Monday, November 8

You're Everything Good In The World.


1. The first week of orders for Aerating The Mashed Potatoes went wonderfully. Sales are going well, but books are still available. Remember, once my advance stock of copies are gone, I won't be getting any more (the book goes on sale everywhere November 23). These are the only personalized copies you can get, so don't delay.

To get your advance, autographed, hand-numbered copy of Aerating The Mashed Potatoes directly through me (includes shipping and CDP merch), just send $21 (check, cash or money order) to:

The CDP.
PO Box 865
Sun Prairie, WI

Cost is $16 if I don't have to ship (meet up with me if you can). If you have any questions (like, what the book is about), please let me know. Early reports and reviews are saying that it's hilarious, fun as hell and an improvement on 65 Poor Life Decisions, which makes me a very happy man. Thanks, everyone.


2. Based on the success of The Walking Dead Friday (as well as the show itself), the recap will once again arrive at the end of the week. Reports indicate that Sunday's premiere was the biggest airing by any show in AMC history, nearly a full two points ahead of anything Mad Men or Breaking Bad has done. I hope you're watching the show, and I hope you're checking out the recaps; come on back to the CDP at the end of the week to see what the fuss is all about.


3. Conan premieres tonight on TBS!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. My busy November continues.

Will Conan shave? What other entrails will be shone in the AMC series? What beer will the CDP and I drink this week?
Conan's keeping the beard, at least for a little bit.

The entrails shown this week There was a lot.

I'm thinking Spotted Cow; Wednesday or Thursday still might work, we'll keep in touch.
This just in from Green Bay:

The Green Bay Packers just added another touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan Zeinert scored on a 12-yard run to make the score 52-7 after the extra point. Zeinert, signed with 2:00 to go in the game, took a handoff from Matt Flynn and ran behind a powerful block by John Kuhn. Zeinert then broke arm tackles by Keith Brookings and Orlando Scandrick for the touchdown.

Zeinert, wearing a Shins t-shirt and a UFC hat, was quite pleased with his effort. "I felt a joy, a joy like listening to Saves The Day for the first time."

Lambeau Field's PA system played the latest album by Arcade Fire after the game, a tribute to Zeinert.
I love this. And really, I probably could have scored on that Dallas defense last night. The way the kept tacking on the points was Tecmo Bowl-esque.
I got my book in the mail today. I already nominated it for greatest book cover ever. Of all time.
Yes! Glad to see that the packages are shipping out quickly.

Thanks much for the props. Me and Aaron really worked on making it as close to the authentic NES package as possible. I think every font was exact.
I heart the foley they used on the entrail scenes. It was hilarious. Squish, squash, slurp.

And yeah; the book cover looks even more amazing in person. It's like holding your very first Nintendo game in your hands.
Back in my day, we played Donkey Kong on a tabletop arcade game format - at Greek's pizzeria. And we held Atari cartridges in our hands and wondered why the hell we didn't get Intellivision for their football game.

My lawn, etc. etc. etc.

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