Tuesday, January 12

Journal In A Jar - Part 1: 'Introduction.'

I'm lucky enough to have a mom that proudly supports my writing. At every turn, she's always trying to find ways to motivate, inspire and push me towards whatever goal I happen to be shooting for at any given time. Even if these attempts fail (and they usually do), I always know that mom's got my back.

So, I was flattered but not surprised to receive such a cool Christmas present from her: A Journal In A Jar (see photo). Essentially, it's a pimped-out notebook and mason jar full of hundreds of slips of paper. Each slip contains a little question or idea that you'd write about in the journal on that given day. The idea here is to keep your writing chops sharp, so by the end of the year, the jar is empty and the journal is full. Super neat, and something I wanted to try.

Over the next few months, I'm trying to stay hard at work on my next book. However, I don't want the CDP to suffer and wane in my absence, so I'm going to pull double-duty and publish my Journal In A Jar entries here for the world to see in the interim. This way, I get to keep working on the book while also staying sharp, putting up new CDP content and hopefully entertaining in the process. Win-win? We'll see.

A word of warning, however. My Journal In A Jar entries will be just that: Journal Entries. Don't expect exceedingly well-thought-out essays (as if you ever do); it'll probably be more raw than that. Just something interesting to pass the time and wax poetic about stuff I never write about.

I'll officially begin the experiment tomorrow. If you want to buy a Journal In A Jar for yourself or a friend (it really is a cool gift), just send an e-mail to JournalInAJar@Yahoo.com. See you then.

Well, it's more useful than Janitor In A Drum. Unless you have a mess to clean up.
And of course check out the wife's journal in a jar entries at thegirlfrommars.blogspot.com too :)
NICE! Can't wait to see more of your unique thoughts to mull over and ponder.
That is unbearably adorable. Your mom rocks.
Oh, and dude - so sorry about the Pack, man. That's gotta just stank. Gotta tackle someone, gents, in order to advance in the National...Football...League.

As to your tweet about NBC - yeah - O'Brien's ready. Farm out Leno to Ion or something...

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