Thursday, October 1

You'll Taste It In Time.

I get home from work yesterday, and what do I find in my DVR queue? Oh, I don't know, just the greatest reunited emo band in the history of Earth performing one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my entire life.


Sunny Day Real Estate. 'Seven.' Enjoy and prepare for a huge CDP announcement tomorrow.

You're pregnant!
Hey! Wanted to send a quick Mix-Tape Trade update to everyone.

I have received Mix-Tapes from Mike I, Eric, Mike Hoss, Wallrock, Regan, Brian and Emily Mills, and I know that more are on the way. I plan on digging into all of these starting this weekend, with reviews to follow for the first half of October. I can't thank you enough for making this trade another success. The creativity that goes into each theme is just brilliant out of each and every one of you.

And if the Trade ended today (without me having listened to anything yet), Emily would win for best cover art, Brian wins for best Mix title, Mike Hoss wins the 'Nobody's ever designed their liner notes like a brochure before' Award, Eric wins for presentation (and wanton nudity), Regan wins for asking me to do an 'All Cover Songs' Trade (we did that last year; d'oh!), Mike I. wins the 'absolutely no bullshit filler tolerated' award, and Wallrock wins for most epic liner notes. Seriously, I'm going to take them to bed with me to read.

I can't wait to give them all my undivided attention and share them with the CDP Nation this month. Thanks again.
I'm not pregnant, Emily. But I'MA PUTTA BABY IN YOOO!

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