Monday, November 3

Two Man Enter, One Man Leave.

Sen. Barack Obama.

Sen. John McCain.

Ladies & Gentlemen...let's do this.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy the next few historic days.

I say it'll be Obama in the Conservatory with the candlestick.


Yup...I am victim of the "Teachers are Democrats" stereotype and will be voting for Obama. Suckas!
It feels good to be back...welcome home, everyone.
Welcome back, buddy.

Sadly, my change of voter registration was lost in the mail, so I am unable to vote tomorrow.
You can't re-register at the polls, JT?

I'll be the first to say it...John McCain was a handsome young man. I hate myself right now.
Not in SC.
THANK YOU, Hathery! I was afraid to say it, but I was thinking the same thing.

I'm so excited to vote tomorrow because it's my first time voting in a major city, so I'm actually excited about the local issues because, you know, there are some. There wasn't much interesting local stuff to vote on in a city of 20,000.
That is SO LAME!

My coworker just gave me a copy of "Steal Back Your Vote"...scary stuff right there. Sounds like it's at work in SC :(
Voter fraud will happen this election, so remember to dot every I and cross every T, kids. Don't get turned away, and don't be afraid to say something if you think that people are being descriminated against at the polls. I'm saying this objectively, too; voter fraud goes both ways.

However, I have to say that watching Homer Simpson try to vote for Obama last night was one of the funnier Simpsons moments in years. "This can't happen in America! Maybe Ohio, but not America!"
Welcome back, CDP.
Hey, even in Ohio I was able to change my county of registration on the day of the election. I mean, sure, I had to wait four hours in the freezing cold to do it, but I DID it. I prefer to think of it as the state's way of helping out the guy who was selling handmade wool sweaters and gloves outside the polling center. They were just doing their part to help out Joe the Sweater-Maker.
Well, I did wait until the last few days of the dealine to send it, so I could have done something about it if not for my procrastination.
BERRY - Thanks to this election, I've acquired a newfound hatred for everyone named Joe.

Not Josephine, however.

JT - I'll vote twice for you. You were planning on voting for Nader, right?
I don't like that we don't have uniform voting rules!
Frankly, every state should just emulate Wisconsin. We have kick-ass voting laws here: same-day registration, optical scanner voting machines, etc.

Also, welcome back CDP! It was good to bump into your drunken self and the very composed and good-lookin' Missus at the High Noon the other night. It was especially nice to actually get to have a conversation, as opposed to just whooping your ass at a pub quiz like the last time we met. ;)
CDP - I was planning on voting for Nader twice, actually.
At first I thought you said "ejaculate" Wisconsin. Awkwaaaaard.
I voted last Tuesday.

Vote early and vote often!
Ejaculate Wisconsin in '08!
I plan on voting for Obama. I just need to catch a ride with somebody to a voting area since my car is broken.

Looking forward to all the new stuff here on teh CDP.
JT - So really, you not getting to vote is sort of a wash. Beh-heh-heh.

MIKE - Thanks man, I'll bring the pain.

HILBELINK - I believe that Wisconsin should be ejaculated nationwide; early and often.

EMILY - It was great to see you on Friday; it's a shame we didn't have more time to chat. It's also a shame I was wasted. It's a shame I passed out in the driveway. It's a shame about a lot of things that night, really.

Nice to meet your fella, though. Seems like a really nice guy.
It was nice to see you, too, Emily...even if you didn't punch Ryan in the kidney like I asked you to :)
Turns out it's much easier to just say you're going to punch someone in the kidney. Actually doing it, especially when the person getting punched is a popular blogger with legions of rabidly adoring fans who would totally kick your ass for harming him, is another thing all-together.

Which isn't to say that a few of his fans wouldn't have found it hilarious.

Damn, opportunity for fleeting fame missed!
I would have laughed at a kidney punch. I love cheap shots. Just not toward me. I am a wuss and bruise easily.
Oh, Thunderdome reference! Good choice!

I will be voting for the candidate of my choice tomorrow after work. And then promptly be avoiding all types of media coverage completely for a period of several days as I expect large numbers of people to whip out the sanctimonious "told ya sooo" card or be defecating all over themselves in fits of misplaced rage.

Good luck with the voting to all!
EMILY - You probably couldn't tell, but I had an entourage of about thirty people up there watching my back that night. You made the right call, although I probably did deserve to pee blood for a couple of days. That's the beauty of the Kidney Punch, though; it can arrive at any time you wish. Your opportunity is not gone.

MAUS - Good call, although I can't help but stress in front of the TV all night. I crave it for some reason.

HEY KIDS! Don't forget to sound off and let everyone know about your voting experience and thoughts this Election Day! We're all in this together!
I cast my vote this morning for change, hope, rainbows and unicorns with gold dust shooting out their ass.

