Tuesday, February 16

6 Years Of The CDP.

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(2005-2006 CDP Template.)

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Today is the unofficial Sixth Anniversary of the Communist Dance Party. I started the CDP after my 22nd birthday, and here we still are, just two weeks after my 28th. We've survived over a thousand essays, tens of thousands of comments, nearly a half-million visitors, millions of Pop Culture references, billions of jokes, and one published book that's soon to be joined by another.

Our remarkable community has sprawled rapidly outside of this site, laying claim to all aspects of Social Media. The book is available everywhere. We have a Wikipedia page. A (woefully out-of-date) Facebook Fan Group. Twitter has allowed us to virtually meet up whenever we want. CDP shirts are fading in the wash as we speak. However, no matter where we communicate, I'm honored to know that the CDP is responsible in bringing so many people together. Every now and again I'll see two people talking online, and I'll think to myself, "How do these people know each other? Oh yeah, the CDP!" That sort of realization is worth more to me than any silly essay I'm capable of writing. I've met some of you. Gotten drunk with some of you. Hugged you and slobbered into your ear (sorry about that, by the way).

No question about it, things are different now. Allow me to give you a visual representation of how much I've changed over the last six years. The following photo was published to the CDP in late February of 2004:

Clearly, this is something I found funny at the age of 22. Fake mustache. Bachelor. Tiny apartment. Underweight. Jet black hair. It's almost embarrassing to look at now that I'm older.

It's 2010 now. I'm a longtime husband and white-collar employee. Homeowner. Published author. Mature.

See? I have a real mustache now. The man I was wouldn't even recognize the man I am.

Sound off in the comments section, give the CDP some props on SIX YEARS and enjoy your day. Lost Friday closes out the week.

And you also turned an alarming sepia color at some point in that six year stretch...!!
Oh no, the mustache managed to have its photo taken before it disappeared!!!
Congrats on the sweet 'stache, and the 6 years too...

I've added a nicer haircut, goatee & about 20 lbs. since I was 22. I'm definitely in favor of losing the last two.
Happy 6 years!!!!

... and many moooooore ....
MAUS - It hides the pale. In public, I usually sport a drab tablecloth with eyeholes poked out.

CELIA - That thing had a mind of its own. I must have impregnated every woman I passed on the street.

WALLROCK - I hear you. Here's to reclaiming the best of 22 while retaining the best of 28.

CAITLIN - Thank you!
Huge congrats on the six year mark! That's a helluva thing, and quite a long time in internet years. :) Thanks for helping build this cool little community and for introducing me to several new insults, levels of Lost obsession I didn't know existed, awesome mix tapes, and UFC nights.
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