Friday, October 2

The CDP Decade In Review.

It's been a long decade. Let the CDP walk you through it, one embarrassing step at a time.

November 2-6: The Decade In Television.
November 9-13: The Decade In Film.
November 16-20: The Decade In Pop Culture.
November 23-December 4: The Decade In Music.
December 7-11: 2009 In Music (+Misc.).
December 14: The CDP Year In Review - 2009.
December 21: The State Of The CDP Speech - 2009.

Be prepared; the CDP has got you covered right up until the end of the decade.

I've never been so excited for the end!
And I thought the big change would be that you would no longer use Photobucket to host your images, so I finally see them when I am behind the Firewall of Doom.

I'm glad I won an award for something. The brochure liner notes was a funny last minute thought, but I think it turned out well. I did it with Apple's Pages, and doing the layout did not annoy the living crap out of me. That means it's 10x better than MS Word.

Anyway, I'm excited to see how the rest of the year shapes up. Hard to believe it's almost 2010. Where did this decade go, anyway?
Comrade! The state of the CDP shall never be in question!
You are an ambitious lad, aren't you. Also slightly masochistic. I'm looking forward to the mayhem, though! :)
CARGIRL - Why do girls always say that to me?

HOSS - Sorry about the Firewall; giving up Facebook and Twitter was easy for me, due to them being blocked from my screen at the office. Same with the CDP, but seriously, who can give up the CDP? When it happened, I noticed a traffic drop of about 1000 hits a month due to co-workers no longer being able to access the CDP from their cubicles.

I don't know where the decade went, but I'm in a better place than when it started, I can tell you that for sure.

SMEDDLES - True 'dat! At ease!

EMILY - 'Mayhem' it is. This really is the most ambitious thing I've probably ever done on here.

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