Friday, September 5

It's All Before You Was Born.

Winneconne High School - Class of '81.
Nickname - 'Munchies.'
Quote: '(Indecipherable Mumbling)'
Drink: Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst
Groups - Photography, A/V, FFA

Man...the things I do for this site. In less than five minutes, I fully expect a phone call from my mother, exclaiming how much I look like my uncle Tim.

What better way to waste away your Friday than to Yearbook Yourself and look forward to the weekend? The CDP has some big things planned for the rest of September, and it all kicks off next Monday. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

NEXT WEEK - The Kama Sutra of Kissing, the 'Lost' Mix-Tape Trade Review, a Supermarket Brawl and a Real Ghost Caught On Film!

Broken link, buddy.

Also, I think you posted the wrong photo. This looks more like you.
Link has been fixed, pal.

There's a finger in that photo! No respectable school photographer would have let that slide. Shenanigans!
You look so much like your Uncle Tim.

Have a great weekend.
'Lost' Mix-Tape Trade Review

Review? Did I miss something somewhere?

Anyway, you should have worn that FFA jacket for the yearbook photo.

and T-GIF!!!
LA BETE - Man, he sure gets around; even to the UK!

HOSS - Back during the Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #3, I hadn't published one particular review due to time constraints. Well, now I'm digging it from the archives and giving credit where it's due.
When I saw "Lost" I was thinking TV show. I thought I missed a whole mix-tape trade!

Anyone else's allergies just killing them? I'm thinking about permanently removing my sinuses.
Nope, we've had just the 3 Trades so far; one for each season of the year.

We're being pelted with miserable humidity and rain here in Madison, so I'm getting the beginnings of a bad cold.
Humidity? Whatchyoo talkin' 'bout, Ryan? It has been rainy and cool here since that front rolled through. I'm just hoping the wet stops in time for me to get my SUPERXTREME mountain biking action on this weekend.

Also, I don't need that website to "yearbook" myself. My actual yearbook photos are horrendous enough as it is, thank you.
I don't have the stones to post my actual yearbook photos (well, one time I did), but the Missus accures me that they were all adorable in their own sad, little way.

What I meant to say was that the miserable humidity made way for miserable rain. The fluctuation made me all sneezy and moist.

Emily is EXTREME to the MAX!
I had to have a photo taken for the yearbook this past week, and I look like a complete goon. I am glad that all of my students will be able to look at a photo of me looking an idiot for years to come.
Moist...that's a terrible word.
Yeah, it's sort of revolting. That's why I used it; it carries weight. Has a scent. Very descriptive.

So, it just goes to show, that it doesn't matter how old you are, everyone always looks bad in yearbooks. Someone should do a scientific study on why that happens.
Mike- My allergies are killing me this week. My nose is just a faucet of ever-oozing goop.
Here are a few of my Yearbook Photos:

The first...

The second

...the last
I enjoyed this and also this
Holy crap Ben, you look like that creepy older guy that hangs around the high school girls in that first picture.
Those are all just wonderful.
HATHERY - My firewall blocked all your pics so I can only assume they were sexually explicit and/or profane in some way.

keep up the good work!!

speaking of mixtapes...

BETHEBOY - I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lukewarm reception of your mixtape from the first trade. I have it on my iPod and usually shuffle the songs. So many times I've been rockin' out and looked down to see Be The Boy mixtape. Thank you for the great tunage. I'm a better man for it. Penis.
Hathery is so cuuuute.

Even when she's a man (baby!)
I know. Sometimes I just want to chop her up and hide her remains under the steps.

Near complete non-sequiter, but I just thought of an awesome idea for a Halloween costume, and am excited because this is the first time in years that I've actually thought about it this far in advance and can therefor actually put some thought into making it good.

Just wanted to share. :) Anyone else already thinking about this?
See how quickly things get creepy?!?

(Thank you Maus for the compliment that was NOT creepy. haha)

(And yes Blu, they were could see my ankles and everything)
Emily--I know Ryan's already been thinking about it.
Yeah, but my idea will certainly fall through.
I don't have any pics of me sans glasses, so most of them didn't turn out all that well, but this is what I would've looked like in 1982. I lol'd when I saw this.
The wheels are a'churnin' with Halloween ideas at my house.
Izzy is one bad mutha...

Shut yo' mouth!

I'm just talkin' 'bout Izzy!

JT - As I get older, Halloween has replaced Christmas as unapologetically my favorite day of the year.
Hey, you look like my uncle Tim... Weird
It's a universal thing; I presume.
Yeah, I can't wait for the annual Halloween party.
I know I am a little bit behind in the thread...the start of the school year has distracted me from the things that are really important in life. The administration expects me to teach...every single day.

Unfortunately, there is no school on Halloween due to WEAC convention...however, I am considering wearing my Tippie Hedren (sp.) costume to the convention. I have the period approriate suit, and I will tape a bloody piece of gauze around my head. If I can work it, I will have a bird circling my head as I walk.

I am always professional.

Actually, the day on which I really shine is Talk Like a Pirate Day, though I generally lose my voice halfway through first period.
You need to set some Pirate boundaries for yourself so you can survive the day. Maybe only speak like a Pirate when spoken to like a Pirate, something like that?

What's important is your health.
I think the guidelindes should be:

Only speak like a pirate when
a. pillaging
b. plundering
c. drunk off of rum

I would assume you should make it through a school day fairly intact, unless you are the coolest teacher ever.
The thing is...I pretty much am the coolest teacher ever. :) Perhaps I will plunder and pillage only once each class period. The drinking of rum, however, will start early in the morning and continue until the contract time of 3:45.
Damnit all, CDP! Why do you have the best female readers?

Between your wifey, Godot (who is MIA for quite some time now), the slackmistress, Cargirl (aka jailbait), Emily, and now Hilbelink, you put me to shame.

Damn you, CDP. Dammmnnnn youuuuu!
Still, I miss Blu the most.
Don't forget Maus! And Reese! And...this may take awhile; don't forget... everyone else!

My female fanbase has snuck up on me like a sleeper cell in recent years, and by the time I noticed, it was too late to fight them. They are firmly in control now, and quite frankly, that's just the way I likes it.

Blu has become a comment ninja. In and out like a flash, leaving behind only a guffaw and the gentle scent of pine.
I don't seek to disclaim anyone, but I also should note that Maus has come to Spork Nation. Blu is a samurai, and I love him in a very hetero manner.

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