Monday, February 1

LOST - Season 2 Caption Edition.

In honor of Lost's Sixth (and final) Season premiering tomorrow, we here at the CDP are devoting the entire week to our favorite Island-based Time Travel drama. Today, 25 of the best Lost Friday photo captions from Season 2.

Remember that I will be live-tweeting during the Lost Season Premiere all tomorrow night, so make sure you're following @RyanZeinert on Twitter (or merely following along) so you can join in on the fun.

Oh, and hey, Happy 28th Birthday to me!

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(Even after a horrific plane crash, Locke still likes to bust out the vacation tapes.)

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(This is what happens when George W. Bush tries to make toast.)

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("I had to take an entire bottle of these every day just to make working with Neve Campbell tolerable.")

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("The books beat me at ping-pong again, Sawyer.")

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(It's becoming painfully obvious that Locke can't read.)

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("Damn it, why can't I ever find the Torture Channel on this thing?")

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(As Charlie incessantly rambles on, Eko silently wonders how quickly he could saw him in half.)

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(One of these things is an indestructible black mass that can pulverize all in its path. The other is the Smoke Monster.)

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(To Charlie's surprise, a piano made entirely of heroin washes ashore.)

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("So, you ever been with a huge guy before?")

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("I can't believe I was on Party Of Five for seven years.")

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("Shhh! According To Jim is on, and it's hard enough to keep up as is!")

("But maybe you and I could...hey, where are you going?")

(Anna and Charlie clumsily re-enact the infamous Deliverance scene.)

(Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.)

(They're digging their horseshoe pits way too close together.)

(Nobody gets back into Chuck-E-Cheese without a hand stamp. Nobody.)

("That's the guy, Sayid. That's the guy that took my Nerf bat.")

(Locke falls for the classic 'tie a board to your leg while you sleep' gag.)


(The surviving members of Canned Heat emerge from the woods to record a new album.)

("This Island is one big salad, and I'm digging in!")

(Once you go Locke, you never go back.)

("Wait, come back! You forgot to tell me who I was!")

(Remember, kids; eating celery will turn you invisible.)

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. A whole mess of Season 3 captions arrive tomorrow.

He's alive! Not commenting on a show I've never watched, but just wanted to say that I was a day or two away from setting up a posse to see if you were kidnapped by Orly Taitz and the Birthers. (Wow, sounds like a band waiting to happen...and I'd definitely learn bass to be part of that! We'll be a cross between Tommy James & The Shondells and Candlemass!)

Just remember, if you can still hear it's not loud enough!

Oh, and happy birthday to Mr. CDP himself today!!
Is today really your birtday? If so, have a happy one. I would make you a cake shaped like the Island. I lol'd at every single caption. Literally, out loud. My dogs think there's something wrong. Thanks for the memories.
Everything I presume to know about Lost comes from the captions.
Happy Birthday!!!
Ha ha ha, "a piano made entirely of heroin"...

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