Thursday, December 4

I Bought A White Belt.

Express Men. Black Friday. $34.50.

If there are any armchair psychologists out there that could decipher this purchase for me, I'm all ears.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Remember to get me your choices for the Best & Worst of 2008 by the end of the week.

It's your inner Herb Tarlek coming out?
That's ... expensive for a belt that, I presume, won't get worn very often. I'm also really cheap.

I don't know what it means, but I can tell you that I don't like it when men wear white belts. I'm sorry? Maybe it means you're really clean. Or that you wish you were really clean.
Hmmmm...I cannot envision any occasion that would cause me to wear a white belt.

Also, when the hell are you going to do your "CDP sees a ghost" post?
You want to be in the Hives.
E - Wow, Herb Tarlek...awesome WKRP reference, there.

BERRY JO - I have a few things that it'll look good with, and a lot of things that it'll look ridiculous with, so I'm torn on if it should be used ironically or sexily.

Oh, and I'm squeaky clean, baby.

JT - Some sort of Disco-themed party, perhaps?

This damn 'Ghost' essay has been on the backburner for months now, and I just can't seem to make it happen. I'll get it in before the end of the year, Scout's Honor.

HATHERY - Man, I hate the Hives.
Why not go with ironically sexy?

Squeaky clean? That's disappointing. I like a little grit to my men. Sometimes I make the Mister pave a road before coming to bed.
There is absolutely no grit to the CDP. He's about the cleanest creature I've ever seen...I used to think he was a robot.
Sometimes I make the Mister pave a road before coming to bed.

Now, I'm familiar with a lot of naughty euphemisms...but this one escapes me.
I'll pave your road so hard it will leave you with an asphalt.

EMILY - Bah-dum-tsshh!

JT/BERRY JO - Yeah, I try to keep my head out of the gutter, but 'Pave a Road' made me think of all sorts of terrible things; none of which I can really share here. 'Tar a Roof' would have been equally funny.

The Missus is right; I'm robotically clean. I can dirty myself up on purpose, however, if that's what paves your road.

HATHERY - I think some of your friends still think that I'm not entirely human. The OCD doesn't help things, either.
You know, I thought for a long time about what job I should insert there that makes people dirty. I considered something with axle grease (discarded because it seemed cliche) and coal mining (discarded because my grandfather was a coal miner). Then paving a road just popped in there and seemed ridiculous and nonsensical. I completely missed the dirty (ha!) part of it. Now maybe we need to psychoanalyze me?
Well...I wouldn't have spend $34.50 on a belt.
Thank goodness the Emily Post Institute declared not wearing white after Labor Day a thing of the past.

And, I've got Watchmen posters if anyone is interested...
EMILY - Well played. Well played.
I live to play, JT.

Reese - You sure do know how to toy with the hearts of geeks, don't you.
So when does that there Watchmen movie come out?
Emily ~ Is that a yes? :)
Watchmen - 03.06.09
BERRY JO - You're a dirty, dirty girl.

REESE - If you send some posters my way, we could do another historic CDP giveaway! Totally up to you, but considering how awesome it went last time, I think it would be a freaking blast.

CAVEMAN - Duly noted. I'm a dork. It's no wonder I'm broke, eh?
CDP - Excellent idea! Will gather more and send your way. Thank you
REESE - You're amazing; THANK YOU!
Reese- A Rorschach or an original art teaser poster would be fine. Tanks!
I think I'm too late for a Watchmen poster, and I'm not sure I deserve one, anyway.

It sure would have looked great in my new office, though...
Reese, of course that was a yes! ;) But I like the idea of a CDP contest for them more than just begging one off your good graces, so hooray for that.
Where did you buy this belt? I bought one years ago at Express but can't find one nor know the name of the belt style.

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