Monday, September 28

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 6 Deadline.

Today is the mailing deadline for The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 6, so get those mixes in the mail by the end of the day today! Unless you haven't already gotten back to me and your Mix Buddy with a damn good excuse, don't expect any sympathy from myself or the CDP faithful when it's discovered that you've gone deadbeat. It's just like when you don't get the Big Wheel around all the way on The Price Is Right; even the elderly and frail get booed when they're unable to accomplish such a simple task. Don't let me down.

As I've mentioned before, any Mix-Tapes sent my way by the end of the month will not only be reviewed right here on the CDP, but also enters the creator of said Mix into a drawing for a FREE CDP COFFEE MUG. Not too shabby.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. I have a huge announcement on Friday (wait for it...), and I'll return the first Monday in October with all of your Mix Trade reviews. Thanks.

I got two envelopes in my bag with illegible handwriting that will soon make it to the post office. My mix this round is a little crazy, and a bit scattered. But I did figure out a genre of music that is not covered by my single CD of semi-awesomeness.
I hope Fiona has done my mix. I can't wait. Mine will be delayed a skosh, but I have informed those affected. Lo siento mucho, or something like that. (I am a jelly donut...)
Mine are going into the mail this afternoon. It took me longer than expected to write up the novella that constitutes my "liner notes." For whatever reason I felt that I could only express myself properly in excess of 5,000 words.

I started off trying to maximize diversity, but in the end I reverted to my original, slightly homogeneous choices. To thine own self be true.
I'm technically a dead beat as of right now ... because Benjamin hasn't e-mailed me his address! I e-mailed him the other day asking for it, so, Benjamin, I can send out your mix once I have your info. CDP, I want to get a mix to you as well, but only want to go to the post office once, but I just might have to go twice I guess...
WHOA ... spooky... he just e-mailed me! We are on the same wavelength, Benjamin!
HOSS - My Mix is also crazy and scattered; I enjoyed the theme, though. Really forced me to pick some deep cuts.

SMED - Right on, man.

WALLROCK - Same here; my liner notes were 12 pages.

CAITLIN - Awesome; glad it worked itself out. Ben is fairly notorious for neglecting e-mail.
I kinda do what Smed said earlier -- I keep a CDP bucket where I put songs that I may put on the next CDP Mix. This time, though, none of those songs made it on. And I do think that the Mix was probably better for it. It was the mini-theme theme did it to me.
Hi everyone!!
Missed another tape trade :(
Looking forward to reviews!
HOSS - Me and the Missus were once again arguing about what the worst song in recorded history was (she says 'Centerfield,' I say 'We Built This City'), which prompted me to think about a 'Worst Mix-Tape Ever' Mix. A Mix-Tape of your least-favorite songs of all-time. Sort of like the anti-mix.

This idea was scrapped within seconds, and for good reason, methinks.

REESE - Hello, Reese! You'll get in next time!
CDP: If you chose that as a theme, the ground would break open and swallow all those mixes before the they see the light of day. Some things have to be stopped

That said, I may have put in something worse than either of those two in my Guilty Pleasure section. The song is sooo bad that it's good.
I hope Fiona was able to get mine.
I know about Emily's situation so I'm waiting to receive mine.
Mine is also a pretty schizophrenic mix, as I went ahead and chose tracks from each of the six themes. Because that's how I roll.

And yes! Mike (and Ryan), I finally have the CD and notes all ready to roll and will be visiting the post office tonight. Thanks for your patience! Drunk drivers just don't have any respect for other people's deadlines. :P
Emily, I think I speak for the entire CDP Nation when I wish you an immediate recovery and potential billion-dollar settlement. I'm really surprised you didn't murder this dude yourself; I know I would have.
No murder, but I did give good chase. And may or may not have called him a motherfucker. I'm classy like that.

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