Friday, October 23

There's Something Here From Somewhere Else.

The CDP Decade In Review starts on Monday, November 2, running straight through to the end of 2009. This is easily the largest and most ambitious project in CDP history, and this is coming from a guy that has compiled hundreds upon hundreds of lists, reviews, recaps and essays over the last six years.

This will be the culmination of work I began in June. The comprehensive result of listening and re-listening to over 300 albums. Thousands upon thousands of songs. Watching and re-watching 35 films. Researching and viewing hundreds of hours of television (both amazing and reprehensible). The reading and re-reading of over 20 books. Using YouTube to watch an entire decade's worth of groundbreaking music videos (while avoiding the usual viral videos and Internet Phenomenons that will probably represent the decade more than anything else). Becoming a savant in the realms of Neilsen Ratings, RIAA album sales, Box Office hits and literary best-sellers.

Categorizing. Deciphering. Five full months of nothing but becoming so ingrained with every facet of Pop Culture this decade that I could recite it forward and backward in my sleep. The best of times. The worst of times. Everything.

And I absolutely cannot wait to present it, so you judgmental bastards can immediately insult my tastes, hang me out to dry and create a better list of your own.

Of course, I'm kidding. Then again, maybe I'm clairvoyant; time will tell.

Enjoy your Halloween; I'll see you then.

Two quick TV things I never got to this week:

1. Gerard Butler did a good job hosting SNL, but I think that 'What's Up With That?' may have been my favorite sketch of the last three years (at least since Casey Wilson played that paralyzed stripper).

2. Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock may be the best 4-episode sitcom block in TV history. I can't think of a time when four funnier shows have been mashed together (you'd have to go way back to the NBC Thursdays of yesteryear, at least). Seinfeld, The Cosby Show and Cheers were great shows, but I'm thinking of a time when the two hour block didn't have a hanger-on series that was clearly the weak link. I may have to squeeze in an essay about this next week.
Oh, come on, Caroline In The City was comedy gold! Or...silver at least. Um, comedy Molybdenum?
Looking forward to it, buddy.
Thursday nights are by far the best for TV. I also dig the fact that all four of these shows (plus It's Always Sunny) are available on Hulu, since it seems I'm never around on Thursdays as it is. Someday I'll get a DVR, but for now I'll settle for watching these shows on Saturday mornings on my laptop.
I liked Caroline in the City...
I love Community. I thought I would like Joel McHale quite a lot, but I'm finding my response to the Jeff/Britta storyline to be increasingly tepid. I watch the show for Ahbed/Troy and the insanity of Senor Chang. Plus, I work at the "little branch campus that could" for a large university, so I can relate to the Dean's attempts at overcompensation. I continue to fast forward through most of Steven Carrell's scenes on The Office. The awkward just radiats off of the screen and makes my skin crawl. My DVR dropped 30 Rock off of the recording schedule!! I almost cried because I missed last week's episode. But then I remembered the wonders of watching tv on the internet and was joyful once again. I've never seen Parks & Recreation, so I don't know if I'm missing anything there.
In 1986, NBC had a Thursday night lineup that consisted of The Cosby Show, Cheers, Family Ties and Night Court. That, to me, was the closest that they had come to having four solid sitcoms in a row...until now, that is.

1988's TGIF lineup was Perfect Strangers, Full House, Mr. Belvedere and Just The Ten Of Us, so that was pretty close, too...for nobody else but me at the age of 6, perhaps.
wow, I totally forgot about Mr. Belvedere-- maybe that wasn't such a bad thing... Then again in 1988 I think the best thing on TV was Duck Tales. Junior Woodchuck Reporting! (Sorry can't comment on late night I think I was sent to bed at like 7 pm)
Yeah, I did a comprehensive dissection of The Disney Afternoon on the CDP last year...good times.
This shows the generation gap we had. In 1988, on Friday nights, I was already quaffing lagers by the time that stuff was on the teevee.
SMED - I think my beverage of choice in 1988 was a Capri Sun.
I LOVED Mr. Belvedere - simply for the fact that it was supposed to be set in the town where I spent the earliest part of my childhood (hint: Joe Namath was from the same town).
MAUS - Beaver Falls! Awesome!
Paranormal Activity beats Saw VI to take the #1 spot at the box office. For a brief, fleeting moment, everything seems right with the world.

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