Monday, April 12

Good Frames Won't Save Bad Paintings.

Okay, now you're all in deep, deep trouble.

Mix-Tape reviews start tomorrow. Someone's winning a CDP t-shirt!

Consider buying The Shape Of Punk To Come today (or waiting for the re-release). 'New Noise' has been my ringtone for three straight years. Drives the Missus nuts.

On Wednesday, I'm going to a Q&A with Lost Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at UW Madison, functioning as an alcoholic member of the Madison press. If you're from Madison and you think that you deserve to attend more than I do, I strongly encourage you to read the 100 Lost Fridays I have written while simultaneously kissing my ass. My article for Dane 101 is going to rule, and I'll be sure to link to it once everything goes live next week.

Alright; get out of here, you crazy kids.

I think it's cool that you'll get to do that awesome interview and all, but my enthusiasm is cooled by sad news delivered via Twitter.
I wanna see if I can get the "Hey Kool Aid!" "OOOOOH YEAAAAAH" as my ringtone.
Yes, we did have to put Laika down on Friday, which was a large emotional blow to the Missus. And if that wasn't bad enough, she lost her Grandpa on Wednesday (days after we spent Easter with him). Needless to say, it's been a sad stretch for us, but I can say that the Missus has been amazingly strong and we're doing well.
Hang in there. Beverages Thursday will help!
I'm more than stoked for the re-release. My copy of TSOPTC got pilfered years ago.

Speaking of ringtones, my phone had to be wiped earlier today to re-register with the email server (or something, I tuned out after "I need your phone") and I lost my sweet Bomb the Music Industry! "Sorry, Brooklyn. Dancing Won't Solve Anything" ringtone, which I've had since 2006. I've spent the better part of the morning making up new ringtones using the mp3s available on my work computer. Right now it's come down to The Henry Clay People "Fine Print" or Titus Andronicus' s/t song. I can't decide.
Sorry about all the sad news -- if you lived closer, I'd make you one of my great martinis.
SMED - Looking forward to Thursday!

WALLROCK - Nice; I should whip up a new batch of ringtones with which to impress people at the movie theater and Olive Garden. I also need to check out Titus Andronicus when I get the chance.

HOSS - Thanks man; I appreciate that. I'm drinking Miller High Life right now, which is the sole friend of the man that hasn't been to the liquor store in weeks.
I am sorry for your losses.
ANDREA/HILBELINK - Thanks much; I really do appreciate that, and so does Celia.
Sorry to hear the sad news... :(

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