Thursday, July 3

Have A Seat On The Communication Couch.

Polysics, the greatest band in the world, have done it again. Here's the single off of their new, as-of-yet-unreleased-in-the-states-but-my-copy-is-being-delivered-from-Japan-as-we-speak album, titled We Ate The Machine. The song is called 'Rocket.'

To fully satisfy your Polysics fix, here are links to a handful of unreal videos and a couple of Polysics-themed CDP essays. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Fourth of July weekend; the CDP will return on Monday, July 7.

Black Out, Fall Out
Electric Surfin' Go-Go
New-Wave Jacket
I My Me Mine (Live)

'Polysics Play Milwaukee; CDP Rants On Music' - 09/21/07
'Grumble, Alone, Grumble, Polysics' - 10/24/07

See, I bet Polysics like XTC too. (The band, not the raver-loser-hole-in-the-brain drug.)_
Man, I hate the I read this at school, cause then I can't click on the links and see the moving pictures. I will watch them when I get home from the dentist, all hopped up on gas.
HATHERY - I'm pretty sure that Polysics consider XTC to be a large influence on them (clearly not as much as Devo, but they make no bones about that; Mark Mothersbaugh uses Polysics as the Hold music on his telephone).

I, on the other hand, never cared for XTC, Ecstasy or the Exxxtasy Channel that used to run on my old satellite dish.

HILBELINK - I've found that it's somewhat beneficial to watch Polysics videos whilst hopped up on the gas.
Damn it Ryan, you know I don't speak Spanish.
Oh man, speaking of that, CHECK THIS OUT!

I stumbled upon this, which is clearly an old CDP essay ('I Got Dumped By A Fictional Character') that had been run through multiple translation tools and spat back out as something that vaguely represents anything remotely human.

I laughed my ass off, even though I should have probably contacted a lawyer and stopped diverting additional traffic to her site.
Wow, that essay about made my brain pack up and leave. Oh online translators, you bring us such wacky joy.

You should at least contact Blogger to let 'em know they've got a spam blog on their rolls. This happens from time to time (I have no idea why, as few of them seem to include ads or anything that would be profitable to the person running it), with a blog that either full-on clones a real, popular blog or just samples bits and pieces from various blogs.

I say string 'em up!
I'll probably do that. Like you, I don't see where the profit is in creating a Spam Blog with no ads or popups.
Profit or no, they're kinda annoying.

Anyway, I forgot to ask: is the title of this post a Super Nanny reference?
Indeed it is a Supernanny reference. That Jo Frost is somethin' else.
In the future, I'll have a post devoted to explaining the names of my posts. It'll mainly exist for my mom, who always asks what they mean.
Perhaps the Spam Blog should have a seat in the naughty chair.
Yup, and she ain't getting a juice box until she apologizes.
What the...

That blog is full of I'm guessing *unintentional* (and pretty unintelligable) hilarity to be sure, but serving what purpose?

I love Supernanny - I didn't realize it was still on. I like that the show uses the guilt-complex methodology of child discipline that my dad was well known for and that I also favor heavily in my parenting.
Woah! You guys have stolen Supernanny!? Uncool. I demand her back, or England as a single entity, will wither and die.

We could watch the repeats, but then the bizarre plotwists are nowhere near as exciting.
MAUS - I have no idea what purpose these sorts of blogs serve, but I know there's about a billion of them on the webzorz.

I'd pay top dollar to have Jo show up at my place and berate me like a child...there's just something about that voice. For that reason alone, it's probably good that I don't live in the UK.
Sometimes I talk to the cats with a British accent. They seem to like it. I guess everyone likes it. A word to the wise, Carrot Duff: come to America. The girls will fall all over you with that accent.
Yeah; you'll sound intelligent, regardless of whatever dumbass thing falls out of your skull.
I dunno, if the movie "Go" is to be believe, a person with an English accent is better off pretending to have an Irish accent if they want to get laid.

I get all my crucial information from movies and television.
I pretend that I'm good-looking.
Holy mother of God, I've just stumbled onto the motherload of douchebaggery. Listen here.

I just can't wrap my mind around this. Either this guy is the biggest, craziest douche in the world, or the best damn actor ever.

People keep referring to this guy as a 'douchebag,' but he's a lot closer to 'extremely dangerous and manipulative psychotic with tremendous ego and anger management issues.'

I can honestly say, however, that I've never met a guy that was so obviously and honestly an asshole. I've met a few that were close, but this guy is raising the bar.

I think I'd like to end his life.
...or have him committed. But yeah, I hear ya.
There's nothing wrong with him. didn't you hear what he said? He's the only normal guy in the city.
1. Hooray for the Polysics! I think I briefly encountered them through one of my students, and I am happy to be reacquainted. This sounds like just what I need to get me through the Independence Day Celebration Yardwork and Flood Cleanup.

2. Hooray for Douchebags! Last night I was at a symphony concert in the park, and some redneck douchebag (wearing an "Intimidator" Earnhardt t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, beer brand baseball cap, and sporting a mullet) was standing up in front of the crowd talking very loudly about how he had a coupon from Del Taco and showing off his recently acquired Del Taco bag. Although it may be rude, I cannot help but laugh at such douchebaggery and wonder how quickly I can get the hell out of town.

But seriously though, Dmitri seems like a really smart guy. He can identify cancer and anxiety disorders within a two minute session. Get that guy an honorary Ph.D.

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