Tuesday, February 10

I Want To Go To There.

Another day closer to the launch of the new CDP, and another sneak peek at one of the new logos that will soon be available for purchase on a whole litany of goods and services (well, maybe not exactly services). That's my silhouette up there, presumably mourning the death of Analog Television.

It's at this time that I should mention and publicly thank the tireless, endlessly creative and downright amazing work of Aaron Miller over at Different Damage. For the last two months now, he's been helping me every step of the way with designing the new website and merchandise, and I couldn't be more thankful. Trust me, I'm not the easiest guy to design for. I pretty much told him, "I want it as awesome as possible and as minimalist as possible; is that possible?" I gave him my manifesto and he brought it to life, so if there's anything that you dig about any of the new stuff come launch time, you have Aaron to thank (subsequently, he's responsible for anything you hate, as well). If you ever want to make a cosmetic change to your website, contact him immediately, because nobody's going to do a better job, and nobody's going to have more competitive rates.

One of the main reasons why I decided to to a website redesign instead of, you know, just quitting, was that I thought it would recharge my creative batteries and ignite the spark that allows me to sit down for hours at a time and tell funny stories. That 'spark' used to be cocaine, but after two interventions and three trips to rehab, I can honestly say that I have it more under control than ever before.

But seriously, it's working. Apart from designing a ton of amazing merch and working on some behind-the-scenes things that I typically leave to fate (or have the Missus do for me), I'm also knee-deep in essays, cranking them out at a rate that I haven't done in years. Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need to revive creatively, and on Friday, we'll all have that change of scenery here at the CDP, like it or not.

See you tomorrow. Friday's getting closer.

I love you so much more for the Tina Fey quote.
I say it all the time; it comes in handy in so many situations, I'm starting to forget how life was before it existed.
I'm fairly certain that we need to creat a new timeline. BT, and AT: Before Tina and Anno Tinano, IN the Year of Our Tina.
I just watched a clip of her first Weekend Update appearance, and she was downright hot. Not 'cute' or 'hot in a nerdy way,' just flat-out, smoldering hot.

The Age of Fey is upon us. It'll crumble before too long, but to me, she's far and away the most brilliant Hollywood female of the 21st Century.
I have a theory that if Tina Fey and Rachel Maddow were ever in the same room together, the world would implode from an overload of awesome.

Speaking of implosion, I'm getting damn near ready to do that myself as I eagerly anticipate the flipping of the CDP switch!

(It may also be partially due to my impending public reading appearance tonight, which has me practically peeing myself in nervousness)
Sometimes you just need to move the furniture around. It's nice if you can do it digitally and not have to actually lift anything, yet still get the regenerative inspirational effect. Can't wait to read what you've been working on, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling like you're finding your groove again.
BABY BEAR - Thanks, hun. True 'dat.

I think we all know that the creative process tends to ebb and flow depending on a vast number of reasons. This is unfortunate when it comes to things like Writer's Block and whatnot, but it also can be tipped 180 degrees with something as seemingly tiny as a redesign and a few new t-shirts.

Coffee doesn't hurt, either.

EMILY - I'm so proud of your published book and subsequent reading. I'm also aware that I haven't yet purchased a copy, but it was because I wanted to get it from you personally (all signed and whatnot). We'll meet up again soon; have fun tonight and continue to bask in the glory of your hard work.
Emily - Congrats on the public reading! I concur with your theory about Tina and Rachel. If the world doesn't implode, I'm sure I would.
Public reading, public pants-pissing - same diff, right? :)

Thanks, both of you. And I'll be holding you to that, Ryan!

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