Friday, January 15

Journal In A Jar - Part 4: 'Pants Optional.'

"Would You Choose Differently If You Could Choose Your Occupation Again? Why? How? Any Advice?"

I can honestly say that I've never actively chosen any occupation that I've ever had in my entire life. Every single employment opportunity that has befallen me has been due to sheer luck or happenstance. Even in circumstances where I have been promoted, it still seemed out of my hands for some reason.

Any odd jobs and part-time work that I had before graduating from High School was solely at the insistence of my mother (cutting grass, hardware store, etc.). From there, I was hired into my current office at random (during a hiring freeze, I might add), promoted by my supervisor into a new position without even being consulted on the matter, and eventually settling into my current position after a slew of retirements and shifting. I've been there for six years and counting.

I've been collecting paychecks since I was 16 years old, and I've never had a hand in choosing the work that I did. Ever. Not once. I have yet to determine if this is unfathomably sad, or amazingly rare. And no, 'freelance writer' doesn't count, as I didn't even realize that I had a small business on my hands until two months after my first book came out. I consider that a happy accident.

The above photo is a shot of me at the hardware store with my boss (he could put out fires with his mustache). This was taken for a local farming magazine that year, and when I got the copy in the mail, I saw that my entire body had been Photoshopped over with a picture of the owner. This outtake photo that was given to me is pretty much the only proof that I ever worked there at all.

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I was Photoshopped out of a farming magazine.

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