Thursday, July 16

Rimshot Thursday II.

(NOTE: While authorities continue to search for the recently-missing Ryan J. Zeinert, the CDP will be publishing previously unreleased and 'lost' content from his vast archives in his absence. The following contest was found on a flash drive Mr. Zeinert had left behind; it also contained an unfinished piece of Transformers fan fiction, poorly-constructed plans for a chess-playing robot and a half-eaten slice of cheese pizza, which makes little-to-no sense whatsoever.)

Today is Rimshot Thursday, which means that I'd like you to come up with as many punchlines as possible for the following line and post them in the comments section:

"Man, I haven’t seen this many crying teenagers since…"

Here are a few to get you started:

"...the ugly Jonas Brother got engaged."

"...Joe Jackson put a band together."
"...I got removed from the Sex Offender registry."

Have fun, be creative and enjoy your day.

they saw they had me as an English teacher.
they ran out of black hair dye at Hot Topic.
...they banned texting during school hours.
...the CDP was last seen wearing shorts.
oh snap!
And he can't defend himself, because he's missing! Mwa ha ha!
...since Chuck Manson was taken away from Spahn Ranch.
...Since Heidi took Spencer off the market.
...since the streets ran with the blood of the non-believers.
...since Sanjaya went to Duke.
...since the ugly Jonas brother got engaged or something.

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