again.

That said, hey WILL, shut your hole about EMF. Stigma was brilliant.

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