Thursday, August 13

What The Hell Am I Doing In Galena?

Here are a handful of photographs from The Atomic Toy Co., the coolest toy store I've ever had the fortune of stepping into, and the current reason why my office is cluttered with various new forms of subterfuge.

If we were on a guided tour, this would be the point in the day where I stopped talking and let you take in the majesty amongst silence, while I passed out souvenir postcards that were available for purchase. Enjoy.

(Me and my friends still play Ker-Plunk! The only rule is that when you pull out a stick that sends any marbles tumbling into your basin, you must scream 'Ker-Plunk!' at the top of your lungs. My house, my rules.)

(New Viewmaster slides! X-Ray Gogs! UBER-MACHO CHEST RUG! I could have spent $100 on novelty eyewear alone at this place.)

(The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots ring was out because, get this, they were having a tournament! Screw your Street Fighter IV and Madden '09, here's a gaming contest I can get behind.)

(The brilliance of a toy store like this is that, yes, there are a lot of items here that are legitimately rare and expensive. But there are also tons of new, little retro toys that cost less than a dollar, virtually guaranteeing a sale from everyone that walks through the door.)

(It is what it is. A full-size bathtub, stacked to the rafters with rubber ducks.)

(Rule of thumb: If it's locked inside a glass display case, chances are more than likely that you cannot afford it.)

(When my Great-Grandmother died, I was given her television set, which looked exactly like this. I had big plans to restore it somehow, but it eventually took residence in a corner of the basement, and ended up on the curb when we moved into our new house. I still feel bad about that, and it was good to know that someone actually saw this neat idea through.)

(This was the view from the storefront, and my first introduction to The Atomic Toy Company. It's equal parts difficult and suspicious to walk around a toy store with an erection, but it was for the greater good...Why must I always take things too far right at the end like that?)

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There were so many gleeful adult men in that store; it was a little uncomfortable. :)
It looks like you had a blast and found a store that you will remember for a lifetime. The Atomic Toy Co. is a store that you will rarely find anymore throughout America. It provides a great throwback to the days of simplicity and true fun. From your friendly hosts for visitor information, the Galena/Jo Daviess County Convention & Visitors Bureau
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Please tell me you bought those glasses...?!
MAUS - I unfortunately did not buy those glasses, but I did make off with some equally wonderful stuff. Most importantly, I made off with one of those old-school horse racing games with the vibrating pieces.
"...with the vibrating pieces."

Emily, you dirty vixen you!

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