Wednesday, January 28

Vomit Streak Over.

: Friday, September 6, 2002
TO: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After spanning nearly 6.5 years and two Presidential terms, my beloved Vomit Streak came to a sudden and unexpected end in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Despite my recent efforts to not catch Food Poisoning from my wife, which we all are aware is one of the most contagious and disgusting viruses currently slithering across the Globe, it happened in a most spectacular and sweaty manner...approximately 10 to 15 minutes ago.

I'm officially sick. Sick sick. Sit on the toilet while holding a bucket between your knees sick. 101-degree fever, pass out on the bathroom floor because it's easier than crawling back to bed sick. I'll be incommunicado until this all blows over, so sound off in the comments section and lament the tragic death of my most-impressive Vomit Streak.

Thanks. And in the meantime, never eat at the Olive Garden.

As of 4:29am, the current Vomit Tally (VT) stands at 5; once an hour since 12:15am. I'm completely dehydrated, cannot even keep down water and can only sleep for 45 minutes at a time.

This Food Poisoning thing may just be the equivalent of being dragged through the slimiest pits of Hell, but it's one hell of an internal cleanser.
Drink Gatorade so that whatever tiny amount actually gets digested at least gives you some nutrients. Plus, it makes your vomit prettier. I also find that a small amount of room-temperature Coke helps soothe my throat after vomiting.

Feel better. :(
Thanks honey; I appreciate it.

I'll make a Gatorade and 7Up run once I can walk.
I gotta say one of my more lasting memories from college was a good friend puking in our bathroom for hours after a trip to the Olive Garden. The rest of us were just fine, but apparently something just triggered her stomach into refusing the food. At all costs.

Feel better soon!
this is two cases of olive garden-induced food poisoning in less than six months for me. The fates have spoken. I am currently in the er waiting room hoping they can either cure me or kill me.
I told you that peanut butter colonic was a bad idea.

But seriously, feel better (both of you) soon. And for cripes sake, no more Olive Garden!
but it's so delicious. ..
Not coming back up it's not, I'm guessing.

I've always found that ginger ale and plain graham crackers are just the thing when I've got one of those gastrointestinal super-bugs. My son has a very delicate stomach and will vomit when he gets a headache or is over-tired, so we always keep a bottle of this medication that they sell at drug stores that is an anti-nauseal for children, and a bottle of pedialite, just in case.
huh. I just hit the Janesville Olive Garden on saturday. In fact I have some leftovers in the fridge still. Should I toss those?

Man, I feel bad for you guys. I once was stuck puking and duecing in a hotel bathroom in Connecticut for 3 days because of an airport sandwhich until I finally got a taxi to get me to the ER for an IV. That's all I needed, to cure my dehydration. Water wouldn't stay down. Once I was fixed by IV, the heaving stopped.

Hope it doesnt come to that, but if it does, don't hesitate.
I'm pretty sure I'm coming closer to the day when my vomit streak will end. I've been going strong since 1995...(knocking on wood).
NGS - There's something about the Olive Garden that just wrecks the Missus; essentially turning her into a superconductor for getting everyone around her sick. Last time this happened (the same exact thing happened in July), she managed to infect 7 different people (not me, though, until now).

EMILY - Deal. That place has been nothing but trouble and hour-long waits from the start.

MAUS - Good call. I'm sipping Gatorade and water, popping Ibuprofen to keep the 102 degree fever down (damn!), and calling my mom for sympathy. You guys are great.

DOMSAR - The Missus almost got an IV today, but it seems like the liquids are beginning to stay down for the time being. It's been a long time since this has happened to me, but you're proof that when it DOES happen, you pretty much never forget it.

JON - 95 is one helluva streak, my friend. Can anyone else top that?
Just like that episode of Seinfeld when they're at the bakery and Jerry gets sick because of the black&white cookie and Jerry loses his vomit streak of 12 years.

No Lost Friday this week. Not entirely because I'm sick, but because the episode didn't deserve dwelling upon, in my opinion.
Yeah...kind of a dull episode. I demand more snarky Sawyer and flying junk food for my amusement. The only real revelation was that little bit about Charles Whidmore, and wasn't that kind of a foregone conclusion anyway? It did blow my theories about Desmond and Penny out of the water, though. I wonder if they named the kid after Mr. Whidmore or after CHAHLIEEEEEE?

Glad to hear you're both starting to feel better, by the way!
Yeah, I mean, the episode was decent enough, but it mainly served to lay some backstory concerning the history of the Island, which is something that the bulk of us nerds figured out in Season 2 (the WWII stuff and whatnot).
Ok, so since no Lost Friday (I liked the episode anyways), I'll lay down a theory I got out of it. Follow my logic:

So there's this big, unstable, leaking H-Bomb just hanging out in its tower, right? Faraday says to bury it or encase it in concrete or lead.
Assume that you're Richard Guyliner and the Proto-Others (who all look like they're the Hitler Youth on a field trip).

Would you risk moving this bomb? Heck no! Radiation burns (and nuclear explosions) are a bitch.
So you leave it where it is and encase it in concrete; tower and all.

But a tall monolith of concrete is the first place anybody seriously interested in the whereabouts of a thermonuclear device looks. So you disguise it as something no one would want to fiddle with.

Might I suggest a giant, four-toed foot?
I think the foot statue was on the coast, wasn't it? I thought that the spot that the h-bomb was in looked a lot like the area where the monolith was - the area the Others had made camp at while that power struggle between Ben and Locke was taking place (the monolith was where Locke was told that the island demanded a sacrifice and he had to kill his father, but he ended up taking him to the Black Rock so that Sawyer did the deed). I could be wrong. I find that my theories always get blown to bits my the writers eventually.
If I recall last night's episode correctly, the ocean was visible from where the bomb was.
Either way, a leaking H-Bomb would definitely explain things like "The seekness" that Rousseau was talking about, and the contamination suits and whatnot.

You just know that the last episode will overlap right over the first episode.
I have never gotten sick from Olive Garden, but I did get engaged there...

DOMSAR-It is wierd to see that someone was at the Janesville Olive Garden other than Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. DId anyone take your picture?
I have not vomited in over 35 years. I am in correspondence with a man who has not vomited since 1935, when he was 6.

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