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The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 Wrap Party.


So, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 came to an end a little over a month ago, and I want to once again thank everyone who participated and created such awesome pieces of art. Same goes for anyone who’s ever participated; I always appreciate the effort, and I’m consistently blown away by some of the neat things you guys come up with. It’s been a lot of fun.

The winner of the Trade this time around is TJ, for her ‘Write Back Soon!’ Mix. It was the perfect combination of artistic originality and superb track selection. As you may remember, TJ’s prize is a free, autographed copy of Aerating The Mashed Potatoes (my new book), which is set to be released by December. It was hard to pick a winner, but she really nailed it this time around. Great job.

Before, I said that this would be the last Trade I do- at the very least, the last one for a while. I’m still sticking to that for the time being for many reasons: I have a lot of other projects I plan on launching in 2011, I have a book to promote, and quite frankly, the Trade has left a bad taste in my mouth due to all the deadbeats.

If you were one of those people who always got a Mix sent to you on time, consider yourself lucky. If you were one of those people who sent out their Mix on time, every time, consider yourself awesome. However, there were people out there that got shafted every single time; people that put a lot of time and effort into their creations, only to get nothing in return. Conversely, there were people who signed up for the Trade and consistently made nothing. Even though I swore that I would publicly out these people, I never did (couldn’t bring myself to do it), but I saw it in the e-mail exchanges every time we did a Trade, and it bothered me. To put it another way, it infuriated me.

The late-senders and the excuses were always well-justified, and we all understood that. However, there were some who signed up knowing full-well that they had no intention of making anything for anyone, either because they were too self-absorbed to consider the feelings of their recipient, or because they sucked at organizing their lives so much that they couldn’t block off 45 minutes over the course of two weeks to whip something up and throw it in the mailbox. Anything was better than nothing, but they just couldn’t make it happen, even though they made a commitment to do so.

My tipping point was when I found out that one guy got shafted three times in a row by three different people. That’s straight-up bullshit, and I felt that sort of thing reflected poorly on me personally more than anything. I treated people like adults; I didn’t check up too much or send cranky e-mails to people. Apparently, I should have held more hands.

So yeah. In the end, the deadbeats ruined it for everyone. The 5% that pooped on the party. I’m not interested in ‘banning’ people from future Trades (I have no intention to run the CDP like a clique), but I can’t trust certain people to come through for the rest of you amazing Mix creators, so I’m going to throw in the towel for a while and let things sit. I’m also not interested in changing the format, so don’t bother sending me ideas to make the Trades more idiot-proof. Give me time to grumble, and I'll bring it back when the time is right.

It’s been a lot of fun, though. Personally, I’ve received nearly 100 Mixes, each more fantastic than the next. I’ve been exposed to dozens of new and classic artists, and I’ve held artwork in my hands that I would have never been intelligent enough to create on my own. The amount of heart and personality that goes into a well-crafted Mix is a thing all its own, and that was the whole point of the Trade to begin with. My CD cabinet, once a sterile and alphabetized affair, now looks more like a handwritten scrapbook compiled by interesting people from each corner of the nation. I didn’t think for a second that this would be the outcome of doing something like this, so each package in the mail was an extremely cool experience for yours truly.

The Trade was a natural extension of the CDP community, and the bulk of you nailed it with flying colors. Thank you for what you did for me, and what you did for each other.

I have a big announcement next week concerning an upcoming CDP project that I think most of you will really dig, and the book is so close to completion that I can taste it (it tastes mainly like paper). The remainder of 2010 is going to be a lot of fun; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

I'm still all for banning people and keeping it going, but I know you have your reasons.
And I'm also excited about this I know what it is??
There is no excuse for not sending a mix. For a delay, yes, but not sending one at all. My Mac decided to stop recognizing blank CDR's, so I couldn't burn my CD to desk. So CDP and my partner got MP3s and a PDF in an email. I would have rather sent a CD, but this was better than nothing.

I was going to set the next one or two out anyway, so I'm all for a long pause on Mixes. But I too have enjoyed all of them I have gotten, and have enjoyed making them as well.

CDP: if you want, email the guy who got shafted and I'll send him my last mix. No one deserves the shaft once, let alone three times.
A break will give me a chance to recharge and accumulate. Bwah-hah-hah-hah!

But I'll be sending random mixes out to you, Emily, TJ, etc. etc. just because!
It sucks to hear that there were deadbeats. I loved the trade precisely because of the three excellent mixes that I received. Each time for me was a great experience both in putting the mixes together but more so receiving a bunch of songs that for the most part were new to me.

I had what could have possibly been the strangest cause for delay on this last go-around. After picking all the songs and writing up my brief and concise liner notes all I had left was to burn the CDs and drop the packages in the afternoon mail. I of course left this to the very last day, and upon putting the tracklist together I found that one track was inexplicably missing from my external HD. The rest of the album was there and I've never run into this with any of the other thousands of songs, but the electronic gremlins somehow made off with the last piece of the mix-tape puzzle. I gave up for the day and planned to head home and re-import the CD to my computer. This hit a further snag when I discovered an empty slot where this particular album should have been, then recalling that I'd loaned that it to my sister. I didn't know what to do, because I'd already put everything together and besides, I really wanted that particular song on the mix. So it was iTunes to the rescue the next morning. I still cannot fathom the odds of one song just up and disappearing from my HD - I know it was originally imported as it's on my iPod, but it must have vanished into the ether of my USB cable or the like.
Congrats TJ! Would love to see your track list...

And, complete bullshit someone didn't get a mix! I'm more than happy to send my mix, too.

The Mix Tape Trade was what brought me to the CDP, so I hope it doesn't go away completely. The great lists, posts, comments and people keep me coming back. Thanks!
Outing myself as a deadbeat - I was massive life fail for the first two trades. Which is why I sat out on all subsequent trades, since it just wasn't fair to anyone to make a promise I couldn't guarantee I could keep. It made me realize that "swaps" aren't something that I should try to get into. So, I learned *something* from the experience, at least...
Don't worry Maus; you're still a valuable member of the organization :)
sad to hear about someone getting hosed three times. count me in for sending a mix to the person that missed out! that looks like three of us who are into sending him something, so while not as good as getting them when he was supposed to, at least he can get three times the love this time around. i hope that your future plans take off with fireworks, and when it comes time to get back into mix trading, i will be happy to participate again. i am going to try again next year to do another one of my own since the first one of mine did pretty well, so hopefully if you have time i can get another kickass mix from you, and anyone else who might be interested. can't wait to see the new book.
Thanks for all the positive feedback and support; I appreciate it. Looking forward to announcing some new stuff next week.
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Yay! Thanks for the kudos CDP. I'm looking forward to the mashed potatoes.
I posted my letter and track list on my blog-page thingy (which only became something because I needed a place to put it) so enjoy.
Congrats, TJ! That's one heck of a good track list you got there. :)

Ryan - Thanks for hosting these mix tape trades for so long, and I'm also bummed to hear that a few deadbeats really loused things up for some folks. I was one of the incredibly lucky ones who always received a mix (even if sometimes a little late, but then I sometimes sent mine out a little late, so fair's fair). They were all fabulous and introduced me to some great new music, and I have to say the trades are always highlights for me in general. I hope the bad taste eventually subsides and we get to do these again some time.
EMILY - Thanks; me too on all points!

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