Monday, May 24

We Have To Go Back.

Lost isn't over until Lost Friday is over. Come back to the CDP all this week for the final word, culminating with the last Lost Friday ever.

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They're dead, Jim.

And as I said about those who hated on the Soprano's finale, just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show. I should really just relax."
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Fun breakdown for those that thought the extra half hour of the Lost finale was just to accommodate the very lucrative commercial time. Average hour long episode of Lost is 30% commercials, the two and a half hour finale was 32% and the two hour premiere was 34% So no, that extra half hour was not just for commercials, ABC wedged in only 3 extra minutes (1.2 min per hour) of added commercial time compared to a regular episode.
Yes! I said this to everyone in my living room. "They're really not packing on the commercials." Furthermore, that episode was somewhere in the neighborhood of 105 minutes long, so I'm certainly not complaining. The Lost-themed Target commercials were fantastic.
Especially the smoke detector one...
BTW, what happened to the Russian in the Pine Barrens?

Oops, wrong show.

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