Monday, February 8

Fistfight In The Parking Lot.

Last weekend's episode of SNL was fantastic; easily the best of the season (although John Hamm's effort was great, too), and one of my favorites over the last couple years. Many, many sketches are worth your time and effort on Hulu, but nothing made me laugh harder than the final sketch of the night, starring Fred Armisen, host Ashton Kutcher and my Favorite Guy In Rock, Dave Grohl.

Enjoy. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

I also just noticed that at the beginning of the sketch, we're welcomed to the Cadena/Norton reception, hammering home the Black Flag homage.
Sounds more like Suicidal Tendencies, really, with the middle eight break (reminds me of the end of Suicide's An Alternative / You'll Be Sorry), or perhaps Fear who had more jazzy chops. But yeah! FISTFIGHT! FISTFIGHT! Take that Al Haig!
This is my future. Right here.
I thought it was hysterical as well. Just seeing David Grohl as an old guy was amusing in and of itself.

I also like Garth and Kat on Weekend Update, mostly because Kristin Wigg almost never break. But even she was having a hard time in their bit.
Almost everyone was laughing through all the bits on Weekend Update; that whole thing was hilarious.

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