Wait... no I didn't.

I'm just glad to see so many people out today. Maybe we'll see 30% turnout at the polls.
I stood in line for two hours last night to early vote.

I'm really hoping my write-in vote for Dukakis wasn't a waste of my time.
I cast my vote this morning for change, hope, rainbows and unicorns with gold dust shooting out their ass.

I'll be voting on that platform this evening.
BLU - After 2004, to have another record turnout at the polls would be great. The early balloting and long lines have been absolutely amazing to me.

BRUCE - I'd like to think that Dukakis will be watching the TV tonight with his fingers crossed, going, "maybe...just maybe..."

I'm leaving work early to avoid the lines tonight, maybe buy a celebratory sub sandwich and take a nap before tonight's onalsught.
Hello, hello and Welcome back!

I voted absentee last week as I'm in Philadelphia today. Had a lot of reading to do re: the CA ballot measures and propositions and all. I muddled through...and voted!

I'm trying to figure out why anyone would want the job. It's enough stress, but this guy has to clean up after George and Dick's Excellent Adventure! I don't envy the winner (and, no, I don't think Obama is a shoe in).

That aside, I sent my mix off again to theCDP yesterday. Let's hope the postal service can read my handwriting this time.
Damnit all. I solemnly swear to never wait until the very last f'ing day to mail in my change of registration form. I feel like a giant a 65 foot pipe wrench.
I didn't get a sticker! What kind of a crappy state is this? Maybe my vote in Ohio didn't get counted, but at least I got a sticker. My husband says, "I agree that a sticker makes up for disenfranchisement. Hell, I'd quarter troops in our house for a Klondike Bar."

In other news, I'm very sad to report that apparently having 2000 and 2004 be my first two elections made me jaded and cynical. I'm very suspicious that that old lady who showed me the exit erased my vote. It really soured the whole experience. :(
Side note: I love that when you log in to Facebook it reminds you that today is Election day and you should go vote. This is fantastic because I know there are a few people out there that spend more time on FB than me. The next step in helpful reminders could be a throwback to good ole MAD magazine.

Today is the day you change your underwear.
I need a nap. Voted bright and early this morning at Olbrich Gardens. Waited in line for an hour, the tabulation machine was broken and they were putting all of our ballots into bags for later counting when they got the damn thing fixed. I'm told this eventually happened, but really, once I had my sticker I was happy.

And hey, if anyone's bored tonight and/or not getting enough election-related shenanigans, I'll be live blogging the results viewing / Gomeroke party at the High Noon on behalf of the Daily Page. Check it out starting around 7:50pm.

Hoorah for shameless plugs!
REESE - Thanks! And good for you!

HOSS - Thanks for sending me the mix, Mike! Also, I don't think Obama is necessarily a runaway as well. However, if Florida, Ohio, North Carolina or Indiana go Blue, this election is over.

JT - Sorry dude. I'm wearing my sticker around the house with the pride of a mentally challenged kid holding a worm that he tied in a knot.

BERRY BEAR - I hear you. Everything I do at the Polls makes me think that they're going to throw my vote away. And why should we automatically trust old people, anyway?

BLU - Facebook Sez: Take Out The Trash, Jackass!

EMILY - I'd stop in for a beer, but I'm trying to stay sober all November. Have fun, though!
CDP - A sober November? But Thanksgiving is in November. You can't be sober on Thanksgiving!
My birthday is this month, so there is no way I could stay sober. The CDP is welcome to try, however.

The operative word being "try," of course. ;)
Obama FTW!

I seriously thought it would be closer than that.

Heck it's even possible that Nebraska will give one of it's electoral votes to Obama! I live in one of the two states that can split it's electoral votes but it's also one of the most Republican states, so it's never happened. Yet.
That is so nuts that a few states can split their votes! I never heard that until this election.

I didn't get a sticker yesterday :(
HOSS/HATHERY - I believe Mr. Caveman lives in a state that can split their votes, too (Maine). I was aware of that happening, but I didn't see it until last night.

I also thought it would be closer. I did a 'Worst-Case Scenario' projection for Obama, and McCain pretty much needed to win every swing and battleground state in the union. As soon as Ohio and Virginia went blue, I knew it was over...and this was before 10pm Central. Absolutely, positively amazing.

Regardless of your affiliation, the scene in Grant Park last night was beautifully inspiring. If there's one positive thing to be taken away from this, it's that we're very well living in an era where anything is possible. Anything.

How long has it been since you've felt that way?
Been a long, long while.

CNN kept cutting to footage of Jesse Jackson in tears, and I nearly lost my shit every time.

I am dumbfoundedly elated. About Obama.

California (and Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas) can go fuck themselves, however.
WTF California?!?! We give rights to chickens and at the same time take away rights from humans. Unbelievable.

