Monday, April 1

The Walking Dead Monday - Caption Edition.

 photo 0101HaveTheTime.jpg
("Excuse me, miss? Would you happen to know where...nevermind. Goodbye.")

 photo 0101Packers.jpg

 photo 0101OutForWalk.jpg
("You know what? This is fun. I never get to take you out to the park anymore.")

 photo 0103GrimesFamily.jpg
(Dale launches into Hour 3 of his story about meeting Adam West.)

 photo 0103LoriShane.jpg
("Allow me to illustrate our intimate future by tightly clasping my hands together. Got it?")

 photo 0103ShanePunch.jpg
("ADMIT IT! While the Blue Album was more commercially successful and musically accessible on a Pop level, the themes, songwriting and musicianship of Pinkerton make it the better album in the long run, when you take critical acclaim, personal resonance and genre influence into account. ADMIT IT!!!")

 photo twd309-002329_zpsb4bf0383.jpg
(“If we don’t live together, we’re going to die alone. Come on, didn’t any of you losers watch Lost?”)

 photo twd309-003142_zpsbbec40d7.jpg
(Lori returns from the grave just to tell Rick she’s still having sex with Shane in Hell.)

 photo twd309-002380_zps820b51e9.jpg
("I should buy a boat.")

 photo twd310-000302_zpse36a6a7c.jpg
(Michonne watches in horror as Rick begins to slow dance with a walker.)

 photo twd310-002674_zps22f80ba6.jpg
("You know what I really like about this place, Carol? The fact that my skull has exactly the right number of holes in it.")

 photo twd310-002789_zpsb106b506.jpg

 photo WD311HD_0877_zps2d594860.jpg
(The front row of every Mumford and Sons concert.)

 photo twd312-000053_zps62a18e8d.jpg
("Hello? Could you please…AAUGH! It's Rick Grimes! Get me the hell outta here!")

 photo twd312-002477_zps2a860807.jpg

I'm still sort of busy, but things are smoothing out as we speak. I should have something for you on Wednesday, followed by the Season Finale of The Walking Dead Friday to round out the week, kicking off a whole bunch of new essays as we barrel into Spring. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.


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