Wednesday, September 23

There Ain't An Outlet Big Enough For A Plug This Big.

There's nothing more satisfying than discovering a new band that you can't wait to share with as many people as possible. Therefore, there's nothing more interesting or worthwhile that I'd rather share with you today than this clip from Madison's newest (and best) new band, Little Red Wolf. Here they are, performing their first song at their first live show; so even if you weren't there, you can still earn hipster cred and say 'I saw 'em first!'

Some of you will recognize the scarlet-mohawked drummer as notorious Madison gadabout (and CDP Alumni), Emily Mills. Now, Emily is a proud member of about...oh...164 different local bands, but LRW to me, seems like the one most poised on the edge of something serious. Sure, they're all adorable and perky and whatnot (which doesn't hurt a bit), but their songwriting prowess, seamless multi-instrumentation (Ms. Mills plays both the accordion and drums at the same time) and gorgeous harmonies speak on a much larger plane than a group of musically-inclined friends with nothing better to do. These women are not messing around in the least.

So, for goodness sake, check out the clip. And hey, if you dig what you hear, click on the LRW link to hear a six-pack of free tunes and get in on something new and wonderful.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. If you haven't yet mailed out your Mix-Tapes, you still have until Monday before we release the hounds. Later.

I can't wait to get home, away from the Firewall of Doom to actually watch said clip.

My Mix is done but I have some commentary I want to include. But fear not! It will get out!
Very nice! A++++! Would click again!

Those kids have something! (Seriously!) More! More! More!

Did they do "By-Tor & The Snow Dog" next? (I kid...I kid!)

I have Emily in the trade. Now, I'm intimidated.
A new record! You've got me blushing at my work desk twice now, Ryan. Seriously, thank you so much for this insanely kind plug. We really appreciate it!
Emily rules! woooo!
Very nice. And yay for Emily. The person making me a mixtape is on the YouTube! Awesome!
I have hipster cred now? Awesome news. Saturday was a very good time, and I'd have to say Little Red Wolf was the highlight of the shows I saw that day. The Magic Hat beers tasted great and the Frequency was rocking an extended happy hour. Success!
WALLROCK - So, I'm assuming you didn't see me there; should've said hello!
I did not, otherwise I would have introduced myself (barring a possible nervous collapse from meeting one as esteemed as yourself). I was coming over from the Project Lodge and got there right as LRW started, staking out a spot on the left. I stayed for Crane Your Swan Neck, then struck out for the Stage Door. They were running way behind so I came back to the Frequency for Filligar, then back to the Stage Door for the This Bright Apocalypse/Occidental Bros/BLK JKS show.
To be fair, it is difficult to spot the CDP while he's out in public. Ryan has a nosferatu-like ability to disappear into the shadows. I didn't notice he was there until he materialized in the back alley afterward and said hello as we were loading out our gear.
EMILY - My razor-sharp ears don't help anything, either.

WALLROCK - Wow, thanks to delays, you saw more bands in one night than I saw all weekend!
It isn't even 8:00 a.m. and my indie cred has been upped, the day is all down hill from here. I will echo theCDP's sentiment in saying LRW are one of the best new bands I have see around these parts; they are also relentless promotion artists, I get at least two Facebook messages from a week. You gotta love that kind of drive.

I am reaching the home stretch of my mix, being the master of deadlines that I am it will be in the mail on Monday. I need to cut a few songs, settle on album art, write the liner notes, and package it all up for a trip to Massachusetts. I only hope BluStaCon can handle all the awesome I am sending his way; actually my mix will probably end up in the backseat of his car never to be heard again. Ryan, I will be sending a copy your way as well.

Joshua James

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