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The CDP's Top 20 Albums Of 2008 (#15-#11).

The end of the year is approaching, which means that you're probably currently inundated with thousands of lists and end-of-the-year countdowns concerning all sorts of cultural achievements. Well, here at the CDP, it's no different, as today we continue to count down the Top 20 Albums Of 2008.

Just another quick word on the validity of this list. It's by no means a 'definitive' or 'good' list; merely a list of the 20 best albums purchased by me this year. I'm not Pitchfork, I don't get free albums, and I don't actively seek out things that would boost my indie cred. I'm just a dude, dudes, so get right the hell over it and enjoy.

(NOTE: Mr. Josh Taylor from Spork Nation kept me up late last night doing an interview, so today's albums will be free of my trademark wit and socio-political commentary. Or perhaps I'm merely using him as an excuse for my laziness.)

#15. Weezer - Weezer (Red Album)

Not as good as their first three albums, but certainly better than their last two.

#14. We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

If I could play guitar, I would be this band.

#13. Mastadon - Blood Mountain

The only metal band I've given less than a poop about in the last two years.

#12. Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster/We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Twee is dead! Long live Twee!

#11. M83 - Saturdays = Youth

Come back, John Hughes; we miss you and love you very much.

The CDP's Top 5 Music Videos Of 2008:

#5. M83 - 'Kim & Jessie'
#4. IfIHadAHiFi - 'Success! Success! Success!'
#3. We Are Scientists - 'After Hours'
#2. Innerpartysystem - 'Don't Stop'
#1. Justice - 'DVNO'

And I'm outta here. Sound off in the comments section, start the argument and enjoy your day. The Top 10 Albums Of 2008 begins tomorrow.

In all fairness, I'm still up, and an hour ahead of you as well.

Thanks for taking the time, this interview is going to be really special.
I just wanted to pre-promote the interview a little bit; I could have held off on the post if I wanted to. Truth of the matter is that I really didn't have too much to say about these albums.
I spoke to a friend of mine this morning who followed my link to your 25 singles, and he went out and bought the Ra Ra Riot album yesterday.

Your influence is spreading!
That's a dangerous, dangerous thing. I hope he likes the album, though; it's fantastic.

I hope people get the chance today to watch a few of those Top 5 Videos of the Year. It'll make for an entertaining lunch break.
I'm going to make an only somewhat guilty confession and say that I really dug Pink's two most recent videos (dude, I don't care what anyone says, she's both hot and hilarious): "Sober" and "So What".

She's honestly one of the few mainstream artists who puts out consistently entertaining videos.
Em, I'm gonna have to disagree w/ you on Pink being hot. She's got a pig nose and she wears that stupid Wendy O. Williams hairstyle that all the female popstars can't get enough of. But she's pretty funny--I'll give ya that :)

i wish I could comment on this list but I still haven't a clue who most of these bands are or what the songs sound like.
EMILY - I don't think I've ever stated this publicly, but I also find Pink to be attractive in a strange way.

HATHERY - I think that this is the last year I'll give the Top Albums list precedence over the Top Singles list, because quite frankly, the Singles list is way better. Albums are dead as disco, yo.
Ryan, you're making me barf. Pink is barf.
Hathery, I think you and I just need to come to the understanding that we have very different taste (in women, anyway).

Namely, my taste is good--yours, not so much.


Okay, Pink makes some very funny videos, but I don't know if she fits what seems to be the conventional interpretation of "hot". When I think hot I think of someone so physically striking that it can stop you in your tracks. Personally, most celebrities that are labeled "hot" don't get much of a reaction from me, because they seem so bland and interchangable (they end up seeming...manufactured, almost) - especially the male celebrities. For the men I'll take character over pretty faces. For examples see Clive Owen, Javier Bardem, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew Macfadyen (he played Mr. Darcy in the 2005 version of 'Pride & Prejudice' that starred Keira Knightly). Female celebrities, though...a lot of the time I end up very meh over the starlet of the moment, especially if they really can't act. I like Pink because she's spunky, though. I just wouldn't ah, launch my longboat in her fjord, if you see what I'm saying. If I were a dude, I mean.

What was this post about again?
Thank you, Maus. That's what I was trying to say, only I used barf a lot more.

anyone who wears the Wendy O. Williams bouffant is automatically disqualified from "hotness" in my book. I hold fast on that.
1. launch my longboat in her fjord, if you see what I'm saying is the best euphemism ever.

2. I truly despise Pink, both her music and appearance. My girlfriend loves her.
I kind of think that Pink looks like a pre-op tranny as well.

Have I gone too far?
Everytime Maus uses the ole' Longboat/Fjord saying, I get a little bit turned on. Then again, chocolate turns me on, so it's not like she cured cancer or anything.
Then again, PINK turns you on. hahahahaha!!!
See, I think of Pink as being unconventionally hot (not "beautiful", which is what would make me stop in my tracks) partly because so many people, including quite a few of you, look at her and go "meh" or "pug nose!"

Plus, holy smokes can we say abs?

But hey, we all have our own tastes, and I honestly have no desire to disparage them (excluding Hathery, who I'm at war with because it's fun). Unless we're talking Paris Hilton, because seriously, blargh.
I like Pink's Bill Idol-esque sneer. And when her hair is short. And yeah, she typically does have humorous videos. She's found a good market in the 'anti-popstar' crowd, which is so brilliantly ironic that I feel she might actually be a genius.
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