Thursday, January 21

Journal In A Jar - Part 8: 'Wanted Mom.'

"Write A Want Ad That Describes Your Mother."


A little neurotic. A little phobic. A bit of an enabler. Eternally optimistic. Prone to bouts of extreme selflessness. Someone who will love me for who I am and how I make them feel. Someone whose trust is their chief blessing and greatest downfall. Someone who cries when they get a photograph for Christmas. A brilliant singing voice. Obsessively clean and neat. Always there. Always supportive. A fantastic storyteller. Comedic timing.

Must be under 5'1". No fat chicks, please.

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I was in the doctor's office on Monday and saw a magazine with Cheryl Tiegs on the cover.
Hilbelink: Maybe he also doesn't want any hot chicks either. I always feel for the kid who had a hot mom.
He does have a hot Mom. My Dad was ALWAYS hitting on her.
Hoss: There is a bit of a back story to that comment, though I don't know if he will remember it. :)

And yeah...he was always the kid with the hot mom. And he got a lot of crap for it.
he was always the kid with the hot mom. And he got a lot of crap for it.


I love my mom but she wasn't considered the hot mom, but she's a fantastic cook -- and made something whenever and whoever came over. It was crazy.
HILBELINK - I cannot remember this story, and demand that you refresh my memory on the matter.

TAMMY - Story of my life. For those that do not know, my mother was pretty much the face of the Larsen/Winchester Post Office for the better part of 15 years; she was inescapable to date requests every day of the week.

HOSS - I don't know if I'd ever call my mom 'hot,' but she's certainly cute and charming and very young as far as parents of 27-year-olds are concerned. That being said, I never heard the end of it from my friends. She used to pick me up from school, and those who didn't know her treated her like a student; she was always getting pushed around in the halls and whatnot.
Mike, I imagine that having the mom that can cook can be a bit of a curse too. :)
CDP-You were looking at a picture of Cheryl Tiegs and thinking how hot she looks for an "older woman." You also were thinking about how she reminded you of someone. You eventually realized that she reminded you of your mom.

I am laughing just thinking about it.
HA! That's hilarious.

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