Thursday, July 15

Hear You Me!

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'tis a lovely song.
You truly worry me. However, I do hear that your friend batboy got married to Britney Spears recently! Congratulate him for me!

Me and Batboy have been on the outs recently since he started spending more time with the stuck-up "Weekly World News" crowd. You know, the 400-pound baby, that alien that meets with all the Presidents, and that Confederate soldier that they found alive in a cave. They're nice people on their own, but get them together and they pretend you don't exist.

(I get the feeling that Batboy might be leaving us a voice message real soon, if you know what I mean.)
Did anyone notice how COOL this picture that I took is? I'll forgive you if you ignore my writing, speaking and basic web design talents, but I've taken some neat-ass photos over the last several months that mustn't be overlooked.

It was taken on 41 north, coming into Oshkosh. The clouds looked amazing.

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