Wednesday, June 3

The CDP's Top 100 Simpsons Episodes: #90-86.

#90 – ‘Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

Season 20 – Episode 16 (Episode 436 Overall)

Synopsis – Moe falls in love with a woman over the Internet. When he meets her in person, she turns out to be three feet tall. He remains in love with her, but worries about what his friends will think. Meanwhile, Homer attempts to spend more time with Maggie.

#89 – ‘The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
Season 7 – Episode 10 (Episode 138 Overall)

Synopsis – Troy McClure hosts a special episode of The Simpsons that gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the show. It features clips of the series' beginnings as filler on The Tracy Ullman Show, fan mail readings, a look at the real Matt Groening, Simpsons trivia questions and unaired scenes from popular episodes, including the alternate ending to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"

#88 – ‘The Debarted
Season 19 – Episode 13 (Episode 413 Overall)

Synopsis – A new kid named Donny comes to Springfield Elementary School and Bart thinks he's found the ultimate partner for pranks. However, these pranks backfire and Bart begins to suspect that there is a rat amongst his group of friends. Meanwhile, Marge wrecks the family car and Homer gets a new loaner vehicle, to which he becomes attached.

#87 – ‘Bart The Fink
Season 7 – Episode 15 (Episode 143 Overall)

Synopsis – Bart unintentionally gets Krusty the Clown audited by the IRS after his attempt to get him to sign a check exposed Krusty's illegal tax shelter. When his financial situation worsens, Krusty fakes his death to escape from the public eye.

#86 – ‘Two Bad Neighbors
Season 7 – Episode 13 (Episode 141 Overall)

Synopsis – Former president George Bush moves to Springfield and Bart starts to annoy him. One day Bush loses control and spanks Bart. Homer, who had been jealous of the attention Bush had been receiving, is outraged and launches a prank war.

Love The Debarted.
I don't know that I remember the Debarted episode? Must not be in our regular syndicaton rotation yet.
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