EMILY - I lost it every time at the sight of Jesse Jackson, too.

I know those Obama girls are happy - they get a puppy out of the deal :)
(Putting on my "Mr. Professor" Hat)

Every state in the US except Nebraska and Maine have what they call an "All or Nothing" clause. The candidate who wins the majority of districts or the popular vote (depending on the state) wins the state entirely.

Maine and Nebraska said "Fuck That!" and the candidate who wins the district wins only the votes from that district and that's it.

The funny thing is that both states have been entirely one side or the other since the early 50's (Maine), and the mid 60's (Nebraska). Essentially since the laws began in their respective states.

The end.
EMILY/REESE - True; let us not forget that a lot of good and not-so-good (depending on your viewpoint) referendums were tossed around last night, too.

I maintained as much composure as I could, until my buddy Ben left my house, then I let go with the (somewhat restrained) waterworks. When President Obama(!) said "It's been a long time coming," I freaking lost it. I'm choked up just thinking about it right now.

I wonder what Keith Olbermann will do for a living now that his show serves little to no purpose (I kid, I kid; it's my favorite news program).

Oh, and what was up with the crowd during McCain's concession speech? Stay classy, guys. It reminds me of a Facebook status I saw this morning that read, "I'll believe this so-called 'Change' when I see it."

Well, that's the spirit!
The crazy thing is that I never even really thought about his race until he won, and then I went, "Whoa, this is major. This country has finally come to the point where it can elect a black man to the presidency, and it happened in the same lifetime that my dad witnessed race riots in Detroit and my uncle attended segregated school." I wanted to rush downtown and hug strangers, and I felt a kinship with my fellow Americans that I don't know I've ever felt before.

Of course, my sense of unity with my fellow citizens was nearly destroyed when I had to listen to a bunch of morons on the light rail this morning talk about "the end of days" coming (even though they had all voted for Obama, they somehow think he represents the coming end of the world), and then explain that a President Palin would have been really terrible because "then we would have had a female President. And she's from Alaska!' WTF?
Caveman -- actually Nebraska has 5 electoral votes but only 3 congressional districts. The winner of each district gets 1 electoral vote, and the person who wins 2 out of 3 districts gets the other 2 votes. So the only way they can be divided up is 4-1. Yeah, a little strange. But that's Nebraska politics for ya. This is normal compared to Ernie Chambers.

I have no idea how Maine does it . . .
MikeHoss- Maine has 4 votes and two districts. Two votes to a district.
We like it simple...
We actually have enough population to garner us another Congressman, but it would mess with our math too much.
We're not good at the math..
California (and Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas) can go fuck themselves, however.

Emily, as a Floridian by upbringing (but not by birth and certainly not by freaking choice), I can tell you we do - on a fairly regular basis.

It probably won't make you feel any better, but my husband and I both voted to not approve that backwards, phobic "don't-touch-my-"traditional"-family-values!-won't-someone-think-of-the-children!1!-Adam*and*Eve*not*Adam*and*Steve" garbage that they were calling a State constitutional amendment. I'm all for partner benefits (my former employer had an incredibly open benefits package that recognized a non traditional definition of family and dependents) and since my "marriage" is just a state recognized a civil union, I'm for legalized unions for everyone, regardless of the genders OR orientations of those involved.

Yeah, boss was making lame "end of days" remarks yesterday before leaving early. He joked that he was going to sacrafice a lamb and smear it's blood on his doorway, to ward off a coming plague or some kind of nonsense. He was trying to be funny, I guess, but it was kind of pathetic and I know people who are actually convinced that "blackey" (UGH) is going to partake in sanctioned "reparations" now. People can be ignorant. And that won't change. I just hope that to an extent it'll be less...prevalent since (hopefully)that level of willful bigotry won't be accepted by the (hopefully) more rational majority.
Maus - Actually, it always makes me feel a bit better to know people who are trying to do the right thing, even amidst a sea of ignorance. I'm glad you guys voted no, and thank you for it.

I say things about how whole states can go fuck themselves, but I don't really mean it. After having lived in one of the redder states in this nation (Oklahoma), I know better than quite a few of my Yankee kin that there are good folk all over the place. We just need to work to make their/our voices heard better, and I think part of that is avoiding saying stuff like "go fuck yourself." Even if they do. :)
Ignorance still runs rampant, but this is a step in the right direction to say the least. All I want to know is; what can I do to help?

More funny stories? Yes, sir!
I also want to publicly state that I received an awesome 3-disc Mix-Tape from Michael D, as well as a Mix-Tape/Dark Knight swag package from Reese! Thank you both very much; I really appreciate it!
63 million and change. Literally. The biggest barrier in America was broken, and it was broken by the majority.

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