Monday, September 27

CDP Wayback Machine - Vroom Vroom Edition.

There's something in my eye.
(Originally published 09/27/07.)

Every once in a great while, the stars in the universe seem to line up in such a way that karma and fate smile kindly upon your being, blessing you with the impossible gift of a dream come true. This could come in the form of a job promotion, a new and rewarding relationship, or something as simple as a free latte at Starbucks. Whatever the case, you mustn't let these moments pass you by.

Personally, my dreams never come true, and it's probably a good idea that they don't. If I were to suddenly find myself locked in a room filled with pink cotton candy, miles of plush, down comforters and my beautiful Oral & Interpersonal Speech teacher from college, I'm quite certain I'd act much differently than I do in my sleep. In fact, I think I'd call the cops.

You are the one that I've been dreaming of.
(This is not the price we bought the car for. Ignore that.)

Nope, today's post is focusing more on the dreams and aspirations of the Missus. About a year-and-a-half ago, her Taurus was totaled in a rear-ending that left her with whiplash, weekly medical visits and no car to drive. For one reason or another, she didn't find it endearing to have me drive her to work every day. It might have had something to do with my tendency to sing at peak volume and drum the steering wheel for 22 straight minutes, but that's for the divorce court to decide.

Sure, she eventually got the fantastic Ford Focus, but she had always felt like she was driving someone else's car. She missed having a vehicle with personality; an attachment of herself, in a way. In a perfect world, she'd be able to buy whatever car she wanted, and when it came to fantasy car choices, there was only one that the Missus has ever longed for.

The 2002 Mini Cooper.

One, I'm biting my tongue.
(Contrast White top with a sunroof, comfy back seats and a trunk that you can actually put stuff in.)

The Missus is a MINI lover (hey, who isn't?), but the 2002 was her model of choice. Mainly, because this was the only year they manufactured it with the color 'Silk Green.' The BMW racing sprite boasts a plethora of stylish glosses and fixtures, but Silk Green was the only color she had ever wanted.

When she was bored, the Missus would go onto the official MINI web site and compile her dream car. Silk Green, chrome package, winter package, heated seats, the works. She did this for years, and was prescribed several medications to stop the addiction. I kept trying to explain to her that it was an unhealthy obsession. Nobody ever gets what they want in life. Nobody gets their dream car. Nobody.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!
(It's built like a cross between a tank and a go-kart. The crash safety is through the roof.)

Three weeks ago, we were driving home from the mall, when we saw it. A Mini Cooper with the same date, color and exact packages that the Missus had been pining for all this time. The 'For Sale' sign was in the window, and it was parked no less than 200 yards from our house. It was as if the fantasy car that she created online had come to life, drove all the way to CDP Headquarters and plopped itself down in our driveway. We were absolutely shocked.

Less than three days later, it was ours. These moments are fleeting, and must be taken advantage of when they arrive. The mere thought of someone else driving the car that she had created was not an option. They wouldn't love it like she could. They simply wouldn't understand.

What can I do?
(Yes, I will be attempting to get it up to 150mph. Don't even bother trying to stop me.)

We sold the Focus last week, and picked up this bad boy shortly thereafter, all at a price that the Missus was more than willing to afford. The standing agreement is that I get to drive it to work at least three Fridays a month. The pessimist in me is concerned that Karma might be screwing with us; causing the car to break down after two hours of driving. We did our homework, however, and the vehicle is tip-top and immaculately maintained. I couldn't ask for a 2002 car in better shape.

So, the Missus' dream has come true, and that's a wonderful thing. As for my own dreams, I'm still trying to track down my Speech teacher's phone number.


I did get it up to 150 once. Sent me into another dimension.
Presumably it was a dimension wherein everything was actually smaller than your car?
I've been known to initiate the kick down sequence.

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