Friday, January 22

Journal In A Jar - Part 9: 'Worst Vacation Ever.'

"Do You Recall Any Outstanding Family Trips You Experienced As A Child?"

When I was 6 (Summer of 1987, I believe), my parents took me and my cousin Scott to Walt Disney World. We drove to Florida, which took a few days, spent a few days in Orlando and drove a few days back. I remember very little about the time spent at Disney, other than not being allowed on a large majority of the rides. There are photos though, and it looks like I had a fairly good time. What sticks in my head most was my dad driving well over 100 mph in Atlanta for hours at a time, and the lingering suspicion that I saw a ghost in the hallway one night at some random hotel. My parents tried to make memories for me; they wouldn't be happy if they realized that these were the only ones that I kept.

I also remember a trip to Kentucky, where we put six people in a 5-person vehicle for the entire duration (it was a tense several hours). I think I was 10 at the time, and the highlight of the vacation was me challenging a mentally handicapped kid to a footrace. I can't remember if I won; I certainly hope that I did.

My family never had a ton of cash for big vacations, so when we wanted to get away, we usually went to Wisconsin Dells, The House On The Rock, or something else that equated to nothing more than a long weekend. I hold these trips fondly; I still go to the Dells every now and again, and the childhood nostalgia keeps me coming back to that mecca of t-shirt stands and mini-golf.

Oh, wait, I do have a vivid memory of riding Pirates Of The Caribbean at Disney World. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, too. That ride kicked ass.

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I was actually talking about Disney World this morning, and how I've never been. Thanks for rubbing it in, you jerk.
My one experience with Disney World say the least. I was 16 at the time, so that didn't help.
My first Disney theme park was EuroDisney when I was in high school. I never returned to one until a couple a years ago to the original DisneyLand in Cali. Will do Disney World when my daughter is a bit older (and I'm a lot richer).
I have also never been to Disney World...or Land...or the Disney Store for that matter.

But we did go camping a lot when I was a child, and my most memorable moment was when my brother fell into the fire pit...his swim trunks melted to his butt and my mom tried to put him out by throwing pepsi on him.

Those were the days...
In 1970 we drove on a family trip from Watertown (incidentally, my mom was from Sun Prairie) to FL. We went down the Atlantic side of the state to Cape Canaveral, then crossed over to the gulf side. While transiting Florida we stopped at Disney World, which was still under construction. That area of Florida was desolate. Scrubby trees and orchards. Everyone was selling real estate, promising free orange juice and some even offered fried chicken. My parents took them up and stopped to watch the taped spiel, but when they saw two adults and 7 children* ranging from age 19 to 6 walk in they were all of a sudden out of fried chicken.

That trip I got second degree sunburn by body surfing all day. (In 1970 sunscreen was not a word, let alone a product.) I suffered horribly, later peeling like a lizard from head to toe with a break for my neon white nether region. Good times.

*Yes, that's 9 people in an Olds Vista Cruiser station wagon, towing a popup camper.
Everything that ever happened to me happened when I was 4. For some reason that was the year was the year we went everywhere. I remember none of it other than I was 4. I have never been to the House on the Rock which is insanely lame since I now live less than 25 miles from it. Just need to hop on hwy 60! Other than that Dad and my trip to AZ when he dropped me off for school was entertaining. Then again, any event done with Dad is entertaining, and if we are still speaking by the end of any said venture, double brownie points ^_^

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