Friday, August 14

What The Hell Am I Doing In The Tri-State Area?

(Before we call it a week, I wanted to share just a few more photos from my jaunt to the Tri-State area. The photo here is from the endless main drag of Galena, Illinois; a haven of knick-knack shops, candle boutiques and steakhouses. I've never seen so many Escalades in conjunction with so few black folks in my life.)

(We had to leave Galena early, as a tornado was fast approaching our temporary location in Dubuque, bringing baseball-sized hail that more or less demanded we not be on the road at the same time. You know you're in trouble when you turn on The Weather Channel, and all they're talking about is where you are. We avoided the hail, but the storm was amazing.)

(Call me un-American, but I don't recall any 9/11 firemen going to the Moon.)

(I also don't remember Jack Sparrow hanging out with Don Corleone, but hey, what do I know?)

(Wooden Transvestite Uncle Sam wants leave him alone.)

(Jameson whiskey and a vegetarian hummus platter. If I ever happen to find myself on Death Row, you now know what my last mean request will be.)

(I had a lot of questions about what Dubuque would be like, but what I never would have predicted were all the terrifying and hopelessly out-of-date mannequins that littered the main drag.)

(180 Main. Main Street, Dubuque. Don't say I never did anything for you.)

(Cherry Lanes was attached to the casino, and they had a special 'VIP Lanes' room that housed 4 private and catered bowling lanes. These, of course, are reserved for only the highest-rolling and most morbidly obese of gamblers.)

(Mr. Bowl vs. Baby Panda was a battle for the ages.)

(Ever get drunk and throw a bowling ball so hard that you accidentally crapped in your pants? neither.)

(Whenever I think of Jesus, I always think of Knippels. Thanks much, Dubuque.)

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Knippels Religious Gifts is the funniest and most ironic name for a store ever. Leave it to Dubuque...
Aren't knippels religious gifts in and of themselves?
What exactly is a "last mean," anyway?

BERRY BEAR - I like the way you think. And yes. Yes times a billion.
I should go back to Galena one of these days. I was there once as a much smaller version of myself, and it was a very Civil War-centric trip (Galena was Grant's home town, if I remember correctly). I have almost no memory of the place, save that it was quite beautiful.
Let's all go together, dressed to the nines in full, Civil War-era duds.

Will I be seeing you on the Memorial terrace tonight, Millbot?
You are a travel blog and I like it.

Paige Davis wouldn't have brought me to the Hotel Julien. Globetrekker wouldn't have shown me the ins and outs of Galena, Illinois.

Thank You
Thanks, Blu; you're an inspiration to our entire organization.
Oh damn, was I supposed to be at the Terrace? Did something awesome (other than you being there, of course) happen? There was just too much to do this weekend. Because I am so popular! Or just desperate for attention, either one....

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