Thursday, July 30

Rimshot Thursday IV.

(NOTE: While authorities continue to search for missing author
Ryan J. Zeinert, the CDP will be publishing previously unreleased and 'lost' content from his vast archives in his absence. The following contest was found on a flash drive Mr. Zeinert had left behind; it also contained the funniest essay ever written, but it was deleted by accident.)

Today is Rimshot Thursday, which means that I'd like you to come up with as many punchlines as possible for the following line and post them in the comments section:

"Man, this recession is rough. I'm so brokeā€¦"

Here are a few to get you started:

"...I only got eight credit card applications in the mail today."

"...I've had to kick my expensive heroin habit for a cheaper meth habit."
"...I'm considering killing myself so I can collect my life insurance."

Have fun, be creative and enjoy your day.

"Even Capitol One won't extend my credit limit."
The End.
...thought really, really, really hard about canceling NetFlix.
...I'm offering up my sexual services to bikini models for a fraction of my former price.
HELP! They've gotaa a meafjaskfsasaaaaaaaaa
...the CDP is my last and only source of entertainment since the Bachelorette ended.

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