Monday, July 12

The CDP's Top 30 TV Shows Of The 90's (#30-21).


Welcome to Week One of my three-week retrospectivus of the 1990's. I'm currently hard at work on my next book, but I still wanted to publish this straight-up, no-frills countdown as a way to keep the CDP fresh throughout the month of July. Don't take it too seriously; the opinions are my own and I hope you're at least slightly entertained.

First thing's first. The only TV shows considered for the countdown had to premiere at some point within the decade of the 90's (which will explain my Honorable Mention picks). I also avoided obscure or hard-to find shows, and based it as much as I could on my enjoyment of the show at the moment in time when which it aired. If you have a gripe, sound off in the comments section and let me know.


Honorable Mention: Seinfeld
Aired From: 1989 to 1998 on NBC (180 Episodes)

Honorable Mention: Roseanne
Aired From: 1988 to 1997 on ABC (222 Episodes)

(It should also be mentioned that shows like The Simpsons, Tales From The Crypt and Mystery Science Theater 3000 all premiered in the 1980's as well. I actually prefer removing these shows from the countdown, as it allows the list to be a bit more varied.)

30. The Real World
Aired From: 1992 to Present on MTV (436 Episodes and Counting)

29. The Ren & Stimpy Show
Aired From: 1991 to 1996 on Nickelodeon (52 Episodes)

28. Party Of Five
Aired From: 1994 to 2000 on FOX (142 Episodes)

27. Sports Night
Aired From: 1998 to 2000 on ABC (45 Episodes)

26. Dawson’s Creek
Aired From: 1998 to 2003 on The WB (128 Episodes)

25. Ally McBeal
Aired From: 1997 to 2002 on FOX (112 Episodes)

24. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
Aired From: 1990 to 2000 on Nickelodeon (91 Episodes)

23. Beverly Hills, 90210
Aired From: 1990 to 2000 on FOX (296 Episodes)

22. My So-Called Life
Aired From: 1994 to 1995 on ABC (19 Episodes)

21. Freaks & Geeks
Aired From: 1999 to 2000 on NBC (18 Episodes)

Thanks for reading. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your day and check back tomorrow as the countdown continues.

I miss Sports Night!!
Yeah, I appreciate it a lot more in retrospect.
I have always been a sucker for the high school-set shows, most of which debuted when I was in my late 20s...
Ye gods, that Are You Afraid of the Dark pic is frightening!

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