Thursday, September 17

Can I Get A Little Less Suck In This Monitor?

Whenever I run into a fellow Madisonian on the street or at a gathering, the conversation inevitably shifts to my reclusive behavior concerning public functions. Madison is a wonderful, vibrant, cultural town full of amazing people, places and activities; none of which you'll normally find me attending. As a married man that likes to write, watch television and sleep with his wife, chances are highly likely that you can find me at home most nights of the week.

Usually sans pants, eating char-broiled macaroni and cheese straight out of the pan. I know what I like.

Last year, my buddy Jesse over at Dane 101 invited me to guest host a podcast in which local events and happenings were being discussed and dissected. He did this because he presumed I was a fellow tastemaker and scene expert. He did this because he presumed I had any knowledge whatsoever concerning what was taking place in our city. Bless his heart; he tried his best to include me. I, on the other hand, ate six plates of curly fries and spoke two, maybe three sentences tops. I still feel sort of bad about that.

"So CDP, why aren't you going to the Madison Film Festival this year?"

"Well...quite frankly, I don't really care about independent film. Most of that shit is stunningly awful. Besides, I have anxiety and can't stand sitting next to strangers in the dark. I usually start throwing haymakers by the second or third trailer."

(silence, regret)

But hey, I still get out from time to time, which leads me to the point of this post. The 2nd Annual Forward Music Festival is taking place over the next three days (Today-Friday-Saturday), and I couldn't be happier. I always knew that Madison deserved and could support a SXSW-style gathering, and they've proven it in spades by turning out one of the best Madison experiences of 2008. This year should be just as fantastic, if not better.

Here's where I'll be during every hour of the Festival. If you want to meet up, hang out, let me buy you a drink or sloppily make out with me, e-mail me at and we can work something out. I'll have my phone on me, so drop me a line if you're going to be in my vicinity. Even more so than checking out some decent bands, I really want to see some of you kids out there. Also, the weather is going to be freaking perfect. Here we go.

On Thursday, I'll start off at the High Noon Saloon at 7, perhaps making my way to the Majestic Theatre at around 10. I'd like to be in bed by midnight, though; Friday's going to be busy.

On Friday, I'll start the evening at 5:30, bouncing up and down State Street, checking out three intriguing shows at the Orpheum Stage Door, Orpheum Lobby and the Overture Rotunda respectively. No matter what though, I'll be back at the High Noon Saloon by 8, and if there's time permitting, I'll wrap up the night at the Corral Room. Don't bet on it, though.

Saturday starts at the Frequency at 4, quickly followed by a trek back to the Corral Room at 5:30. Finally, the festival (and my liver) will come to an end at the High Noon Saloon at 9.

For obvious reasons, this is my last post of the week. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend. Again, let me know what your FMF09 schedule looks like so we can fistbump. Bye.

I will be with you in spirit, young one.
Oh, yeah-- FIRST!!!!!11
Boy do I sure miss you, Kenny. I hope everything's going wonderfully for you in Baltimore.
I wasn't 100% sold on going out tonight even though the MoB showcase looks pretty good, because I'm old and I want to conserve my limited endurance for Friday night's bacchanal at the HNS. Plus I've got to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn for work the next morning for work. But I was told today by a friend with excellent taste that I should catch Davilla 666.

I'm excited for this year's lineup, but I do miss the punk matinee they did last year. That was wicked awesome, and there isn't really anything comparable this year.
WALLROCK - While it doesn't match up to the Dillinger 4 and Scared Of Chaka, I'll still be checking out the AbsolutePunk show at the Stage Door in a desperate attempt to rekindle some sort of connection with today's youth. Then it's over to the High Noon for Ra Ra Riot and Margot. That's a perfect venue for those two bands.

Quick 'Must-See Thursday' review for you. Weekend Update was okay, Parks & Recreation had their funniest episode yet, The Office was another solid showing, and Community was fantastic. We all know by now that TV Pilots typically don't represent future output, but if they can keep Community as sharp as their first episode, it should be a winner.
Kenny!!!! How is you?
The Frequency at 4 on Saturday?!?! Does that mean you're coming to see my band, Little Red Wolf? I can't promise not to pee a little out of excitement if that's the case. :)
EMILY - Besides Ra Ra Riot and Margot, Little Red Wolf is the only band that is mandatory viewing by yours truly. I'm not going to miss it; you owe me a rimshot (the drum one, not the sex one).
Deal. For both.
Ryan! Thanks a million for coming to our show. Sorry we only got to do the quick "hello how are you" - but it was still appreciated. Hope the rest of your weekend was fabulous. Frankly, I'm exhausted.
Boo. Yeah...I'm back.

Aber er hütete sich wohl, davon zu sprechen.
Also, now that I've moved pat my douche nozzle announcement, sorry for lurking and being a stranger. Selling a house (lots of material to follow) moving in with a girl (let's be honest - you all thought it would be a boy) and getting a promotion at work (no one saw that one coming) just ate up my time.

CDP...make with the funny. I have some reading to catch up on.
EMILY - Yeah, absolutely! I have to be totally honest with you; LRW was probably the best band I saw all weekend. Seriously; I was blown away by the multi-instrumentation and hauntingly pretty four-part harmonies (I can't remember when I've heard a band that had four equally beautiful voices). I swear one of those girls played six different instruments over the course of 7 or 8 songs. Really, really wonderful stuff. I'm a fan.

JT - Welcome back, man! I was wondering how things were going with you; good to hear that it's been positive. Can't wait to hear about the home/promotion/lady friend situation in the upcoming weeks. Everything's coming up JT!

I'm coasting for just a few days right now, as we get into October's Mix-Tape Trade reviews and a huge announcement for the remainder of the year. Whoops, I wasn't supposed to say anything about that yet.
It's official: I'm blushing.

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