Tuesday, April 20

I Want To Kiss Your Lisp.


Here's the scoop. Lost's Co-Executive Producers came to Madison last week, and I was there to document it. If you want to read my article, click here and enjoy. I'd really appreciate it.

Mix-Tape reviews continue tomorrow. Enjoy Lost tonight. Bye.

Nice article CDP -- though it seems like they really didn't want to answer any "real" questions, not that they would anyway. And it's good that they publicly admitted they wouldn't resolve everything -- just the main points.

Now, for something completely different . . . I'm going to plug my new favorite band you've never heard of. I think Reilly maybe one of the best symphonic rock band of all time and, since there are a lot of Wisconsinites here, I think some of you should go to a show or two. See their tour list. Count yourself lucky -- the closest they are getting to me is South Dakota in September. :(

Theology aside, their live show is something to behold.
Is your kiss on my lisp?

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