Monday, December 29

Tom Cruise Can't Kill Hitler! Tom Cruise IS Hitler!

Christmas isn't over until Porky Pig says it is.

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You know who else is Hitler? HITLER.

I can't breathe everytime I watch this clip.
I totally would have seen that movie if Tom Cruise wasn't in it.
I agree with Hathery - plus I've seen a few reviews pretty much panning the film. They could've picked a different actor for the role, but I guess they were banking on Cruise's "STAR POWER"...

Did studio execs learn nothing from 'Last Samurai'??
This conversation sounds awfully familiar...

...but yeah, like I've said, I find it especially hilarious that Cruise is probably one of the only guys in the film not even attempting a German accent. Just like Kostner in Robin Hood. Laaaaame.

On an only somewhat related note, I would like to share this photo of me and the CDP's enslaved...err..."house guest" - Tom Servo. :)
Aaugh! How did you get in my house?!?

This should probably be about the time where Emily tells everyone how magical of a place CDP Headquarters is, what with its bountiful bar, endless pieces of chocolate cake and generous slices of vegetarian pizza.
Actually, all of that and a really adorable hedgehog.
Although she pooped from all the excitement, Laika did prove herself to be an adorable hedgehog.

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