Tuesday, May 4

One Dollar, Bob.

Hola, amigos. I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but-

I better stop right there. If I keep up the Jim Anchower bit, The Onion can legally sue me for millions.

I've noticed a disturbing trend as of recent with this page. Back when I had nothing to do, when I was blindly accepting unemployment and agoraphobia, this page was a lot funnier and more interesting. I always promised myself that if I were to start a weblog, that I'd keep it void of petty day-to-day details and pointless opinion. I'd keep up the satire, and it would rise above the usual online drivel. I have recently fallen short, and the Communist Dance Party has become nothing more than an online diary that nobody wanted to read. I'm sorry.

There's many contributing factors as to why this has happened. First off, I have things to do now. Sure, it was easy to think of things to write when the only decision I had to make in the day was when I was going to eat. I'm on the move now! I'm a hair away from finishing my first screenplay, as well as shooting my first movie, I'm failing job interviews left and right, and I've got a wedding that's a lot closer than I think it is.

But, I'm no longer going to tell you about those things, because you don't care. I'm just going to stick to the poop jokes and gratuitous nudity. And as a reward for your loyalty, and your promise to return to the Communist Dance Party, here's a topless picture of me!

Show your friends, cause I'm not going to do this again! Right now I'm listening to "Letting Off The Happiness" by Bright Eyes, and I'm watching The Price Is Right. Me and Ben are going to start pre-production on the movie next week, I think, but I won't bother you with details of it here. I've decided that I will create a different weblog just devoted to the shooting of my movie. There, you'll find all the little details about everything that goes into making a no-budget mockumentary, from beginning to end. I'll give you the link to that once it gets going.

I've got a showcase to bid on.


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