Monday, March 29

CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 7 Deadline!


If you are one of the many folks fortunate enough to participate in the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 7, remember that today is the deadline to have your Mix in the mail. If you feel that you may be a day or two late, please contact your Mix recipient with a damn good excuse. If you've decided to go deadbeat altogether, I may have to hunt you down and kill you.

Also, any Mixes that are sent to me by the end of March will make you eligible for a contest to win a Free CDP T-Shirt, so don't forget to mail a copy my way. I'll begin reviewing mixes next week, with the winner being announced during Lost Friday on April 9.

Not an incredible amount to report over the last week. Work has been hectic (something it usually is not), home life has been busy in a good way (not a lot of time for writing, unfortunately), and us Wisconsinites are more than ready for the warm weather to show up for good. Following the Mix-Tape reviews of April and wrap-up festivities of Lost Friday in May, I'm looking forward to devoting a large part of the Summer towards my next book. I have a great first draft in the works, but I still want to add about a dozen new essays into the fray. If I stay on schedule, it will give me Autumn to handle all of the editing and compiling, keeping me well on pace for a late 2010 release. I shall remain confident until December 31.

Thanks once again for participating in the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 7. From what I've seen and heard so far, the bar has once again been raised due to your creativity and fantastic musical tastes.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

I hate to say it -- mine will be late. I had a pile of blank CD's and, when I went to burn them, iTunes spit them back out. Every. Single. One. So I have to go get some more tonight. Grrrr.....

So my apologies . .
Mine have been sent out last week. I'm just playing the waiting game for mine to arrive in the mail.
Mine will go in the mail first thing tomorrow morning! Had to do battle with the CD burner today, so my apologies for the slight tardiness. However, I am confident that the smooth, totally awesome tunes on said mix will make you feel better about the whole situation. ;)
I sent an email out and mine will be out by the end of the week. I am finishing the liners and they'll go out before.
Wonderful; thanks everyone.
CDP and Hilbelink -- expect a package with indecipherable handwriting appearing in your respected mailboxes on Thursday.

I'm not going to claim that my chosen artist will surprise you, but maybe the music will.
Mike--I hope your artist is the artist I think it is...I could use some more music from that particular artist in iTunes :)
I had a choice of two -- both of which were no surprise. I actually started a mix for one, and then moved to another.

I even played with changing to a third artist, but I didn't. I keep listening to this mix over and over again . . . so, Celia, if it's not who you think it is, I think you will still like it.
I trust your judgment, Mike!

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